Tools to Powerfully Face 2017 Challenges

The past weeks have been like a dress rehearsal for what's certain to be an unprecedented year. No one really knows exactly how it will unfold, but it's clear we will have many historical firsts and an ongoing dynamic of both surprises and shocking events. Courage to walk through the fire of unknowns is essential. Continue reading to understand how this applies to you in the Chinese Rooster Year officially beginning January 28.

What Will Be Needed

Due to the unusual energies of this year, each of us will need to reach deep within ourselves to find balance and resource our tools for coping. Throughout the year as events unfold, we will need to strengthen our inner confidence and tap our courage to make optimal choices.

The fire of this Rooster Year indeed can help us to develop increasing amounts of courage. As dramas and polarization play out in the world - things we believe in being dismantled or at risk - it will take courage to respond in the highest way. When we manage our fire appropriately, we can courageously use our voices and our light to affect positive change.

This is not the year to be a bystander or disconnect from what we don't want to see about the outside world. It's vital that we be present and engaged. If something that we value is under threat, we want to know about it.

Divine Changemakers Stand in the Front Row

In times like these we need to get resourced on expanded levels and find the courage to stand up for what we believe in. After all, the role of divine changemakers is to be at the forefront of changes as humanity evolves. That means standing in the front row.

To stand there in the front row means that we set an example for others. We demonstrate that we educate ourselves about the facts of issues, rise above hate and partisan bigotry, and find constructive ways to express our voices.

What You Can Do

First is to work with your anger. When something you dislike shows up in your reality, don't let your anger cause you to go numb to your options to change things.

Instead, go to your heart and look at your anger. Discover the root cause of that anger - knowing it may even be in your DNA from past life experiences.

Example: You may have been persecuted in an earlier century for openly opposing a dictator. If so, you could have a DNA-level vow to be silent when oppressed. This vow could make you afraid to stand up to injustice. You could then feel angry about being powerless while also angry about current-day situations.

Bringing your anger to light will help you to transform it, so you can channel it into a courageous response.

Second is to be more conscious about your words. Your words matter. Be present to them as you think them and certainly before you say them out loud. Once said, they cannot be taken back. Once they are part of your repetitive inner dialogue, they can either help or harm you.

Third is to be present. Live your life in the present, resourcing what you learned in the past to move forward in a new more enlightened way. This relates to your personal life experience and also to how you respond to outer world events. 

Example: Humanity tends to repeat previous cycles over the centuries. Wars are fought, horrible atrocities are practiced. Treaties to prevent future atrocities are signed. Generations of people learn valuable lessons about what not do do again. Then, it's like an amnesia sets in - and the cycles continue. Knowing this, when you are responding to events in the news, factor in humanity's long history - even if others are not mentioning it or think that it matters.

Fourth is to have more compassion. Some of the people you will encounter in the coming weeks will need your compassion. Take the high road of spirit by giving others your compassion. When you don't know what to do to help your neighbor in distress, hold him or her in a space of love.

Fifth is to bravely look at what is there. This means having the courage to look at yourself - seeing your own goodness and light while also discovering more of your shadow that is your unfinished business to take care of this life.

It also means bravely looking at the world to see it as it truly is - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Seeing comes first. You cannot change what you cannot see. Once you can see things, apply courage to changing what needs changing. 

Set your intention now that during this Rooster Year you will develop a boundless courage by being your authentic self - connected to your heart and your path of spirit.

Courage to be real frees your energy to live your best life. Courage to be real will connect you with the people and circumstances in alignment with your soul purpose. As this occurs, you can facilitate your own amazing rebirth. Are you ready?  



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