Magnify Your 2014 Potentials with Jan. 1 Super Moon

Are you ready for a radically different and more joyful 2014? Set your intentions now, in these last moments of 2013 and energize them on New Year’s when we have the first super moon of the year!

The January 1 new moon, called a super moon because of its powerful energy, is a true blessing for intention setting. New moons are typically a great time to set in motion new concepts, projects, and intentions – having one on the very first day of a new year is even more potent.

Knowing this in advance can help you to become more mindful of your year-end clearing and goal setting for the coming year. We’re not talking about resolutions. The person making a resolution is looking at a problem and resolving to fix it.

As a divine changemaker learning to embody your empowered self, you want to focus on clear and specific intentions for your life. Rather than focusing on what needs fixing, you consider what you want to have, be, or do that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Particularly at this juncture – as this year ends and the new one starts – you benefit from being awake to how you are living your life and considering what you want to manifest for more lightness of being.

To help with that awareness and open your flow of opportunities for 2014, consider doing some clearing out of clutter and old energies before this year ends. You don’t have room for this baggage where you are headed.

As you are doing your end-year clearing, keep your thoughts positive. To set the stage for a brighter future, take your focus off past and present concerns and envision the new reality you want to create. Intentionally tap into the beneficial energies prevailing between now and New Year’s – these can help you to be more positive than you may have been in a long while!

New Year’s New Moon Process

Here’s a process to begin preparing now so you can energize it January 1 at the new moon. Approach it as a blessing and it will be. If you feel resistance to New Year’s intentions, ask yourself what part of you is resisting and why you would resist manifesting your own good. If something is really in your highest good, why would you care what others think? This is a gift for you. Here are the steps.

First, find a quiet place and sit still, quieting your mind by tuning out distractions and centering yourself in your heart. If desired, hold a favorite crystal, light a candle, or focus your mind on something spiritual – helping you to connect with the sacred. Do some deep breathing to relax and let go.

Second, invite your higher self to participate with you in this process, now and through New Year’s day when you are energizing your intentions. Ask for spirit’s view of where you are on your spiritual path, your progress to date, and what kinds of specific things to include in your intentions list. Remember in this process that you can ask spirit questions of clarification.

Third, self-reflect to create a specific list of positive intentions for 2014. Ideally, you have 10 or fewer intentions and they are both specific and powerful. As you write these on a sheet of paper, connect with your heart, saying each one out loud. Doing this helps you to engage a number of your senses simultaneously – visual, sensory, feeling, auditory – adding to the benefit of the process. A bonus is that as you read your intentions, you may connect with new helpful insights, too.

Fourth, place your intentions list on your sacred altar or by your bedside. Ask spirit to energize it continually and to give you guidance about course corrections or attitude adjustments needed to manifest what is on your list. Write down these insights on another sheet of paper – giving you a tool for action steps during 2014.

Fifth, twice daily before New Year’s, read your intentions list, feeling each one of them in your heart.

Sixth, on January 1, read your intentions again. Invite your higher self to energize each one and the list in general. Become still and silent for a few moments afterwards, visualizing a golden light as your intentions are energized. Feel this energy in your heart.

Seventh, to complete the process, say a prayer of gratitude – for your life and for the amazing potentials you have in this most precious life.