Remedies for Sensitivity

Feeling extra sensitive lately? You are not alone. You are living through an energy cycle catalyzing hypersensitivity, impacting you and people you meet in everyday situations. This means that normally sensitive people can become even more sensitive. Likewise, people not easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input can become rattled and react in unusual ways.


  • You are waiting in traffic, unable to move forward, and drivers behind you aggressively honk their horns.
  • When a meeting you have been planning for a month gets canceled last minute, you become upset, your nervous system going into overload.
  • Your dog, upset by the stress in your home, messes on the floor and you react atypically with a punitive tone.

As a divine changemaker, alive now to co-create a more loving world, your task in these types of situations is simple: cultivate a reasonable response to unreasonable happenstance.

Doing this is easier said than done, of course. That's where your extensive training and life wisdom come into play. When you apply what you have learned over time, you become your own resource of stability. This means that you have the skill to respond differently than the average person, able to show others a more reasonable way to be.

Tips for Cultivating a Reasonable Response

Update your view of time.
As soon as you attach a fixed time to something, unwilling to adjust to life events, you put yourself in a box.

Time really isn't a fixed commodity. It's a reference point, especially helpful when you are planning to meet someone or deliver a project dependent on timelines of others. From spirit's perspective, there is a divine timing for all things - it is not static, but fluid and adjustable for energy shifts. To honor yourself and others during these years of mega energy shifts, a more flexible approach is required.  

Connect with the deeper, subtle messages.
Most likely, you already do this more than the typical person. Being on a spiritual path, you have learned to look beyond surface appearances and to question your reality.

The key here is becoming more practiced doing this when your nervous system is on overload from the latest stressor - like an unwelcome phone call at midnight or a friend who arrives an hour late to your lunch appointment.
If you become anxious and allow your mind to put you in an unproductive worry or anger mode, you will need to make more of an effort to look beyond appearances. Otherwise, you can be imprisoned by your own thoughts that keep you surface-oriented and blaming outer conditions.

Change how you move in the world.
This means finding a balance between rigid caution and reckless abandon. Since you are interconnected with everyone and everything, you are not creating in a vacuum. This means that you will need to apply your intuition, reason, and allowance as you move about and interact with others.

Calling someone just because you get the idea to call him or her may backfire if that person is energetically or physically unavailable. Pushing your way and insisting that your needs are satisfied may create needless walls with loved ones, coworkers, and strangers. Each step you take has the potential to bring you into either harmony or discord.

Choose carefully, for you impact not only other people but yourself. Walk gently, breathe deeply, and remember to be kind to all beings - including you. If you walk gently and with care, you will notice the rocks in the road before you step on them.

Revisit your purpose for being alive now.
This may sound obvious, but when you remember to keep a higher perspective about your life, the small stuff stays small and what's truly important can receive your focused attention.
As you become skilled in applying a spiritual focus to all things, a new sense of clarity can emerge - and with it, peace.


grammanet 24th September 2012 7:43 am

Thanks so much for this today Selacia!

I really needed to hear this... Love & Light




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