Love from the Other Side

Loss is an intrinsic element of life, especially now. So much is changing so fast that the very fabric of your life can look different from day to day. Not all change is experienced as loss, of course, but sometimes even the idea of another change can push your stress levels over the edge.

Our ascension into higher consciousness means that much must fall away - ways of being, old methods for communicating, and nonfunctional paradigms within relationships.

All of it can tug at your heart and create worry within your mind about your present and future. Perhaps the most devastating loss to cope with, however, is that of a loved one.

Coping with Loss of Loved Ones

Advance Grieving - Grief over loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences you can have. Grief in fact can occur even before a beloved person or pet dies. This is advance grieving, a kind of anticipatory grieving and part of the overall cycle of grief. For your personal spiritual transformation, you will want to honor this stage and work through things as they come up. This advance healing preparation will help you later on, at the moment of passing and well beyond.

Death of Loved Ones - The actual death of a being you love can sometimes be anticipated, but you can never know in advance exactly how you will feel and respond. Even with advance notice, you can feel shock and a kind of disassociation with reality as you process the passing.

While death is as natural as birth - impermanence being the nature of all things - in our modern society there is much fear, denial, and ignorance about death. A time is coming in humanity's awakening when people will house the consciousness to move through the death process of someone in a present way - having made peace and feeling complete with the relationship.

Oftentimes in my healing practice how people first come to me relates to the passing or anticipated passing of a beloved person or pet. If it's about anticipated passing, the person wants insights and healing to cope with the heart-wrenching situation. Sometimes they want specific help for the loved one near death, too, helping to ease the pain and prepare for the transition. If it's after the passing, the person wants to know the loved one is okay and to have communications with him or her on the other side. It is quite comforting for people to learn more about circumstances of the death and to be able to telepathically communicate beyond the veil to better understand the gifts of the relationship. This helps with letting go and is validating.

Anniversary of Passing - It's common, even years after a loved one has passed, to feel deep sadness on the anniversary of his or her death. This feeling is something to be honored, for you are honoring both the being and your relationship. Also keep this in mind: other side communications with your loved one have no expiration date. Telepathic communication beyond the veil is timeless and easily facilitated years or even decades after passing.

Love from the Other Side

As I wrote on social media this past week, the process of grieving can be quite challenging.

When someone you love passes, it can feel like you have a hole in your heart. Honor how you feel. Know, too, that you never lose them for love connects you heart-to-heart across time and dimensions. Love is the eternal bond. Love is forever.



ShelleyT 24th August 2016 10:31 am

Thank you for your timely channel... Last night I had a dream or a visitation from my favorite cat. He had been ill, & I had him put down. He was at the back door of my home I also lost last year....the last 6 years... Nightmare

withlove 31st August 2016 5:15 pm

Thank you Selacia, for this timely message on the loss of a loved one.

Almost a week ago, my husband and I lost a friend, very unexpectedly. It was so heartening to see, how many friends and even former students of the deceased, came to pay their respects at the home and funeral. I know from personal experience, when my dad died 3 years ago, how much it means that friends and family came to sympathise and provide support, even if just a comforting hug or word, when you lose someone very close. I am grateful that death brings the blessing of bringing people together, as it helps those who are grieving.
I've also found that the death of a loved one, is often the catalyst or inspiration to re-evaluate what's important to us. Another huge blessing.
Thank you sincerely.