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The Gabriel Messages

#33 – Be willing to face the fears of the past and move into new dimensions of Love.

Dear One,

You have come to a time when you know that the way you have always perceived your world may seem like it is no longer working.  It may even feel as though your childhood traumas or other things from your past you are not proud of, are crowding into your present awareness.  This is a very good sign, because all memories come into your mind to be released, so that you can live in the present.  We encourage this release of past memories and fear so you will be able to move on with your life.  Whether you do this through prayer, personal journaling, talking to a friend or going through counseling, the important thing is to be willing to face the fears of the past, hold them in the light of loving awareness, and then let them go.

When the healing light of love, compassion and acceptance is shone on old patterns and fears, they lose their power and are easier to release.  Once you let go of old habits of thoughts and feelings, you become free to turn your attention away from the past and to focus on creating the future you would like for yourself and for your world.

The veils between heaven and earth are thinner now.  This means that the desires of your heart and the focus of your mind can bring about the manifestation of that which is in your highest good.  Your thoughts are now creating your present and future reality.

Whatever you focus on increases in energy, so it becomes the dominant force in your world.  You can choose to focus on the good, the beautiful and the love inherent in all things.  Or you can choose to increase the levels of fear inside you.  If you begin to look for good, you will find it.  And the more you look for the good in your world, the more it will increase because you are giving it energy by your focus.

You will also begin to notice that you feel more loving, more peaceful and more optimistic. People will seem much nicer to you.  Your daily struggle will become less.  All this is possible because you begin to look for and focus on the good, and are willing to have more love and harmony in your life.  It will seem like a miracle, but miracles are available to all who will receive them.

The Angels are also available to you now in a way that was never possible before.  We will assist this entire process of changing the way you perceive your world, if you but ask us.  Your thoughts are prayers flowing out into the ethers and bring to you that which you focus on.  What do you have to lose by calling on your guardian Angel and asking for more love, peace and harmony in your life?  What could it hurt to ask to see that which is good, instead of that which causes pain?  There is an incredible simplicity in the truth of universal law.  You do not have to be alone in your struggle.  Angelic assistance is always available to you, here to bring love and light to the world.  Our message is always one of peace and harmony. We seek to bring only good into your life.

Entertain the possibility that what we are saying may actually be true; that what you think about can create your future reality.  Notice your thought patterns throughout the day.  Is this what you want in your future?  Begin to focus your thoughts only on that which you want in your life.  When you notice negativity in your mind, say “that is not an acceptable reality, this is what I do want…more love, greater abundance, harmony in my relationships and beauty in my world.”  Before long you will notice the changes in your life, as that which you ask for manifests.  These changes are the new dimensions of love promised to you.  You are the one that holds the key to your future by what you are thinking today.

Remember your message from the angels today is:

Be willing to face the fears of the past and move into new dimensions of love.

Shanta Gabriel

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maniktwin 21st October 2011 9:29 am

This is lovely. Thank you. Yes, please, calling all Angels!

amberhill 21st October 2011 11:48 pm

Thank you for the love-radiating message, and wishing us all a joyful journey!
Living is amazing.


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