Equinox Gyroscope creates Balance

Dear Ones,

As you allow yourself to receive Light through your Third Eye Chakra, new visions open for you. Your perceptions expand in your mind and opportunities magically appear where there were none before.

Your Third Eye is connected to the place of pure equanimity as a bonus. The pineal gland lies in the very center of your head. Focusing on the pineal in the center of this connecting point will bring you a place of Balance that aligns with your core energy within the spine.

Your concentration on this centering place will bring you a sense of Neutrality in a way that was not there before. Learning to be neutral is an essential requirement when the world may look and feel chaotic. Your interpretation of what you perceive becomes the lasting impression. It’s a choice to feel strong emotions about every given situation that confronts your awareness.

The ability to choose equanimity is a soothing balm in a world of change
that even allows you to strengthen your health and wellbeing.

What are your dreams for your most optimum future? Is there a vision you are bringing into fruition? The balancing agents you feel in the 3rd eye help you to plan and execute new ideas. You are also inspired by the new levels of Light enhancing and empowering your visions. The Light that allows you to see with an expanded viewpoint is the All-knowing presence of Divinity that exists in the Light of your 3rd Eye. This Light is the portal to empowered visions for your life. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

Divine Light provides Clarity in this center which also means that you will be given the steps to take to empower your dreams.

It usually comes to you on a “need to know” basis so your patience is required.

The abundant resources of the Divine are equal to every demand. Joy and Purpose become a part of your dream. The alignment that you achieve as you create a healthy connection to the nurturing energy of the Earth allows you to create a foundation to hold your dreams and bring them into fruition. The Soul Star which inspires your visions and the Earth Star that anchors them, provide you with wholeness, as well as the guidance to maneuver through the physical while you anchor the spiritual.

The balancing agent of your heart provides you with the gyroscope that continues to bring you back into harmony. When your frequencies are in harmony with your vision, Life will provide the means to bring it into fruition.

This spiritual practice is stimulating your dreams and visions while providing you with the Divine Guidance and Wisdom to anchor them into your life. You are being celebrated by the Universe for your commitment to the activity of God working in and through you, blessing the world with more Balance. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Uriel



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Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.Inspired by her many years study of ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from her master teachers, Shanta's gift is the transmission of divine inspiration into everyday life. She is also the author of The Gabriel Messages. A book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, it ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

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