Love & Abundance in Your Life

At the core of your being you are love. Your essence knows no lack, therefore it has no abundance issues.

The part of you that seeks more love intuitively knows what your true nature is. If you don't now have the love or abundance you seek, your inner being reminds you that something is missing. It catalyzes your quest to manifest more loving relationships, true abundance, and perhaps soulmate love too.

Don't judge yourself for manifesting difficult relationships or for having money issues. Self-criticism will do nothing to change your circumstance. The antidotes for success include self-love and learning to be mindful of how you approach love and abundance. As you become more aware of dysfunctional patterns, it will be easier to address them at a DNA level. Only then, having pinpointed within the DNA the root causes of your distress, can you clear them in a lasting comprehensive way - finally being free of them.

Love and abundance are directly linked. We often find, at a DNA level, generational patterns involving lack. To have either enough love or abundance of the financial sort, you must truly feel abundant and believe it's okay to receive from the world. You must have a mindset that involves gratitude, openness, and receptiveness. It's not enough to think that you want these things - you must hold these energies within you at a DNA level.

When we clear energy blocks from our DNA that support our true expression of love, everything in our lives begins to change.


EarthAngel339 19th October 2011 2:52 pm


While it is true that "generational patterns involving lack are at the DNA level" it is not possible to change or alter one's DNA structure cellular material without intense outside assistance. Most people fail to achieve success financially because the "professionals" who tell them they can do so, refuse to assist them to do so. For example, I know a famous radio personality with her own radio show who should be offering unknown struggling people with talent, a forum for presenting their gifts and talents to the world. Those who are successful psychics, healers, teachers, etc should help the poor, struggling talented people to get noticed and heard and seen for the terrific work they offer the world and that way they would be able to attract financial success and wealth. The best way to change a generational pattern of poverty in one's life is to have others who already are successful, come to their assistance and provide them with a platform where they can practice their skills, gifts and talents. To not help them is cruel and evil. namaste, DEVORAH,

LordJesusChrist 20th October 2011 10:10 pm

Thanks for the message, Selacia! Love and abundance in My life is a gift from the Lord God Almighty. It makes Me happy and a better person. Thanks be to our Lord God Almighty!
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