The Way Forward - Step Into the Light

While the world around you is changing at lightning speed, do you sometimes feel stuck and unable to change something in your life? Right now there's some good news on this common dilemma, since we have some helpful planetary energies for making breakthroughs on even the most challenging issues. Continue reading to learn how you can apply these energies, and how you benefit from addressing things that have held you back. 

Moving Forward  

In certain energy cycles, there are moments when it can be easier to do the deeper transformation work needed to move forward. We're sitting in one of those moments now ahead of the 11/11 and 11/18 energy gateways. The energies support being able to see things about ourselves that typically are off of the conscious radar - buried deep within the Akashic records of our DNA. When we seek out and are open to a deeper level of self-knowing, it's like someone turned on the light in a previously dark room. We then can see what's there, in a direct way. 

The first step to healing something is awareness. The more clarity we have about an issue, and the more directly we are able to access it, the greater the likelihood of coming to a resolution.   

Stepping Into the Light 

When our issue is illuminated, we are resourced to make shifts in our approach and to take steps that previously were outside our radar. As we do the deeper transformation work and heal root causes, we can step into the light. Things look very different then. Things feel different too. It's like there's a spirit-sourced fuel available to a difficulty that we have experienced for a very long time.   

Letting Go - Letting Yourself Thrive

 This is a time of year when we naturally are reflecting on our lives and thinking about what our lives will be like next year. The end-year energies support a letting go process, so it's wise to utilize the last several weeks of a year to clear away the outmoded and nonworking things that block progress. As we let go of what needs to leave, we set up conditions to thrive and expand how we manifest our soul's purpose. 


One reason I began writing an annual predictions article years ago was to help myself and others with a fruitful updating process. The more that we can understand ourselves from a spiritually grounded perspective, the better equipped we are to use natural cycles of rebirth and refocusing.   

We are eternal quantum beings - constantly changing. We have our own path, yet we also exist within the whole of humanity now experiencing life on Earth. It's vital that we consciously connect with both levels. In reality, there is no disconnection between the two.   

Divine Changemakers - Awake and Constructive  

Our role as divine changemakers is to be awake to what's going on and to be a constructive force in positive changes. To serve in this role, it's important that we have awareness of energy cycles, our own soul path, Earth's history, and potential societal trends. Therefore, an annual look at where we are personally and collectively - plus considering where we are headed - is essential. When we're up-to-date on these things, we are more likely to see rocks in the road before we encounter them. We also can have more impact in steering the future course in more productive ways.   

Wake-up Calls  

I wrote on Facebook this week: "All across the world now, humanity is receiving a series of wake-up calls about the state of dysfunction in society and the need to come together in a compassionate way. Each of us can do our part through simple acts of kindness and by being present to ourselves and others. The planetary energies now, in fact, support very big shifts in consciousness and finding resolution to longstanding issues." 

A Daily Reminder  

Remember daily that you are an instrumental part of what's unfolding on Earth now. Your light is needed. Your love is essential. Your compassion will plant endless seeds of hope for the generations to come.           


Cheri 10th November 2017 1:05 pm

Yes dear family hang in there, we are counteracting all the negativity with the opposite positive polarity to bring it back into balance. Every thing, every word, every deed matters. It changes the fabric of reality back to balance.

It literally changes your personal timeline trajectories as well as the energy of the earth!!

The emotional energy is intense and we need to stop the controlling cycle of our biology resonating to the lower frequencies and emotions. We are healing our biology, retraining it using love and divine will because we know the truth deep within our hearts!!

:smitten: :smitten:


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