Opening to More Love - Tips for Emotional Overload

Ahead of the Leo full moon this weekend, there is a feeling of intensity in the air. From the workplace to the family living room, there is more emotional content in communications and thoughts. It may feel like things are super-charged. This can color topics and discussions that previously were more neutral. People may exaggerate or simply say things out of character, feeling they must speak about the upside-down state of our world. Continue reading to better understand this juncture and find more inner peace.

To be sure, the world around us is experiencing quite a roller coaster of distressing events. Many of them are coming to a head in this first part of 2020. It doesn't matter where you live, you can be impacted by the chaos and uncertainty playing out now.

Sensitives can feel energies of disquiet, concern, restlessness, rage, and sometimes hopelessness - being felt by humanity-at-large.  If you are a sensitive, you can feel some of this even if you are having a generally okay or good day. This energy is that palpable.

Tips for Emotional Overload

Emotions are more on the surface now. Factor this in as you engage with others. Remember, as you witness discord and division in your outer world, that we are one human family. What unites us is the love we naturally embody at a core level. Do your best to come from love, making extra effort when encountering difficult people and those who are not yet awakened.

Find more inner peace by letting go of the habit of judging the chaos as "wrong" or impossible to deal with. Do your best to stay present with "what is" - even if it is unsettling. Stay in your heart as you take in communications reminding you of how crazy things are - listen without the need to fix. Others around you may need to express how they feel, as part of their process. Don't make it about you. Honor them and where they are. This demonstrates love, for the other person and for you, opening your heart to even more love than you thought possible before!

Remember this week as you witness events on the world stage, and in your personal life, what's important is a big-picture view. So many things are not as they appear. There are nuances. Sometimes the bigger truth of something is hidden in the chaos. Walk gently. Question. Apply kindness and openness. Find strength inside yourself to make a difference each and every day. Stand tall in the love that you are, allowing this energy to go out into your world. And in each moment, remind yourself that you are loved beyond measure.



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