Working with the Current Energies

Step Into Your Power as a Divine Changemaker

You live in times when the unusual can happen so often, it seems to sit side-by-side with the usual. It's not only the external things like dynamics within relationships - it's often internal and very personal.

External oddities can include things like going to a place where people don't usually speak to strangers, and someone you never met strikes up a rather private conversation with you. Unusual things may occur in the workplace, too - like when normally well-mannered colleagues begin quarreling like siblings. At family gatherings, issues that no one would openly discuss before can suddenly become hot topics at the dinner table.

Personally, too, wide fluctuations of happenstance can occur. You sometimes may feel full of energy and like nothing could hold you back. In other moments, perhaps within the same 24 hours, even things you normally like to do seem to be too much effort. You might simply lose interest in something without knowing why - perhaps not even caring about the reason. Short bursts of self-doubting can come out of nowhere as well, making you question if you are on track.

The current energies - impacting you and everyone you meet - certainly can stir feelings of anxiousness, self-doubt, restlessness, and irritation. To be sure, your ongoing challenge now is to find your center, discover clarity, and stay in your authentic power. This is easier said than done when so much is happening so fast and you're adjusting to a new reality that's more quantum and less definable.

Divine Changemakers and Power

As a divine changemaker, you are alive now to help birth a more loving world. A chief way you do that is by mastering more self-love and by learning to house true or authentic power.

True empowerment is based on spiritual power - not ego power or worldly force. You are encoded at a DNA level to wake up to what true power is, and to move out of your conditioning that causes you to seek power in the world.

The only true power you will ever have is sourced from your connection with the divine. You find it inside of yourself, in a step-by-step process.

Right now, within these current amplified energies, you have grand opportunities to address power themes and to become more empowered in your life. You experience this in all sorts of situations - some showing you where you have given your power away and others showing you the fruits of acting with authentic power.

In order to move out of disempowerment, you must become awake to it in your own life. You must become skilled at seeing beyond the obvious, looking deeper. As you are seeking self-understanding, avoid the temptation to blame or judge others. Blame and judgment will color what you see and block your progress in developing compassion. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, conditioned to view power in dysfunctional ways.

Disempowerment is such a dominant force within humanity's mass consciousness that it will not be erased overnight. Each person on the planet carries this energy, some of it from the person's own experiences and some inherited in the DNA from ancestors.

As you move into your authentic power as a divine changemaker, you are a potent force in shifting the old patterns. If you've wondered what you can do to change the world, begin with this issue of power.

An End to War

Consider this: when people across the world learn to embody authentic power, there can finally be an end to war and oppression.

You want a different world. How can it change, though, without you being active at the forefront of change? Being at the forefront is not always easy, but that's the path of divine changemakers. If you relate to this role, you know it's your destiny to help create a more light-filled world. You intuitively know that every rock in the road you face is worth the treasures you find on the path.



betsy. 10th June 2013 12:28 pm

Selacia, TY for this moving, beautiful message. Other than reminding myself to "take nothing personally" because "it's not about me," the other big reminder is self-love. Before taking Meredith Murphy's classes, I truly never understood the importance of it. Now, I realize it's the actual birthing place from which to start! I'm not good at it all the time, but I'm more consistent than I used to be. LOL. My big, big thing is recognizing when someone is acting from love or not from a source of love. It's gotten a bit easier for me to recognize, thankfully. When you resonate with the source coming from love, it's so much easier to accept the message within your being, even if it's a bit painful, because you recognize it's coming from a place of love. Thank you again, Selacia, for this message reminds me of these things. Much love to you!!! :smitten:

Emma852013 13th June 2013 4:28 am

Thank you so much Selacia.
And thank you dear Betsy, I was so happy to read what you wrote. Some messages can really be painful (as Ive been experiencing lately) at it seems that they come mostly from the outside in (in messages). But they have been so intense lately I have even told them to stop and let me be, is anybody experiencing something similar??
It's so true, Betsy that the messages come from a place of love telling us we deserve more love and light and to be filled constatntly with these high energies.
I hope there can be a balance for I have no energy to completely uproot myself and pursue this "other life" somewhere else. I will keep on believing that it can be here right now. I do believe I have the power to create.
Let all things be well for everyone.
Let any change be smooth and joyful.

Much Love


betsy. 13th June 2013 3:01 pm

Yes, Emma, I agree that some lessons can be painful, usually those I'd rather avoid; but, I don't grow by ignoring them. I've slowly learned to feel my way through them instead of blocking them - cry, rest, be in nature, etc.. It isn't always easy or simple, but thankfully it does pass, so I keep my focus there while I'm feeling my way. Imo, I don't think there's anything wrong w/moving @ a pace that feels comfortable for you & not feeling pushed. I agree "the messages come from a place of love telling us we deserve more love and light and to be filled constatntly with these high energies."
I am unsure if you were referring to uprooting yourself physically. Although I plan to begin my work here, I do hope to move closer to my daughters, although it will be a good while until that comes to fruition unfortunately. Yes, I too believe you can create from anywhere tho.
"Let all things be well for everyone. Let any change be smooth and joyful." Loved these. Yes, may it be so. Much love to you on your journey, Emma! I hope you soon find even greater peace. :smitten:

Emma852013 14th June 2013 7:18 am

Much love to you Betsy :smitten:
I hope the same for you and that you can live closely to your daughters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. It seems that the energies are bringing about the toughest lessons right now. To go through incredible pain before entering the sunlight again is inevitable (although ive fought it before it only made me realise that im fighting myself)
lesson no 1 Love oneself
2 Understand in order to forgive
3 Stay away from so called energy vampires
4 Reach out to those who really love you

and so it is

Im writing this for anyone who also needs to hear this.

Love and peace to All :angel:

betsy. 14th June 2013 9:39 am

Dear Emma, your words allowed me a good cry. Thank you for your sweetness. I found them so beautiful and all so very true. Thank you so much for sharing. Much love to you! :smitten:


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