Prepare for 2016 Monkey Year

A new Chinese New Year is about to begin - with some key energies you will want to take advantage of and understand on a personal level. In this article I provide insights and some helpful preparations you can apply in your life. This indeed can be a significant year for you, full of new opportunities to be more of who you are destined to be. Knowing this, seize these moments and actively participate in creating your best self to date.

For most people, 2015 had quite challenging moments and 2016 so far has had its share of wild energies. The world is like a grand chaotic melting pot at the moment - thousands of years of evolution coming to an apex and complex sets of unresolved issues coming to the forefront.

Feeling the Apex Moment

The more conscious you are, the more you will feel this apex moment, simply because awareness makes you awake to what is.

Don't be afraid or make the chaos into something bad. It's not something to fight. Do, however, stay present and use your tools of awareness to stay centered and in balance. As you do this, you can take advantage of the good that's coming and you will have fewer challenges when things are rocky.

Fire Monkey Year

February 8 at the New Moon is the official start of the fire monkey year - the monkey being the 9th sign in the Chinese zodiac - with some significant differences from the previous goat year. Some trends - like the world's mega-restructuring and roller-coaster energies - will continue.

Differences between the two years will range from the subtle to the dramatic. You will want to pay attention to these, regardless of the year you were born and your Chinese animal in the zodiac that year.

There are different types of monkey years - each corresponding to an element. The last fire monkey year was in 1956 - so any of you born then are fire monkeys, and for you this year could be very significant.

One reason for this: fire monkeys are the most active of all types of monkeys and they tend to take a leadership role. The fiery energy they carry needs to be channeled into productive directions, though - it's very strong! One trait of fire monkeys is competitiveness and sometimes impulsiveness - and these energies, if not managed, can lead to problems.

This background is being mentioned here because whether or not you are a monkey or fire monkey in the Chinese zodiac, this is a year when you likely will be encountering these energies in the world.

Examples of challenging energies: if you have loved ones or colleagues carrying the fire monkey energy, you may notice some explosive tempers, impatience, bad timings, and power manipulation.

Positive attributes of fire monkeys may also be seen: creativity, cleverness, openness to risk taking, flexibility to go in new directions, socializing to hear the views of others, having imagination and intuition, being very energetic, curious, and able to see what others don't see.

Both the positive and challenging qualities of fire monkeys will be playing out this year on the world stage - between groups of people, between countries, and between humans and other species.

You will notice this in your family and circle of friends. It will play out at the workplace regardless of what type of work you do or whether you work independently or for someone else.

You will see it when you go out in public - like to shop in a market or to drive across town in traffic.

You have just experienced the goat year, with a more yin or feminine energy than monkey years. Monkeys have much more fire and are more prone to lash out if they don't get their way.

Relationship Mastery Vital

Keep this in mind as you encounter others this year. Mastery within relationships continues as a vital element in your success on all levels.

Do what you can to find the middle path of balance, and to be the one who takes the high road of spirit.

When you are in situations involving intensity and polarized views, check in regularly with your intuition and common sense about how to respond.

Be the one in your circle who avoids reaction. Go to your heart and connect with a sense of calm before you say or do things.

This calendar year of 2016, as described in my Predictions Message, is to be a time when people will focus on truth and justice. Those themes coming more to light in a monkey year are likely to dominate discussions on both individual and global levels.

Because monkey energy can lead to surprising developments, watch for sudden agreements and breakthroughs not possible before.

It may seem like a bolt out the blue, something no one expected happening - perhaps in a big and dramatic way.

Some of the changes to unfold will become historical markers for progress creating the kind of world you want to live in.

Watch for news involving global climate, energy resources, and peace. Look for new developments in technology. Years like this can bring previously futuristic inventions into the mainstream, with potentials for significant positive changes in how life is lived.

Historical Markers in Monkey Years

On the other hand, some big bolts out of the blue may not be welcome news. For historical reference, in the last fire monkey year of 1956 there was the Suez Crisis and related oil rationing. There were also revolutions in Hungary and Cuba that year.

Personal Level Things to Know

On a personal level, here are some things to know.

For optimal success in this monkey year, you want to be grounded and in your heart so you can be open to new ideas and directions.

Individual Actions the Key

Individual actions are the key to your progress - appropriate actions you take with divine timing, common sense, and intuitive knowing.

This is not the year to give your power away to others, especially institutions and societal structures that are in the process of major overhaul.

This in short is the best year to date for applying your divine changemaker tools and conscious awareness. It is a year to apply all that you have learned and mastered over lifetimes.

You will want to reach deep into your spiritual toolbox to access and perfect skills you began developing long ago.

These skills will be needed in this monkey year.

Approaching Challenging Situations

You will see plenty of situations that challenge you. Your role, however, is to stay in your divine power and avoid taking on the negativity you see around you.

Do not get discouraged this year if you see societal changes that seem to take humanity back to another less enlightened time.

The dance of polar opposites is still quite active this year. Know, however, that it is part of the world's mega shift.

Keep the following in mind.

When the people of the Earth awaken to truth about something - the collective updating its view of what is appropriate or acceptable - people do not forget that truth.

People can, however, in a temporary way, be influenced through fear to adjust their thinking.

It can be shocking when this happens, but remember that it is not permanent.

Light and truth will prevail.

Remember your true power to create. It is vast and boundless!

You are encoded to be here to witness the world's chaos and to be a pivotal force of positive change.

Trust that you are loved and supported each step of the way!