Inspiration for the Week - There Has Never Been a Time When You Were Alone

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

As we evolve into true multidimensional beings, there are times when we need to clarify our energy so we can begin anew. The recent eclipse cycle gave us an opportunity to do just that.

Eclipses have been called breaks to realign. They give us a chance to connect with the new levels of truth and awareness that are surfacing within each of us in this time of evolution and growth in consciousness. We are becoming aligned with our true Source energy so we can begin anew.

All during this astrologically significant time, we have also been bombarded with massive solar flares. Science has shown that these have a strong effect on our nervous systems, as well as the endocrine system of the body. Finding a place of neutrality and balance during times of outward upheaval becomes vitally important to our well-being. If we try to protect ourselves by contracting energetically in the face of these challenges, we can feel as though we are cut off from our Soul and its guidance system. For me, this causes all sorts of old fear patterns to surface.

If I allow myself to run the chaotic energy I see in the world through my energy system, a downward spiral can develop which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and alone. The times when it is most difficult is when I feel that I have lost contact with my Higher Self and its wisdom.

It is in these times that this Gabriel Message just seems to fall out of the set of cards, reminding me of the truth of my existence — that I am always receiving God's love, that I am never alone, and that my connection to Source energy is only a breath away. In fact, it is exactly these feelings there are indicators for all of us that we are about to move into a more expanded level of being. Remember that the electricity in a house needs to be shut off in order for new wiring to be put into place.

To continue on that theme, I have noticed a lot of computer metaphors being used recently. The eclipse cycle was equated with receiving a new operating system that will only reboot in its perfect Divine timing. We are moving into that time when the rewiring is complete and we can use this new system energetically within our bodies (thank you God!). We will now be able to experience new developmental alignments that offer us expanded perspectives and opportunity.

It is much more resourceful for me to recognize this feeling of being cut off from Source as a new level of Spaciousness that allows room for the unlimited potential that is now available for me. We are all going through a major experience as energetically sensitive people. When these cycles happen, our connecting links to our guidance system changes. We may even receive new Angels and master teachers on the nonphysical realms. They are offering us assistance as we navigate through the strange new world we encounter as we become multidimensional beings. When I feel the fogginess and sense of disconnection, it's my clue to surrender to the process of realignment that is going on within me, rather than trying in vain to find the old connections that no longer exist.

We are moving into new levels of consciousness very quickly now. The faster I let go of the old ideas about how I am progressing, the easier it is on my nervous system. No matter how hard I try to box them into old forms, the energy connections are very different in feeling. I am being inspired and guided in a new way that can change moment to moment. It is a powerful opportunity to learn about trusting myself in a greater way.

As I turn away from the illusion of the world and focus more on my heart center than trying to overthink it all, I can reclaim my power of connection and allow this natural realignment of Source energy to occur. Everyone is experiencing this opening in their own way so our ability to stay neutral and balanced in our heart is extremely important. The consciousness of the Earth and all those living upon her is expanding and becoming more filled with Light. Whatever is not in alignment with this expansion is showing up to be transmuted. It is just moving through our awareness. We volunteered to be a part of this process of awakening and, as Way-showers, all that we are experiencing is assisting this evolution.

Now it is up to us to become more trusting that All is truly Well. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages Book #28

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

Dear One,

If you only knew how much you are loved and cared for, you would see your life in a different light. There are Angels who have been with you since your birth, and some from before your birth who have been with you for eons of time. These Angels are here to bless you, to protect you, to care for you and to love you as you walk your earthly journey.

You have only to turn within and you will find us. You have only to look around you, and you will find Angels manifested in different forms everywhere, giving love to you.

Open your mind and heart to receive this love and you will find miracles manifesting in your life. It is this willingness to receive that allows miracles to occur for you.

In your darkest hours we have been there. It is not that the Angels are here to take away your pain or your lessons learned through experience. The Angels are here for you to turn to in those hours of need. We are here to assist you so you will have the courage to go on, and find peace within your heart. You are on this planet to learn and to choose between the darkness and the light. Even if you choose darkness, there are Angels who will neither forsake you nor leave you. However, if you choose darkness you will feel very alone, and life will be a continuous struggle.

If you choose the Light, the Angelic voices are raised in magnificent rejoicing and all manner of assistance, seen and unseen, will be there to illuminate your path. Choosing to live in the light can simply mean to turn over your burdens and struggles to a Higher Power, and to ask the Angels to assist you in finding your way to peace, happiness and prosperity. These are the qualities of God in which you are meant to live.

Choosing the light means praying for the Divine Presence to fill you to overflowing with love and peace. It means taking the time to visualize your self filled and surrounded by light, and even drinking in the Divine Light in order to nourish your heart and soul. Not only will this affect your mental and emotional state, but your physical body will also benefit.

The Angels are God's messengers. We live in the Light. All the forces of good in the Universe are here to assist you so you too can live in the Light and find peace and happiness within yourself. It is up to you to ask to know this as truth in your life. Open your mind and heart to receive all the love that is here for you right now. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.


FresnoHye 27th October 2014 10:44 am

...Is Now. I Am Now. Me. Robert Leon MICHAEL AbrahamIAN His Descendent. :thumbs:

FresnoHye 27th October 2014 10:45 am

THANK YOU! GOD Bless You. :smitten:


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