Tools to Create a Loving World

It's no accident that you are alive during Earth's greatest crossroads. To be here now is why you came. You came to remember, and to help others remember, what's truly important about existence.

You learned to value the external things - like money, power, and popularity. This learning started early in life as you observed your caretakers and took in their messages about how to be. Don't blame them, for they had the same education and they knew no other way.

In a real sense, your conditioning to seek external power has ancient roots; it comes from your ancestors, your own past lives, and humanity at large. 

The Love You Seek 

Over and over again, you naturally wanted love. Chances are, though, no one taught you what this really meant. Not having a template for unconditional love, you yearned for acceptance and attention - first from your family and then in the world. You learned to look to outer world markers to know you were on track; things like money, power, and popularity began to matter more and more.

What you learned and then practiced brought you farther away - not closer - to remembering your divine nature. This long cycle of conditioning brought you to your own personal crossroads today.

You see, your crossroads is the Earth's crossroads. There is no separation

What the Earth faces, you also face. All is connected. At some point in humanity's cycle of evolution, this will become clear and there will be no arguments about who is to blame. At some time, when enough people awaken to the sacred, there will be no need for debates about who will fix the mess.

During that time - which could be soon if you and enough others consciously choose it - people will remember how the natural world functions. The creative process will be honored and all life will be seen as sacred.

People will recognize their own true power to create or destroy, realizing that the Earth will continue on - with or without people as physical tenants.

If you have studied history, you know of long cycles during which entire civilizations vanished, after which new ones appeared when conditions were right. It can take a long time from a linear-time reference point, but in terms of eternal time, a thousand years or a million years is like a second.

The Choice 

You have a choice. In fact, you live during humanity's greatest choice point. The sooner you can see this as the gift it truly is, and take constructive actions, the sooner a new type of existence based on love can be birthed.

After all, you are a key part of the shift. You are integrally connected to everything and everyone around you. There really are no solo actors on the stage. There are no countries, no governments, and no leaders with the power to create a society of conscious humans.  

Stepping Out Front 

You are to step out in front as your empowered divine changemaker self. It's that simple, but not so easy to actually do. That's because you forgot who you really are. You forgot the sacred and nature's universal laws. You forgot that when you see a tree, you and the tree are one. You forgot that when you see a stranger in the street, you and that person are one.  

The Role of Divine Changemakers 

So what do divine changemakers actually do after they step out front and remember they have a unique role to play? You shift your focus to remembering the sacred, remembering your divine nature, and remembering how to be authentic and whole. You take back your authentic power, become self-confident with choices, and learn to operate with spirit as your fueling system.

Right now, you are in a dance with millions of others, learning to be all you can be and to contribute your unique piece of the puzzle of life. Finding your authentic voice and empowered self has never been as important as right now, during the planet's mega shift into conscious evolution.

There is a wise part of you that knows about your gifts and your destiny to share them powerfully in the world. It is that light within that's never extinguished by life's harsh circumstances, by your doubt, or by your side trips to seek external power. Your wise and empowered divine changemaker self awaits your discovery during these pivotal moments on the planet.  

Amazing Times 

These are amazing times - moments you have long prepared for. Your destiny, known to your wise self before you were born, is to move into your full empowerment and be a potent positive force in the changes needed now. As a divine changemaker, you can create a new start for yourself and the planet.

Imagine what would happen if people everywhere remembered how to listen to the Earth ... connecting with a memory deep inside of the sacredness of all things and all beings. Picture this happening right now, as you read these words. Carry a vision of this into your dream state tonight, allowing it to catalyze shifts within you and in your world.


Sandra Smyre 10th July 2012 10:05 am