New Beginnings at Full Moon

Prepare for Personal Breakthroughs

We are headed into a powerful doorway of opportunity at Saturday's Full Moon. The energy is supportive of new beginnings and important personal breakthroughs. Take optimal advantage of the doorway by consciously stepping into this energy and being mindful of specific things you want to create. In this article I provide background and a simple process to do now in preparation.  


Full Moons are typically high-energy times. Sensitives feel amplified energy and most people notice an overall intensity in the air. Issues can be illuminated more fully in such cycles - things brought to light that previously were unknown or difficult to discern. None of this is really unusual, yet in the radically transformational times of this decade, these kinds of cycles are amplified beyond the norm.

Themes of this weekend's Full Moon include new beginnings, relationships, and the balance of opposites. Societal issues of truth and justice - prevalent throughout 2016 - will be front and center. These themes are likely to play out on the world stage as well as on an individual level.

Examples on a personal level:

(1) a deeper questioning of your personal situations and sense of accomplishment

(2) an expanded look at key relationships now out of balance

(3) an intense desire to self-evolve and move forward, combined with feelings of being blocked from forward movement.

Most likely, you are feeling some of this intensity and push to evolve right now. The energy is in the air, stirring feelings and perhaps a deeper level of questioning. Just knowing that this kind of energy is universal now - can help you relax a bit.

The Energetic Doorway

This weekend's energetic doorway is like a moment in time when you can have flashpoints of awareness and other personal breakthroughs. Some of these may be so unprecedented that your entire life view shifts in radical ways.

With a new view, your whole life may look vastly different than it did before - including your potentials and path forward. This could relate to your personal life path or expression of life purpose. It could be about key people too - those you know and perhaps those you will be meeting. It could relate to your ability to shine your light in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

These new insights, when acted upon with divine timing, could radically shift your daily experience of what it is like to live in this world. In tandem with this, your resources may become expanded.

Full Moon Preparation Process

When we're in a high-energy cycle with life-changing potentials, it's helpful to be aware of them and make some preparations. This way you are consciously and actively involved - able to put your specific intentions in the mix. Here is a simple process to do between now and Saturday.

FIRST, when you are in a calm and unemotional state, become still and go within. Invite your higher wisdom to guide you and give you a bigger picture of your life than you normally envision. Be open to input from spirit about something brand-new that may be available to you in the near future.  

SECOND, invite a knowing of three to five specific things that you would like to be part of a revolutionary new beginning for your life. Keep your focus on the positive and what you want to create that's new - this is not about what you want to get rid of or eliminate.

THIRD, make a list of the specific things that you want. State each one as a positive intention - keep it present oriented vs projecting into the future. Example: "My relationship with my partner is now in balance and fulfilling, past hurts healed and our love having a brand-new start."

FOURTH, take each intention on its own and focus on it with feeling and passion. Imagine the outcome as though it's in the now, getting a sense of joy you feel in your heart.

FIFTH, invite spirit to work with you daily and in dream time ahead of the Full Moon. Ask for breakthrough insights and shifts in energy needed for full manifestation of your goals. Give your Higher Self permission to nudge you with ideas and reminders of what you should know. Ask for the courage, wisdom, and heart-centeredness needed to create the revolutionary new beginning.

SIXTH, once you have done these things, stay present to your thoughts and inner guidance so that you can be a full participant in your life shift. Remember daily that you are in charge of your life and what you are creating.

SEVENTH, let go and relax. Allow the universe to orchestrate from a quantum perspective. This means giving up the ego-based notion of instant results and allowing the miracles to unfold in divine timing.

As a divine changemaker, you are learning to work with energy and time in a quantum way. This in itself is a revolutionary response in a world conditioned by linear thinking. You are breaking the mold daily as you apply a quantum perspective. You are continually developing a more enlightened way of being, creating a path for others to follow.

Be grateful for this opportunity and for your life. This gratitude raises your frequency above the octaves of fear, helping you to find joy and fulfillment on your path of light.


keryndawer 12th October 2016 11:19 am

Thank you Selacia. You explained this full moon beautifully and much more clearly and positively than I had understood it before. The fear about it is gone :) I always appreciate when you (and other Teachers/Guides on SL) give us a process or activity to compliment and make the most of the energies.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude to You and All :smitten:


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