Solutions for a Conflicted World

With the world in conflict on countless fronts and no end in sight, you are probably wondering what can be done. You likely have had moments of anxiety or even sleepless nights as you observed the recent explosion of violence in far corners of the world.

You are, after all, seeking a peaceful and loving world. It is in your nature to care and to be at the forefront of changes occurring now. Most likely, you are more sensitive than some people around you, and you truly feel the pain of humanity and the Earth during these difficult moments. 

A Time for Personal Reflection

If you are like most people on the path of spiritual awakening, the events of recent days have stirred deep questions within you. You may be reflecting on ideas like the following.

(1) How do you make sense of this latest eruption of anger and hate? (2) How do you reconcile what you are seeing in the Middle East with your earlier hopes for a more healed planet by this time in 2012? (3) How can humanity save itself from itself?

The most important thing right now is for divine changemakers to maintain a big-picture view, one that includes spirit and humanity's long evolution to get to this point. Since you are one of those divine changemakers, your task is to observe events in a conscious, present-oriented way, always remembering your bigger purpose of being alive now.

Remember, too, the overall picture of what's unfolding. That view has more to do with a radical planetary transformation process and less to do with single explosive events. Each individual uprising or disaster, after all, is connected to the whole.

The Big Picture

The times you have been preparing for during your entire life are here. An accelerated quickening is under way, catalyzing vast changes in both your inner and outer worlds. With the December 21 Solstice and year end just around the corner, you are being nudged by spirit to stay present and focused on creating the new type of world you have longed to inhabit.

Yes, a mega shift in consciousness is in motion, and you play a key role. This role began even before you were born, as you developed positive qualities in other lifetimes, helping you with the stability and courage you need now. Your skills are needed now, not only to help you but to assist you in being a grounded shining light for others.

Anniversaries of 9/11 & 2008 Financial Meltdown

If you felt a tug on your heart these past few days during the anniversary of 9/11, that's understandable. It may have been eleven years ago, but the tragic memory remains. Indeed, humanity continues to process from the wounds of both 9/11 and the 2008 financial meltdown. Both wounds were recorded in humanity's DNA at a mass consciousness level. A healing of the fear underlying these things is in progress, though, and you are a part of this healing.

Fear is never the antidote a spiritually aware person knowingly chooses. The events of 9/11 were born of fear. You and humanity can choose the path of love, the only real antidote to problems in the world today.

The 9/11 U.S. disaster was a terrible and senseless thing. From a spiritual perspective, in order to heal and move forward in creating a love-filled world, people must let go of the anger, the fear, and the learned view of seeing others as the enemy. War and control of others does not lead to peace. Love does.

Similarly, global financial balance does not come about with linear quick-fix approaches. The world economy indeed will recover in time, but for that recovery to be significant and benefit humanity as a whole, major overhaul is needed. Fear and greed must be transformed into love.

Your Love is Needed Now

Your love is needed now. So are your prayers. In the weeks to come, you can pray for peace and a global remembrance that there is one humanity, one world. You can remember that what you do to others and the planet you do to yourself. As a divine changemaker, your task is to choose love - over and over again - until it becomes the dominant energy on Earth. That leads to peace.

When you have doubts about whether humans are smart enough to peacefully co-exist, remember the intelligence and courage humans applied over time to countless challenges. The same human species that discovered how to explore space and begin mapping its own DNA surely is intelligent enough to resolve today's destructive bickering. The key is the intelligence of the heart.

Your inner being knows this to be true. This wise part of you remains hopeful and knows that you are on track.

The world may be turned upside down, but you are okay. Trust this. At the core of your being, you are love and this love is more powerful than any other force. There will come a day when this is the dominant energy on Earth.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.  



COBALT 19th September 2012 10:11 am

" The key is the intelligence of the heart." :smitten:

erobles1963 17th March 2014 10:27 pm

I first entered the Council of Twelve in 1981. I was instrumental in defeating the cold war and was positioned within the military to do so. I was also in the Iraqi Theater of War in 2008 to help subside it and met with a certain general and gave him a personal message that he did not heed. I am blown away that the council of twelve is online...until this moment it has only been me and those on the council.