12:12 – The Light of Divine Union

This is a month of incredible power. The hearts of people everywhere are more open during the holidays than any other time of the year. This receptivity allows a flow of Divine Grace into the world. Using this powerful force is paramount as doorways to new consciousness open this month.

December 12, 12:12 is a day of intense awakening. The energy of 12:12 represents Union with the Divine, and signals an awakening of Divine Love on the planet. This empowered energy can be called the Light of the Christ or Christ Consciousness. It does not matter if one is Christian in religious beliefs, the consciousness holding Divine Love is not a person from history, it is an energy frequency of Golden Light and awakens the heart to unconditional love. It will be as though the heavens are downloading golden light. Many people are genetically encoded to respond to this gold light energy and it will signal a mass awakening.

On December 12, preferably at 12:12, take the time to sit in a visual bath of golden light, ask to awaken into the consciousness of the Christ energy, and pray for the enlightenment of all peoples. See hearts connecting in golden light, and know miracles happen when, together, we seek benevolent outcomes and peace on earth.

All through the season give your love away to others and see this loving gold light spreading around the world. Whenever a digital clock shows 12:12, it is a minute of power. You can visualize the golden light awakening love in the hearts of each person on the planet. Send your love to all in need. It is a good time to ask for the mass awakening of the Christ Consciousness. This is the power of Divine Light, Divine Love and Union with all that is good.

Winter Solstice

As December 21 approaches, the northern hemisphere of the planet moves from darkness to the light. The Winter Solstice becomes the darkest day of the year, and then earth energy expands to encompass more light. From the beginning of time, the native peoples have worshipped this change in seasons. The sun held a position of power in their rituals. Modern people have lost touch with the natural magic involved in observing the Solstice and Equinox seasons. At the winter Solstice, as you honor the time for the earth to move toward longer light filled days, it increases your experience of light. When you ask for Divine Light to fill your own life, a transition occurs within you as well as the earth. The darkness before the dawning of longer days is symbolic of the darkness so many feel in their lives. Often this is the signal of spiritual awakening when one feels most despairing. It requires faith to know that Light follows darkness, and the energy surrounding the Winter Solstice can be used to encourage the strength of personal faith. This same energy can be used in the southern hemisphere, as they turn toward shortened daylight hours.

Consciously visualize the sun illuminating the earth and your being with Golden Light. See the sun’s rays enlightening the energy all around your body and feed the earth with this light. Your body is like an antenna for light-filled energy. When you ground this energy by visualizing Divine Light flowing through your body, out your feet into the earth, then the planet receives a blessing of the highest frequency of love. It is a wondrous gift to be able to give energy back to the earth that sustains and feeds you.

There is great power in observance of Divine Light at the Solstice. With a prayer to be one with the light, an intention is set and light will flood into the lives of those who are willing to receive. The power of light is expressed through expanded consciousness and wholehearted love. Receive Divine Light; allow it to fill every cell in your body. Ask to have all the dark spaces within you filled with light. Open the doors of your mind to the light and you will become enlightened.

For those reading this transmission, we ask your assistance by visualizing the earth surrounded by Golden Light during the entire month of December and beyond. This light contains Divine Intelligence and Love, and will know how best to serve. Whenever you see a person who looks sad, or hear of troubled people anywhere, send Golden Light. You can send this light to places of disharmony and to government leaders. See them receiving Divine Love into their hearts. You do not realize the powerful affect this visualization will have on planetary energies as great numbers of people do this work.

And then there were Angels

A discussion of the month of December is not complete without the recognition of the presence of Angels at the season of Christmas. Traditional carols and Christmas stories abound with Angels. People wholeheartedly decorate their homes and trees with Angels and send cards with Angels on them to friends and family at this time of year. There are legions of angels gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and your mind to receiving a greater amount of Divine Love and Joy. As messengers of God, the Angels are here to serve all those who seek peace in the hearts and love in their lives. Some have felt the softening of their burdens, as Angels begin to lift the energies of the earth.

Hark, the herald angels are singing. Can you hear the angel voices? They are calling you into their midst. They are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this celebration of the Christmas season.

Angels foretold the birth of the Christ onto the earth, and appeared to the wise men before they made their journey. There is a mass awakening of spiritual consciousness on the planet at this potent time in history as well. As people turn more and more to prayer, and seek Divine Love in their lives, the dire prophecies lose their power. When you believe that peace can be present on earth, your faith touches others, and they begin to believe. In this way, thought-by-thought, one by one, the people of the earth will begin to experience the peace that passes all understanding. Never doubt the power that one person can hold.

As people turn toward Christmas, hearts are opened for the birth of the Christ Light within. This light filled energy brings the qualities so many seek to receive. There is an expansive sense of Joy; a deep abiding Peace and more Love than has been experienced at any other time of the year.

You can call upon Divine Light to illuminate your mind and heart so you act as a Beacon of Light. The earth needs all those souls who believe in the power of this mass awakening. As you open to new possibilities in your own life, you may feel the protective presence of Angel’s wings surrounding you in love. As you become aware of the power of Divine Love, it allows the Christ Light to awaken within you and radiate from you. You then become a Light to the world. This is the way to Peace on Earth and Good Will among all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel


scaggs1984 11th December 2009 10:21 am

I have been led to work with the Christ Light for about a year now and just this morning I was wondering what it was all for. This article really touched me. I knew it was important what I have been doing, but I didnt really know why and you helped shed some light on the subject. Thank you.

mifasolasi 11th December 2009 5:34 pm

this is an angelic message..! :angel:
Indeed..!! :smitten: Thank You
M :smitten:

Emon 13th December 2009 4:37 pm

Thank you
Your message has made the LIGHT and Love in my heart expand, and I send that forth to you and all, Thank GOD.


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