Update on Current Energies

As we wind down from some of this past month's chaos and prepare for Mercury to go direct Friday, this is an excellent time to reflect on where you are in your life and invite a sense of humor into things. We've had lots of fiery energies catalyzed by the eclipses and supermoon - even the most calm and centered person might have had some wild moments in recent weeks!

This latest cycle likely put you on edge a few times. Keep in mind that along with the big stuff you are encountering and addressing, it's often the petty stuff that gets you off balance and out of your power center. Tip: make less time for petty things that won't matter long term and save your precious light-filled energy to create big things in the highest ways.

Sometimes in cycles like this, people tend to get spacey and lose focus. If this happened for you, make an effort to come back to your center now. We have new energies to work with now and you want to be able to effectively house them within you. Getting grounded now will put you in your heart, which is where you want to be to connect more to your spiritual guidance and ability to manifest your dreams. Don't forget to dream big!

One reason you are alive now is to reclaim your true power to create. For thousands of years, humanity has been conditioned to be powerless. Self-doubt and trying to fit in have been the norm - people looking outside themselves to validate if they were okay. Having an authentic voice, or even a voice at all, often was not part of the equation as people lived an ordinary life.

You were born to be among those at the forefront to change this - to turn things upside down! That's because you are a divine changemaker at your core, encoded to be at the forefront of the biggest society overhaul ever done. You are to do this by changing on the inside first - getting your power and voice back - and then as you do that being an example to others.

This means that you are an instrumental part of humanity's awakening process! A little voice inside is calling you to act on this role and discover what it means for you personally. This will be a process over time. Some of you are already immersed in that process - including with our Divine Changemakers Series with The Council of 12 - so you know how powerful that process can be! Each day you are having opportunities to be more authentic, more whole.


MareGrane 11th October 2015 10:28 am

Thank you once again. I appreciate you.
Forever in the Light, Mary