Allowing the Stuff of Miracles!

When you find Unity within, a deep soul alignment opens your receptivity to Creative Solutions. No matter how dire the situation appears, new life lies in wait. Know that there are fertile seeds being planted in your energy system with your commitment, your prayers and intentions for a resourceful life.

Archangel Gabriel is the masterful being of Light who demonstrates those surprisingly Creative Solutions for all humanity. Gabriel found his way into the major holy books over the centuries. Archangel Gabriel whispered surprising news to Mary about the birth of Jesus. He inspired Mohammed with the way to Peace in the world. And less well known, Archangel Gabriel parted the Red Sea for Moses so the Jewish slaves could escape Egypt.

All of these unifying deeds empowered powerful change in the world and opportunities for unification, peace and support. The discordant direction that humanity has taken in response merely demonstrates the free will God offered to the world. These miraculous interventions were opportunities to leave behind divisiveness and discord, so Peace could prevail in the world, no matter how they have been perceived.

The second chakra, the Sacral Center, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is our feeling, receiving and creative center. It is located just below your navel and encourages a sense of Alignment within the core of your being. This Alignment creates a bridge between Heaven and Earth, allowing you to access your Highest Soul’s Wisdom as well as the nourishment and connection of the Earth.

In this center, you are bringing into alignment the polarities you see around you, allowing you to bring forth Creative Solutions that defy logic. In a polarized world, there appears to be many options, most out of harmony with Peace. But in a Creative Solution, the disparity is replaced with new opportunities. When polarities are unified, consciousness is lifted, and high-vibration solutions become prevalent in your field of expanding perceptions. It is as if a new color revealed itself in the painting of your life. We see black and white, but what if there is a third option?

When Creative Solutions abound, it is the stuff of miracles. Suddenly your life unfolds in a new direction, offering a path that allows you to serve in greater ways in the world. Connection to your second chakra brings you into a place of balance. As Unity Consciousness enters your field, there is greater Peace within you and a new sense of Harmony. When the fire of Creativity activates in your sacral chakra, you become a catalyst for the life of your dreams.

Allowing the Grace of the angels to work with you in daily life provides powerful support for navigating the new Earth energies. May you be blessed with miracles.

Shanta Gabriel


Meg 21st February 2020 3:48 pm

Interesting, thank you for sharing.


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Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.Inspired by her many years study of ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from her master teachers, Shanta's gift is the transmission of divine inspiration into everyday life. She is also the author of The Gabriel Messages. A book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, it ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

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