Trusting What Spirit Shows You

Spirit is everywhere you are, giving you insights about your life and helping you when you get stuck. How do you trust what you get? Tapping your inner wisdom and trusting what you get is a process over time. Most likely, you are already connecting with your inner wisdom, sometimes without conscious awareness. Really trusting, though, is something that develops within you. Find out more with the short video on this page:

Everyone doubts their inner wisdom sometimes. The voice of intuition can be so subtle, so gentle, that you can miss hearing it, too. The key with developing this natural ability is to stick with it, to become skilled in asking questions, and to learn active listening.

Discovering how to question and how to actively listen is no simple task. First, these skills are not taught in conventional schools. Second, in our fast-paced society people often don’t give themselves time to become still and ask the deeper questions. Most people, therefore, approach questions on a surface level or from a fear-based perspective. They ask future-oriented questions like “When will I have my perfect work?” rather than “What can I do or shift within myself to find my perfect work?”Third, most people have little skill in deep and active listening. Therefore, they miss the subtleties and very specific messages from spirit – insights that if acted on could catalyze successful outcomes.

In my book “Earth’s Pivotal Years” (page 34), I give a helpful process for honing your questioning skills. This is one of several processes in the book – designed to help you connect more with spirit and understand your unique role during these pivotal times.

Give yourself the gift of listening to your inner voice today – you will be happy you did.

Did you know full moons like we have on August 20 are a perfect time for meditation, connecting with spirit, and envisioning your perfect life? Consider now, ahead of our full moon, what would you like to bring into your life. Ask for spirit’s input – remember that we often don’t think big enough and we may overlook something our higher self knows is in the making.  When the moon is full, you can tap into helpful inspirations for your life and see the manifestation of positive things you’ve put into motion in this last cycle. This upcoming full moon is actually a blue moon (meaning the second full moon in the calendar month), a double-reason to celebrate!

Other full moons of 2013:  September 19 (harvest moon), October 18 (lunar eclipse), November 17, and December 17.


Tiff 22nd August 2013 10:27 pm

So true, Selacia. Thank you :smitten:


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