Year-End Inner Feng Shui

Preparing for a Brighter New Year

Right now close to year-end we're sitting in some fiery energies as many societal issues percolating for months are coming to a boiling point. Chances are, on a personal level, you are feeling more sensitive and perhaps weary due to all you have witnessed and experienced this year. Most likely, some of your own personal unfinished business has bubbled to the surface recently, catching your attention for some clearing before a new year starts. Continue reading for some examples of why you may be feeling as you do and constructive steps you can take now to prepare for a brighter new year.   

2018 Predictions  

Speaking of that, my annual Predictions is coming soon! Stay tuned for a big picture look at what we have in store, as well as some spiritually-grounded tools for navigating your way through the ups-and-downs. The purpose of my Predictions is more than a forecast of likely energies and trends. The focus will be both the external world (global) and personal implications of what's unfolding in that world. It is designed to give you foresight and specific ways of responding to what's going on in the world around you. The idea is to empower you to be your best self.     

Inner Feng Shui    

Most of us can think of plenty we'd like to change in our increasingly divided and upside down world. As we consider those things, I'd like to point out the importance of including ourselves in the picture. We are, after all, part of the whole and our own transformation indeed helps quicken changes in our world.   

This time of year is always a wonderful opportunity to reflect and do inner work to prepare for what's next. The less baggage we are carrying with us into the next phase, the more progress we can make.      

Therefore, now before year-end is a perfect time to clean out the attic, closets, and the inner clutter that's holding you back. Consider that some of the inner clutter has roots in your DNA ancestral imprints - good to go after those now. It's just that kind of inner clutter we access and clear in 1-1 DNA sessions, a powerful way to get more of your own energy back and be fully resourced.   

Current Energies Support a Deeper Look  

We have a number of cosmic energies assisting us with a deeper look in these moments. One is the Mercury Retrograde, helping with inner explorations and a higher view of things. That includes a kind of status report on how your life is going, how you're living it, and how you want it to look different in 2018.  

Tip - during quiet time, call on your inner wisdom to reveal what you haven't seen and to add clarity to what you have seen but don't yet understand.

Remember: there is a deep intuitive wisdom within you. It's as natural as breathing, yet you must be still long enough to invite it and listen.   

It's helpful to listen with the mindset that you don't have all the answers. This means an openness to receive a grander view and to perceive things previously off your radar. When you become humble and admit you don't know, but that you are open to knowing, amazing things can occur!   

As part of your deeper look inside, it's good to focus on home base - including the physical home that is your sanctuary - and your personal self that benefits from self-care and inner clearing. Even slight adjustments now can make a big difference in your experience of 2018.