Inspiration for the Week - God Exists in All Circumstances

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.

That God exists in all circumstances can be a very challenging concept. This is especially true when faced with some of the more horrendous experiences people are having around the world.

It is difficult to see how there could be a benevolent Universal Presence working in these situations and yet, another name for God is All That Is.

God is a word that is probably the most volatile and misunderstood word in any language. More wars have been fought in the name of God than for any other reason. For me, when I use the word God, coupled with my understanding from Archangel Gabriel, it means an infinite power of Divine Love and Intelligence.

My challenge in every situation of my life is to remember this Divine Truth as quickly as I can re-focus my attention and begin to pray — not only for the situation but also for myself, that I can see from this very expanded perspective and stay in balance emotionally.

I have found that the most difficult times for me are those moments when my soul is learning the lessons I came on Earth to receive. At times it is not easy to surrender to this process and recognize there is Divinity working within and for me, but since my commitment in this life is to my Soul's growth, I must remember. My life depends on it.

We all want so much to believe — to remember — that we are not alone, that there is a Presence that exists to support us in life. In our natural state we are swimming in this Divine Substance like a fish seeking oxygen, when in fact it is where we live, and it exists all around and within us — always.

Most of us long to believe that God is truly with us. I have asked from this deep-wanting place to truly know at the core of my being that this Divine Presence, All That Is, exists within me and within all things. At times I have felt so empty, I have ached to Know, truly Know with a capital K — that this is true. It is this longing that draws God to us, but it is our willing acceptance of the Infinite Intelligence and Love being offered that makes it real in our lives.

As always, that is why Faith is important and is an integral part of our life-sustaining, daily Spiritual Practice.

The Gabriel Messages #21

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.

Dear One,

The light of God is always shining. Divine Light exists in all people, all things and all circumstances. Awareness of this Light will bring it into your consciousness, enabling you to see from an enlightened perspective.

The Divine Presence is the very energy in which you live, move and have your being. This energy is infinite and all-encompassing and exists in all situations. This truth may be difficult to remember at times. In fact, it may appear as though there is nothing but darkness. However, remembering this Divine Power is available will bring light into every dark circumstance.

Energy follows thought. If you think of God in any situation, the very thought produces illumination, as though a candle were lit in a dark room. When you ask for Divine Order, that prayer directs this high frequency energy so that you will be surrounded with heavenly light and spiritual solutions will flow through your entire being.

Awareness of Divine Light enlightens every situation. Each time you turn toward the Source of true light you are blessed. When even one person turns toward the light of God, the earth is blessed. This blessing creates change. At times this change can be instantaneous, at others healing can occur in a less obvious way. Have faith, and know healing happens in accordance with Divine Timing. Always affirm the greater truth in every situation in order to bring your awareness back to the Divine Presence.

When you call upon your guardian Angel, you focus upon Divine Light in the midst of your darkness. Your guardian Angel, and all Angelic messengers from God, are here to assist you in bringing more light and love into your life. No matter what it looks like, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear to be, you will receive immediate assistance when you call on the Angels for help. Ask for what you truly want in your life. Do your best not to focus on how bad things seem to be, but turn your attention toward the light, and you will indeed find the situation enlightened.

By being aware of the simple truth that God exists in all situations, you can bring Light into your life. Turning your attention toward Heaven by the use of your breath can change the very energy in your world. Remember to create a cocoon of protective, nurturing light around you by giving yourself time to breathe balanced breaths and to pray for the qualities you want to see manifest in your life. These you can place with intentional respect in your protective energy field.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. The question is: do you want to dwell in darkness or in light? It is your choice. Return through your breath to a divine Cocoon of Golden Light. You will come to the place where you are safe, surrounded and filled with God’s love at all times. Your world will begin to change when you turn your attention to this loving Presence of divine eternal light.

This may all seem too easy. However we will ask you to remember that your message from the Angels today is:

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.


Elaine Pruliere 16th September 2014 8:26 am

I think of myself as a very spiritual human being, but I was asking some of these questions this morning while I was out for my walk. How can a human being believe in God/Divinity when they are being tortured, mutilated, killed in cold blood? Where are the Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides,etc. when one is calling on protection? Is this horendous experience they are having part of the human "life plan" before entering Earth again? These are questions asked of me and trying to respond. Sometimes I just have to say I DO NOT KNOW??? I asked God if he would help answer my question. I find this article didn't answer the cold hard questions. But it did bring a little more understanding. Thank You.

Anni 17th September 2014 9:46 am

Elaine, I have thought exactly the same. Especially with regard to the recent beheadings. No manner of killing another is acceptable but this particular method has hit a rawness in me when I think about it. I have tried putting myself into the shoes of the poor men who endured such a death and cannot get to a point where I could even imagine how they could feel the Light of God as they took their final breath. It bends my mind and challenges my faith to the limit...It was reassuring to read your reply.


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