Everything is Coming Up Angels

There are times when the Heavens open so the Angels come closer to the Earth to bless all of humanity with deeper communication and connection. This is one of those times.

The Archangels have a vested interest in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. They want to help each and every one of us to find our way through the density of this time and create a life that works in more strategic and sustainable ways, enabling us to thrive in the new 5D frequencies of Light that are so available.

The following is from Archangel Gabriel:

Dear Ones,

In the expanse of all life, there are times when the messages of God’s Love come through the presence of Angels. These blessed beings of Light carry the powerful presence of the Divine to touch the hearts of all those who are open to receive.

Never before has there been a time when the gifts of Divinity are so available. You need no intermediary, as these gifts are a part of your Soul’s destiny. There are moments in life, however, when a personal loving touch from the Grace-filled Wings of Angels can act as a soothing balm to the soul who yearns for more Love, Peace and the pure joy of Divine Union.

And so there are Angels to bless, embrace, guide, protect, and love you into the eternal place of unity with God within you. The Archangels, as the leaders of the legions of winged beings of Light, hold a special place within the ascension of the Earth and all humanity. They are the architects of new life, and each one holds a special resonance that your soul recognizes as Truth.

There are even moments when the field of Light that holds this resonance coalesces to create a new life path, or to enhance the journey your soul has chosen. At those times, your most Divine Self has put out the call to receive a greater presence of guidance, empowerment and love into your life on Earth.

When you are ready for mastership  — living in your most Divine Self while in human form  — that is when your soul opens to receive a special quality of consciousness from the Archangel who is called. Your whole body responds to this essence in pure acceptance, and your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.

A new rainbow Light Body is being created within your energy system that has the capacity to hold higher frequencies and live in harmony with the Earth at the same time. The Archangels have been tapped by Divine Intelligence to work with those souls on the earth who are willing to walk with them on a new journey of Oneness. It is not that Angels are the only path to ascension, but these beings of Divine Light are offering to ease the way for you and bring forth a new level of freedom so you can express your highest divinity in fulfillment and alignment with your soul’s destiny.

We want to work with the creation of your light bodies. We want to refine your energy systems to contain more Light from God, more Grace, more Love. All that we do together will transform physical reality and uplift humanity. The world needs enlightened leaders. The more people who are accessing the light frequencies, the lighter the planet becomes.

As you embark on this new discovery path with the Angels of Light, it will affect all areas of your life in a way that brings new awareness and Soul Alignment. You will find correlation within you so all is in alignment with Divine Union. Because the Archangels are here to teach the principle of Unity Consciousness, you will see how skillfully it all fits together.

The call has gone out. Who will answer? Let your Soul respond. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangels work in systems of empowered light. When these frequencies provide links to the human energy system, what develops is a new level of interaction within you that sparks the codes in your Light Body field. This enables you to work more freely with the new frequencies, learning to sustain them so you live more comfortably in 5D life. Your way to this alignment is fully supported by the Archangels working with you.

During the Summer Solstice on Mt. Shasta, June 21, 2014, an activation occurred when the Stargate of the Heart was opened. Because of the refined frequencies of 5D on Mt. Shasta, this activation provided a deep opening connection to the Soul gifts of each person on the Earth. With awareness, you can bring forth a life pattern from another dimension into this life so your soul has the ability to use these gifts to bring Higher Consciousness to the Earth.

We spent all of 2015 integrating these new frequencies into our physical bodies. Now, on Solstice June 2016, we will again climb the sacred mountain, back to Gabriel’s Gateway on Mt. Shasta, to anchor the frequencies that will allow your Soul’s gifts to manifest on Earth. Come join us if you feel the call to work in person on the sacred mountain.

Our amazing Solstice experience in 2014 brought the teachings of the Archangels into a new empowered level of teachings for me. I was given a deeper understanding of the qualities of consciousness the Archangels represent, so they could anchor in our physical bodies for the purpose of creating a new field of Divine Light within our bodies and in the world. This new Light Body enables you to access the Higher Dimensions and anchor them in your body so you become a bridge from Heaven and Earth. This focus is working in and through all that we do together.

Greater manifestation of your dreams and a deep inner place of peace develop as you have access to the new creative forces catalyzed by the teachings of the Archangels. Through intention and prayer, breath and connection, all aspects of life from human to Divine are activated and brought into union within the higher frequencies of Heaven.


zorro 4th June 2016 8:40 am

"There are times when the Heavens open so the Angels come closer to the Earth to bless all of humanity with deeper communication and connection. This is one of those times."

And how, Shanta! Here's some supporting indicators. I have been hinting at observing the palindromes for some time, and this is one of those times, also.

10-Day Palindrome Week – June 10 to June 19. This is a big one.
A Powerful Activation is in Progress in the Cosmic sequence for 10 days prior to Summer Solstice.
The power of six combines with the power of a nine year, 6 x 9 = 54.
10-day period of significance. 3D physical “6” Man is transformed in a quantum leap, 9 ways to Sunday.

(these date numbers read forward or retrograde)
The overall period really started on June 1 (6116). The peak is the 10 days just before the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2016.


10-day period of significance. 3D physical “6” Man is transformed in a quantum leap.
Carbon 3D human is in the pincers of transformation, this 10-day period especially, carbon to crystalline.

zorro 4th June 2016 8:44 am

There are 54 years in a triple Saros cycle. In other words, it takes 54 years for the Sun, Moon and Earth to return to nearly identical celestial geometry such that an eclipse occurs on the same day and at the same time. (some references from www.secretsinplainsight.com)

27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864
These numbers all add up to 9.
Saturn polar diameter: 108,000 km
Saturn orbital period: 10,800 day
Venus orbital distance: 108 million km
Earth orbital velocity: 108,000 km/hour
Sun’s diameter is approximately 108 times the Earth diameter
Earth distance from the Sun: 108 solar diameters
Moon distance from the Earth: 108 lunar diameters

Moon diameter: 2160 miles
Earth meridian circumference: 21,600 nautical miles

25920 years of the galactic cyle/procession of the equinox: 432 x 60, 60 being at the basis of how we measure time
Speed of Light: 432 x 432 miles per second
Solar system speed inside the galaxy: 43200 miles per hour
Jupiter orbital period: 4,320 days
Mars diameter: 4,320 miles

zorro 4th June 2016 8:45 am

Sun diameter: 864,000 miles
Jupiter diameter: 86,400 miles
Earth day: 86,400 second
The Bible starts off with the famous story that God created the world in 6 days.
6 days equals 86,400 seconds

Regardless of whatever else happens at this time, life and man will be forever changed going forward!

zorro 4th June 2016 9:33 am

69 = Metatronic Magnetic Energy, Gnosis.
6 X 9 = 54
5 + 4 = 9, 6 + 9 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6
69 = Harmony, Idealism, End of Karma, Male/Female blending.
6 X 9 = 54, 5 + 4 = 9, 6 + 9 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6
6 X 9 = 54, The full deck of cards, including the jokers, are transformed.
69, Yin/Yang, Male/Female balance.

Letting Go…An old cycle ends…A New Cycle begins.
“The Beast” is overcome. Is transformed.

debs go lightly 4th June 2016 5:17 pm

Thank you Shanta and Gabriel, this is wonderful information. We are so blessed to have all of this loving support!

Much love and happiness, Debs

debs go lightly 4th June 2016 5:24 pm

Hi Zorro! I am intrigued, have just turned 53 so now I have entered my 54th year.
Hmmm, this adds to other 'markers' that are telling me it's a big year... Fun!
Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)

Much love, Debs

cyndy 4th June 2016 6:05 pm

Shanta, Love, love,love the tittle. "Everything's Coming Up Angels." I felt that tittle right away from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes. And your message is also what I am sensing.
Zorro, I feel what you wrote and am glad you posted it.
I just cannot comment on it as I am not in my verbal brain right now. I have some "sense" of it though.


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