Stand Up for Yourself to Shift Your Life in 2014

When a friend wants support or simply a vote of confidence, you likely respond and do what you can. After all, compassion and support for others is wired into your nature. It’s encoded in your DNA to care about others and to step in when a loved one feels down or wants encouragement.

Acknowledge yourself for stepping in and being that rock of support. As you help others, in even simple ways, you lift your own energy higher and accelerate your spiritual progress.

Question for March 2014

The question this month is this: Are you able to stand up for yourself as you do for others?

If you haven’t considered this idea recently, March is an excellent time to do so. This month’s energies will catalyze a review of self-worth and self-love – perhaps triggering reflection of how true you are able to be with yourself.

It takes great courage to be true to yourself, regardless of the world’s feedback. Developing this type of courage involves a process over time. Some days will be easier than others.

The strength of character that you are building is rooted in self-love – standing up for yourself even when no one seems to see you or recognize your talents. It means that you step up and give yourself the acknowledgement and support you deserve. It also requires that you stop caring so much about what others think, stop pleasing people, and stop worrying about whether you have done enough to help others.

When you have enough self-love, helping others will become more of your active expression, not less. You won’t need a measuring stick. You will simply give, in appropriate ways, because that is the right thing to do.

Owning Your Power

You cannot stand tall and be in your true power to create when you have given all of your power away to others. You must own your power and live it. You must have the strength to do this in all sorts of situations – including challenging times and moments when you seemingly sit in the dark waiting for the sun to come out. This is what mastery is for you, the divine changemaker.

2014 – Year of Focus on Relationships and Values

In this Horse Year, there will be a big focus on relationships and values. You and everyone you meet will be reevaluating these things. In your own life, you will have ample opportunities to consider how you relate to others and yourself, and to explore the notion of what and who you value.

The “who” begins with you, of course. You must value yourself and respect yourself before you can feel truly valued and respected in life.
Energy is energy – you must house the energy you want to receive!

The Self and Others

Self-valuing is also essential for successful interactions with others. If you doubt your own value and give away your power, how can you see and respond appropriately to the value others bring? If you have friends in this situation, no doubt you have heard them dismissing the gifts of others – perhaps criticizing fees charged as an energy exchange. In other cases, you may have observed people acknowledging the value of other people, but holding back with themselves. Both types of response stem from lack of awareness.

Using the Fire Energy of 2014

Remember that the fire energy of 2014 will continually call upon you to take action on things that are out of balance or simply need a push forward. You want to use your fire intelligently. This means taking constructive actions that support your forward movement and help you to reclaim power you have unknowingly given away.

Use the rebirth energy of this fire to help you rediscover your true power. Use it to reclaim your voice. Use it to move into the self-love needed to stand up for yourself in a brand-new way!



dhuiseacht 8th March 2014 3:58 pm


I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It resonates on so many levels. We cannot fully give to others that which we do not give to ourselves. It begins and ends with self love and self worth.

Deeni 9th March 2014 11:02 am

Thank You, Selacia.

I resonate, so much, with this message.

I had gotten so caught up in helping others, that I had totally forgotten about helping myself. It was only when I was personally attacked, with false accusations, that I realized it.

Standing up for myself is a 2014 priority.

Much Love, Light and Strength to All. : )

Heidib 1st April 2014 6:08 am

Huge aha moment for me! I passed out a few weeks ago and have trying to correlate the sybolizim behind it, such as being out of balance. but when I read your article on standing up for yourself I realized that's what I clearly couldn't (haven't been doing) and in my case when you cant stand up for your self you (I) literally fall down.
Thank you so much for this huge insight!