Inspiration for the Week - You Would Not Have the Desire without the Means to Fulfill it

The Gabriel Message card for this week

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

It has been said that inherent in every problem is its solution. It is the same with your desires. Some part of you believes that it is possible or you would not even have the desire.

Your Soul knows that certain desires are necessary for you to fulfill in order to accomplish your learning in this lifetime on earth. These are not the desires that are stimulated by mass marketing. These desires are the ones that are often buried deep in the heart and are so precious that you may have to give yourself permission to even think about them.

These precious longings of your heart are the desires that this message is addressing. Sometimes people ask, "What would you do if money was no object and you could do anything?" Often what comes out of your consciousness in answer to that question offers you insight into what your soul is asking you to do in life.

This may sound like a set-up, though I promise it was purely organic. One of the dreams I have had for years that would not go away is to offer a residential retreat in Mt. Shasta for the summer Solstice. Because of the shifting nature of reality in 2014, it has been difficult to clarify my feelings about moving ahead on this project. Things have been changing very quickly (as you may have noticed!) so I was not sure it was going to work this year. Although I made the reservations last year for the retreat house that we used in the fall for the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat, I did not feel fully committed. I have been allowing the energy to settle around me a bit.

Yesterday I was outside in the beautiful early evening, communing with Mt. Shasta and praying for clarity as I hiked. I was clearly shown the disappointment I would feel if I did not go through with the retreat. My heart reveled in the power of this time, and I knew how important it was to me and all who are attracted, to step out and offer the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat this June.

It is a pivotal Summer Solstice ~ the day containing the most Light of the entire year, an empowered moment of 2014 as we join with others around the world to anchor Light onto the Earth. This Solstice is the culmination of the energy we are gathering from the Equinox, through the Cardinal Cross and Eclipses, to set us in motion for the rest of the year. Since all my work with Archangel Gabriel has been based on Divine Light, my soul is longing for me to celebrate this grand event at the foot of the sacred mountain. Consider this my invitation to you to join our celebration of the June Solstice Celebration of Light. Together we will be anchoring the light of 5D reality in sacred ceremony at Mt. Shasta, considered to be the Base Chakra of the Earth. We are finalizing the details and the official announcement with registration will be coming soon.

Sometimes it is necessary to expand and stretch into the idea that all things are possible. It's important that we not to allow ourselves to rule anything out when first a creative thought pops into our awareness. That may be only the beginning of a dream or a desire that we truly need to entertain for our life to have meaning and purpose. I have to keep reminding myself that my dreams do not have to make sense to my rational mind.

We live in a world of pure potential where we create changes and new life abounds through the focus of our attention. As spirituality and quantum physics come together, the power of this truth has been proven through years of scientific experiments.

In this new and powerful time of awakening, it feels important that we bring the dreams of our hearts into reality by focusing our intentions on what will most empower us, what gives us passion and brings delight and meaning into our lives. Is it a risk? Always, but to me it is more of a risk to not follow the intelligence of my heart and the desires of my Soul.

The Gabriel Messages # 52

Dear One,
All things in life are a part of the Universal Consciousness.  This includes the desires of your heart. You have within you all that it takes to fulfill these desires and create the life you want to have. Know that each time you feel a deep longing, the seed of fulfillment is inherent within it.
There is a deep re-awakening within you, showing you a potential for all that you desire. This re-awakening results from your connection to God and the remembrance of the Angels who are guiding you always. As you commune more and more with this energy, your life will begin to take on the magical qualities you desire.
It begins with letting go. When you know in your heart that all your needs will be abundantly met, you can release the part of you that wants acquisition. You will now be free to discover the true desires in your heart. True desires have qualities that are fulfilled when the desires have been manifested. If the desire is for money, there is a quality that your heart seeks to have fulfilled — a sense of safety, an abundant lifestyle, or perhaps, simply freedom from worry.
Becoming aware of these qualities allows you to take action to gain these first, which will then allow the material form to manifest in a form which is in your highest good. The first step after discovering the qualities you seek, is always to ask for what you want, making sure you clearly state the qualities you are seeking to have. The Angelic Dimensions stand ready to assist you in the process of gaining all you desire in your life. Clarity is key.


It is truly God's Plan to have all beings live in a state of abundant joy and freedom from fears: people living with peace, harmony and love in the world as well as within their families.  These qualities are not too much to ask for in your prayers because they are the natural state of balance in God's world.  Your prayers you offer in order to attain them opens your mind and heart to fulfillment in your personal life.
It is also vital to be in the company of like-minded souls who believe that miracles are not only possible, they are also willing to have them manifest in their own lives. It is clear that in some situations in the world, only a miracle of divine proportions can create a solution. With enough people believing miracles are possible, there is no doubt that creative solutions, which are beyond the mind's ability to understand at this time, will occur.
Begin now to allow miracles to manifest in your world. Be the first one to ask for Divine Intervention, and to share your belief with others, so that all may live in a new level of conscious awareness and abundant joy.
Those desires in your heart are there to remind you that miracles happen, and God provides you the ways to have all the good you desire in your life. Know that you are blessed and profoundly loved. Call on the Divine Presence and the Angels, then allow the desires of your heart to be fulfilled.

Remember, you would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.


zorro 18th April 2014 7:05 am

Shanta, what a great personal story!

We are becoming Peripheral Visionaries, the consciousness of “now”. And with this it is time to declare it, and extract ourselves from the muck and keep a clear eye. We must not make the error of seeing seeming earthly problems as “conditions”. Why? Because a condition implies permanence, or stalemate. Whereas a problem or unfulfilled part of us always has solutions, and these solutions sometimes come from the periphery, where perhaps we are not even looking. A peripheral visionary, sees lack as only a temporary problem, and a problem always has a solution, which will create other potential “problems” which in turn are solvable, and this is what makes the world go round as opposed to a stagnant earthly condition. The key is in the “seeing”. What are we focused on…the pain, the ill condition, the muck, or what? Okay, we have identified the problem or lack, or ill condition,, now let it go…drop it! We cannot afford to keep saying we have muck and feel the joy that creates at the same time. Your story exemplifies this so well!

Conni99 19th April 2014 10:18 am

What a beautiful message Shanta. I read the message twice, and I'm going to read it again. Thank you.




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