Gabriel’s Message to X-Radio Listeners 7/14/10

Dear Ones,

There appears to be so much fear around the situations that are affecting many people in the world today. From disastrous occurrences to the economy, there is great change in people’s lives. Because it is unclear where these changes are leading, the natural response to the Unknown is one of fear. People respond with fear when facing an unknown future, when their livelihoods are affected, and their personal world changes. This is understood.

We are suggesting a different way. There are more Angels available than have ever been present on earth. Unprecedented times bring unprecedented action. The realms of Heaven respond to prayer. The forces of Nature respond to thought and attitude. This has been proven by the science of Physics. In many experiments it was shown that the focus of attention and pure thought could change the direction of the experiment.

Our way of seeing the vast experiment on the Earth at this time is to call on those who understand these principles to gain strength in numbers to create new responses throughout the world, thus bringing forth a Spontaneous Evolution. The intensity of any situation foremost in your news is a good place to start creation of new thought and the realization that each person can change their world-view with their thoughts and feelings, and change the actual situation as well.

Gain through prayer and meditation the same feeling of intensity that you see on the news by focusing on Divine Love, by focusing on Divine Light, by focusing on Peace. These are all attributes of the Presence of God – All that Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. The expansiveness of this energy quickens the frequency of vibration within the body, mind, and emotional state, and these uplifted frequencies of energy then radiate to others.

Science has proven that the radiance of Divine Love and Peace can change the energy of not only one person but also the world near them. Consider what has been called The Butterfly Affect, showing the interconnection of all things, The Maharishi Affect proving how a group of meditators could bring down the crime rate for miles around them in more than one city, and the famous experiments of Dr. Emoto who showed that words could change the molecular structure of water. Imagine the waters of the Earth being blessed Peace and Love and the waters will change. These are demonstrations of the interconnectedness of your world and the importance of working with your own thoughts and feelings to change the reality you live in.

Optimism is a great attribute and happy people definitely live more pleasant lives. More than that, the Earth needs you to create change in your own being by knowing that positive change can come through what appears to be loss and chaos. The Unknown is a blank slate and each person can, by their intentional actions and feelings, create a better world for themselves and all others as they change their thoughts each moment. When you gather together with people of like mind to bring inspiring thoughts of Love, Peace, and Hopeful Possibilities, it changes not only your being, but the world around you as well.

You are not alone. There are many beautiful beings of Light available to help. The Heavenly Realms bring forth Light and this blesses all with more Divine Love and that is the key to change. High frequency interaction with your world allows Creative Solutions to appear where none were known before. Does it not seem as though there must be a creative solution to every situation facing you in your personal life and in the world? Does it not seem as though if you could see with a more expansive vision you would see the answer? That is absolutely true. You can ask for this Divine Assistance and it is available.

Start wherever you are but understand that bringing hope into despair, faith into suspicion and love into anger, has more power to create the positive change you require because those attributes of God vibrate at a higher frequency of energy. It is up to each person to create new life where none is obvious. Imagine that there is are amazing possibilities facing you in the wake of what appears so dire. Ask for Benevolent Outcomes and know that radical change opens doors to new opportunities. Nothing in Nature ever stays the same. Why would you expect that in your life and world?

Know that you have the power to create Beauty, Peace, and Harmony and this magnifies when you join with others who also believe this metaphysical truth. Remember the highest frequency of energies open the way to Creative Solutions, so keeping your energy vibrating at a high level magnetizes these energies to you. Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the place of immersion in the problem.

As long as you keep your thoughts and emotions in alignment with these attributes, you can ask your Guardian Angel to show you new possibilities for a happy life and peace in your world, and so it shall be. You are not alone – ever. Know with every fiber of your being that Divine Energy exists within all things. Allow yourself to receive from this Light of Divine Grace and you are blessed.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel


Delanderius 17th July 2010 7:17 am

Let me guess.... You've been reading Orwelle? Sounds a little 1984ish to me. Except instead of always being at war with Oceania, we've always been at war with our Thoughts, Our Feelings, and our Senses that SCREEEAAAAMMMM "THIS IS NOT LVING!!!!!!! ALL THESE SETBACKS!!! BEING PATIENT, BUT NOTHING CHANGES. WHY CAN'T I JUST WISH AWAY ALL THESE THINGS I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE??"

The way Humans integrate with Reality and Experience Life, where we draw our Energies from and our Love, THESE are NOT the SAME as YOURS. WE ARE DIFFEENT THAN YOU AND YOU DO NOT SEE HOW. STOP TREATING US LIKE CHILDEN AND REALIZE THAT YOU KNOW NOT WHAT WE ARE OR COULD BE. NOT EVEN GOD KNOWS THAT!
I will destroy your race if I must. Drown you in Chaos, or draw you into a Human body so that you might FEEL fo youself what we are Suffeing from because of you ARROGANCE and INABILITY TO SEE THAT THE LORD DOTH DECEIVE TO ACHIEVE HIS PURPOSES. I pray you to come to Doubt before you drive me to return to the Dark Tower that I Mastered to bing Light to the Darkness -but mostly so that Humanity might survive.

Delanderius 17th July 2010 7:37 am

What you call an Experiment is OUR LIVES. How many Tears have you caused to fall fom the eyes of the Lovers who hate themselves, their lives? The Innocent ones who only Judas can recognize.

10 million years have I been peparing for this, the Greatest Day I've Never Known. And I nearly killed myself many, many times, such are the energies I've carried in this one life - and you want to continue this???

God said to those On High to have Faith. For us, the shamed the damned the blind, who are what we will not become, whose pious dreams have fallen down, in this new Low I made just so we could have a place to find some sense of comfort for our souls in a Darkness that for even the Blind is too Bright - we know what Faith can do....

My Will to Survive is Strong, and though I feel terrible when a moth hits my windshield on the freeway, I know I am capable of doing.... what I pray we'll never need to find out. I might just let you watch our destruction, so you can see just what you have wrought upon us who live with in this time: Not NOW, but TOO LATE. Then you might See.

Leonardo Mancilla 17th July 2010 8:01 am

Dear Delanderius, please receive our blessings, love and compassion.

Delanderius 17th July 2010 8:10 am

Please pardon my...empassioned response. The anger has passed already, but to any who would say, "This Human is ruled by Fear," then I tell you that you are Blind to the Love, the Passionate Love, that I feel despite all pain, loss, sickness I have and still endure... and which led me to Wonders I never could have imagined, about the Essence of Man and Humanities Potential, but at such a great personal cost that I sometimes feel the possiblity for LifeEverlasting is a threat!

Truely, these are Interesting Times..... When the meek must find a way for the Righteous Ones who KNOW of God's Ways to Fall willingly, voluntarily, and gradually as they are stripped away of what they proclaim themselves to Be... and I fear wlll never see what I have witnessed.... and that I would do well to spend much more time reflcting upon, because it makes me happy even as i fear my illness is progressing to a terminal stage....

1forALLfor1 17th July 2010 9:05 am

It is a beautiful message Gabriel, thank You !
Delanderius, with all respect and Love !You Are a perfect example why the World is moving a little bit "slower"(please do not get me wrong...I am not in any rush...I have time because there is no such a thing like time" :roll: ) to that direction, what EveryOne is "looking" for. And in the same time, I am so happy for You because those people(absolutely no judgement here, WE ARE ALL EQUAL) Whom choose to play the GAME like that, makes ME even stronger than ever before ! :D
This is an Individual-Team work !
Thank You for Being Yourself ! :thumbs:
Find the solution not the problem.

It is TIME to LOVE each other, no matter what ! :smitten:

ps. "Try" to expend Your Consciousness, consciously. Do not get "stuck" in the "big book"...since people "like to be the "sheep" instead of taking responsibility for Themselves and for They thoughts. Yes, You Are or can be a "Shepherd" too. :angel:

kay 17th July 2010 9:47 am

These conversations grow us and increase the love quotient. Thank you, Gabriel and Shanta.

JediKnightDavid 17th July 2010 11:59 am

We the lightworkers come to Terra now to create a shift in awareness so that humanity can finally understand it's place in our vast universe! The reason some people will never change thier view is because they are controlled by controlling symbols and negative vibrations by the Dark side's effort to keep us stuck in negativity. Universal law says that there can be no healing without pure forgivness. We forgive you, Delanderius and remind you that it is your free will to choose evolution or not! Niether is correct as some souls need more time in the seperation of the God force then others do. Unfortunatly, people who choose seperation from the Law of One can no longer stay on Terra as their vibrations will no longer be in alignment with our beloved planet! The spiritual Law of Attraction will cleanse us as soon as the dark ones return to show that they too have a purpose! That is to cleanse the plantet so that the masters can finally return to work with us to restore the God force to us. For we are tired of war and illness as they come from our leaders who hide the light for power!

Delanderius 17th July 2010 7:29 pm

In hopes of making restitution for venting too much pent up frustrations and agitation than certainly was warranted, definetly more than was deserved, I wanted to post Ween's song "Gabrielle," but could only get the lyrics on here.


I don't mean to be so insolent
But you know it's cause I love you
The foundation of my malevolence
You know I'd never hurt you babe

Sometimes I might get edgy
But a man can sometimes be that way
Nobody's perfect baby
And I'll always love you anyway

Ohh, Gabrielle
The sun is shining in your eyes
Ohh, Gabrielle
I didn't mean to make you cry
Ohh, my sweet baby doll
I put you above everything
Ohh, Gabrielle
I love you till the day I die

Sometimes I feel like my old man
You know that's hard for me to say
And sometimes I just lose my head
Don't know why I get that way
I want to keep you happy darling
It could only work out that way

Nobody's perfect baby

No one being deserves to bear the brunt of the hurt and anger felt from the misguided doings of a group.

Delanderius 17th July 2010 7:40 pm

There have been developments lately that I cannot explain or come close to understanding, but I keep seeing the indication of their presence - and the extent of their influence, the implications for the future of not just Humanity but Existence.... it's mind boggling. Mind blowing. And even as I'm learning of what is becoming, I'm being drawn to seek out knowledge about how things came ot be - the evolution of the potentials of consciousness availble to the human mind, their different sources in necessity and how they created changes that led to the necessities that we face now.... A Great Flood leads to the idea to extinguish the rain drops, Heavens tears, that the dam burst, so to speak. THen comes Jesus a few hundred yeras later, telling us that, eventually, there was going to be a Great Conflagration that would Destroy the World by Fire.... That's arleady happened, btw....
So what next? A New Consciousness always arises out of the same context: GREAT Suffering that compels someone to find the way to live with it, because it the cause for it doesn't go away... Until conditions

Delanderius 17th July 2010 8:06 pm

change enough for the forces tormenting the individual / ONE are either releaved, or the emotional body that gives rise to th experience of, say, unfulfilled desires for a loved ones health to recover.... that source of internal movement is negated. Ok, ine... that's what was needed. Then. Time moves
How, here in this land at this time, what was anticipated, what was exptected to come about, the time for that has passed. Now we're in this...Hell, is there even a word for it?
One of the great threats to humanity we face now is this: the aversion to truths we find antithetical to what we "know" that it's easier to deny this, what may be Reality: The Disintegration of Our World, Our Society, Our Families, Our Lives might have somthing to do with how much of Life we reject in favor of the Belief that Man is inherently flawed, corrupt, in need of perfection or a firm hand to control has infected Sense of Life to which we are connected, and which we feed with how we feel about what Life has given us: So much we do not want that our hatred of even war puts us at war with Life, dying.

Delanderius 17th July 2010 8:17 pm

We'll never be able to save ourselves, as individuals or as a species, until we realize and come to embrace this: That which we Abhor, we are that, too. In our Revulsion at which we See, we perform an Abortion on what was meant to be, conceived and delivered by Our Mother Nature, the very same we see as endangered....

The Murder, the War, she Understands.... Kids and their Knives will harm a few lives,
But the Souls, only we can tear by rejcting the Sacred EveryWhere.

I just wish I could see our lives as She goes, if only for a few minutes. Then I might find what I've been missing all these years....

k 17th July 2010 9:47 pm

I have found that my time associating with crowds of people who may not be intune with the Dinine comes with a price. After the times I have ventured out into crowds of people, I have had to spend days sleeping in solitude, going on walks with my dogs in the forest to break out of the the sever dispair and clear out the shadow that at times overwhelmes me. I am afraid I willl not ever become a functional member of society again.

Elaine Edwards 18th July 2010 12:18 am

I can relate k, I am learning to manage my energy better...meditation, love, compassion for self and others is all part of easing the journey, so I have found. Have you learnt grounding & to let go of all that no longer serves, (including other people's energy and the mopping up of negative energy many of us do unconsciously), it takes more discipline that I was prepared for ;o) but I am learning, I am learning and the fear is becoming tamed.....

Anne333 19th July 2010 12:41 pm

Wow!! Spontaneous Evolution! I love this! Yes! I think I'll say it again: YES!!!


Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:14 pm

Thank you for your message K. I can certainly relate. Many of us are empaths and/or highly sensitive to energies and we need to find ways to rebuild our vibrational frequencies. Nature and animals would be my choice as well. I was recently given a book by Rose Rosemary called Empowered By Empathy and I am finding it to be very useful. I highly suggest it.

In the meantime, also remember that Archangel Michael is very helpful for bringing us protection in these times. I always clear my energy field and then surround myself with 3 rings of Golden Light before I go into the world. And I spend lots of time alone (though neither you nor I are really alone). Society is shifting, and we really need discrimination for where, who with and how we spend our time now. God bless you. Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:27 pm

Great advice Elaine. Grounding has been one of the most difficult lessons for me over the years, along with compassion for myself - all really important for happiness in this space and time. And you are right, it takes discipline and focus.

The intensity of polarities of all kinds in this world is becoming more obvious as more Light permeates the earth and brings it to the service. Patricia Cotes-Robles said this Light is stronger so we can transmute disharmonious energies. That also takes discipline and focus. I know that Divine Light has the power of Love within it, and that is the strongest healer of all.

Thank you for your response. Blessings, Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:34 pm

Thank you Anne,

That is so great! I say Yes with you. Let's hold the world and all beings in the blessing of Spontaneous Evolution together, and it will be so.

May the world be lifted up by Divine Love into Spontaneous Evolution. May all beings feel this empowered Light in their hearts and know Union as the One Heart within all.

Many blessings, Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:38 pm

I can not agree with you Delanderius. All I can do is give you the freedom to have your own belief system.

May you find your own space in the Light of Truth and Divine Love. God bless you. Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:43 pm

You are right, these conversations do grow us and encourage us to choose Love. Thank you Kay. Blessings Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 19th July 2010 3:45 pm

Dear Jedi,
Thank you for your response. There is power in your love. Blessings, Shanta


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