Inspiration for the Week - Loving All of Yourself

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

True Wisdom and Pure Love Go Hand in Hand.
You must love all of yourself before True Wisdom takes solid root inside you.

There seems to be a theme developing in the Gabriel Message cards that have been chosen at random recently. They all seem to speak to the importance of loving oneself.

Thinking of this from another perspective, I was reminded about how life has accelerated in the recent years. It is becoming ever more clear that we are in a co-creative process in life. We cannot expect to just ask to receive what we want and think it will magically manifest. (Believe me, I've tried!)

What is clearly necessary is that I match the vibration of what it is that I am asking for in my life. This is that infamous Law of Attraction that we have heard so much about. To be in harmony with this cosmic law, I am required to consciously monitor my attitude about my life and how I am thinking about myself.

I have noticed that I like certain aspects of myself much better than others. In the past there were parts of my personality that I was extremely judgmental about, and these judgments outweighed my attention to all the delightfully talented, beautiful and positive parts of myself. Self-criticism seemed to be the most important attitude I held about how I was progressing in life. When I can give myself the compassion and caring expression that I most need, things flow much more easily. If I focus on how hard things are and how badly I am handling my life, it only seems to get worse.

That downward spiral is a difficult one to get out of because we just keep attracting more of the same vibrational frequency that we are expressing in our field. To move the energy I have to remember to honor my needs and relax a bit of the judgment around what is happening in my life. In order to start an improving trend in the vibrational frequency I was carrying, I had to take action steps to find things that I felt good about. Small improvements began to show up and that made me feel better, which of course, attracted even more of the life that felt good to me.

Finally things began to change when I started to give myself some slack for those aspects of me that I did not like much. If I could not go immediately to loving them unconditionally, at least I could allow them to exist without trying to stamp them out. I could even grow into acceptance of the personality traits that made me uniquely me, especially the ones that were so incredibly different from other people that they have made me feel like an alien all my life.

These were important growth steps for me so I could recognize finally that there is a wholeness within me that balances all the many aspects of my being. Those parts that were not my best would only improve when I stopped focusing my wrath at them, but instead accepted their presence as my humanity. As a spiritual being enjoying an earthly life, it became paramount that I flood those special areas with Divine Light and my blessings. When I would do that, the most curious thing occurred. I started to love them like they were a new puppy. I could accept all that flapping around with too much energy in the wrong places, and begin to look with more kindness at how hard I was trying to be good.

Even though we have been told it is wrong and selfish to focus on our happiness, our sense of self does seem to be a key in attracting more of what we want in our life. The happier I have become, the better my life is. My new attitudes allowed doors in my consciousness to open and more love flowed in. With this love, there was access to levels of wisdom that I had never experienced.

I have not reached the point where I feel aligned to the Source of loving wisdom and act from that place always. But at least I know that I am connected to God no matter how it feels. From that awareness, I can do what it takes to bring more love into myself and open the receptor channels so I feel this connection.

When I could be more loving and recognize that without kindness I cut myself off from my Divine connection that is the most important thing to me, it dramatically changed my interaction with the myriad aspects of my personality. I am very aware now that this nourishing attitude attracts to me more loving-kindness from people around me, and uplifts my energy frequencies so I can live in a more expansive and happy state of being.

No matter what is going on in my life, bringing in the Happy Endings I desire always begins with my inner state of loving myself, and for me that really is True Wisdom.

The Gabriel Messages #17

True Wisdom and Pure Love go hand in hand. 
You must love all of yourself before Pure Wisdom takes solid root within you.

Dear One,

When you receive pure love from your Divine Source and offer it to yourself, your life will transform. Loving yourself means that you accept yourself as a student of life. You know that you are growing every day, and deep within is the spark of Divinity that acts as enlightened consciousness. Focusing on this place of Light will assist it to grow. When the light of Divine Love grows it enlightens your mind and heart, so you see your life from a more expanded perspective. This allows you to tap into the graceful flow of the universe and to live in more peace and harmony.
Loving yourself includes being able to see the tricks of ego and the aspects of your personality that could be improved.  After you see clearly, bless these parts of yourself. This blessing energy will allow the love of God to flow through you. When you do this your fears will drop away, and you will operate from a more loving heart in every moment.
If self-criticism created perfection, you would be perfect by now. It doesn't work that way so be kind to yourself. You are in a human body on the earth plane to gain an education. Your soul's growth is in the direction of perfection, but it's a process.
You are like a lump of coal becoming a diamond. It does no good to hate the rough form and wish it were a diamond. What it takes to grow toward awakening is a step-by-step process, with the proper tools, applied with diligence and care.

Recognize your incredible potential to be a diamond. Allow the Angels to assist the process of sanding your rough edges. Know it takes some time and love yourself for caring enough about your world that you want to be the best you can be.
Be as patient and caring with yourself as you would with a little child. Hold fast to the light of God within you. Ask for assistance from the Angels and trust the process. You are becoming stronger and more beautiful every day. Know you are incredibly loved and you deserve all the good life has to offer.


True Wisdom and Pure Love go hand in hand. 
You must love all of yourself before Pure Wisdom takes solid root within you.


Paula Boylan 19th March 2014 9:24 am

Thank you Shanta Gabriel

Self love and Self compassion open the way to have love and compassion for everyone we come in contact with. I cannot give something if I do not possess it, so how can I really love another or have compassion for their human journey if I do not have that for myself first

I think we have been duped in a way. We have been kept so busy caring for others, we forgot to care for ourselves. At the end of the day, we were too tired to gift ourselves with the level of self care required to fall deeply in love with our beautiful selves.

Time for a new oh, how I love to be in love :)

Love to you all
Paula Boylan


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