The Field of Pure Potential

Don’t fill the empty void you are experiencing with old pain, Beloveds. Heed our words of caution and recognize the situation as it is. These are the In-Between Times. These are the times when the world gets ready to move forward to the beat of a different drummer; the times between an accelerated activation of high-frequency energy and the use of that energy to propel new life.

Think of this time as an open field of Pure Potential. You can fill these empty spaces with powerful thriving energy that can support a new way of life for you. This energy can be focused in a direction you truly want it to go. This energy you are experiencing is vast, and may feel like an empty void. It is a habit to fill the emptiness with old familiar feelings that may no longer serve you. Consider instead that the spacious tableau laid out before you by the Universal Presence of Life is offering you a Field of Unlimited Potential. This field is open and awaiting your command for its creation into form. Into this field of pure potential, you can carefully describe the world you want to live in, and create a new life that works in abundant ways to support you.

Fear of the Unknown 

There is a temptation to be afraid of the Unknown. Fear can stimulate your imagination or bring up the familiar ways that you have lived that did not make you happy. When you remember the old pain, it can fill your consciousness in a way that takes over the empty field of potential, thus creating the same old experiences.

Be conscious about your fear. After all the work you have done on yourself, trust you will know when you are being shown actions that will put you in danger or new unfamiliar energy. Separate the intensity of energy in your body from the impulses that are there to protect you. Be aware that for most people reading this – you are safe, you are fed and there is a roof over your head. You can trust that you are taken care of in this moment. You are safe. It is important that your body registers this truth, so you can create a more empowered life.

When you can trust yourself, and truly know in the present moment that you are safe and protected, you are able to be in connection with your Higher Self. This connection to the greater truth within your being guides your actions in pathways that are harmonious with your soul. From this place you will be able to make conscious choices for the life you want to experience. Your deepest beliefs color your ability to create new life. Your feelings and emotions will show you what you are truly believing in the moment. You may want to make different choices more in harmony with your intentions for life.

The Breath of the Heart

When you breathe more Light into your heart, it will lighten the energy within and around you. When you are experiencing fear, breathing into your heart will settle your mind. Your heart is the Great Balancer of your nervous system. When you can detach from the emotions and breathe into your heart, you are able to also balance your emotional states.

Practice the Heart Balancing breath work when you are not upset, so you can introduce your nervous system to the Peace and Harmony that comes when you breathe into your heart. It creates an instant connection and enhances the power when you place your hands onto your heart. When you breathe into the heart space you recognize you are empowering yourself with Divine Love and it is freely flowing into you. In this way you become immersed in the light of a Peaceful state of being. You can tell yourself that in that moment, All is Well and you are Safe. This allows your nervous system to work in a healthy way to soothe your mental/emotional states.

Perseverance, Persistence and Prayer

The energies of 2013 are still very malleable at this time. You have known and heard that you create your life experience with your beliefs and emotional states. Don’t falter in your knowing of these powerful truths now at this pivotal time. This is when you need to have Perseverance, Persistence and Prayer to support you in a very great way.

When you use a conscious, disciplined approach to create a more balanced emotional state, your imagination can then awaken to a more creative form of activity. Consider that the Field of Unlimited Potential is open and waiting for your command and direction. Think about the different form of life you would prefer to live in, and you have the freedom to choose a new direction in which this pure, neutral energy can operate.

When the Equinox comes March 20, the new energy for life will be set into motion. Prepare the way by becoming more clear about a life that you would truly love. Use your imagination, and the power inherent in the Creative Potential awaiting you, to set forth new ideas. It is wondrous and even encouraged to make your intentions very grand so your inner spirit can be empowered with new feelings. When you imagine your new life, allow it to inspire you and bring the power of enthusiasm into your energy field. Positive energies bring more abundant lifestyles into your being.

Remember Gratitude

Also bring the Light of Gratitude into your process and know that your Higher Power holds you in great respect, and will honor what you focus on as the Truth you would enjoy experiencing. This Benevolent Force is powerfully willing to fill your life with Beauty, Abundance and an exalted state of Well Being. These living fields of energy exist in the unlimited potential surrounding you right now. There is a Creative Solution for every area of your life to open into. Give thanks for the illumined possibilities available for you now. An attitude of Gratitude can change and uplift your energy frequencies and open new pathways for you to walk upon.

Remember your future can be empowered with new energy and does not have to reflect your past ways of experiencing life. Come to this new time as a novice willing to reorganize your life with empowered prayer and new intentions. From this expansive focus, create a momentum for the life you are wanting to live in. Engage both sides of your brain by writing down the prayers and intentions for your life and offer them into the Universal Field of Unlimited Potential with Faith that all is possible. Know that life can support you when you create a new focus for your thoughts and feelings and keep it empowered with prayerful action. Consistency is a key component to this empowered action.

Here is a suggestion for your prayers

Beloved Divine Presence,

Awaken in me a new focus for an empowered life. Remind me of all the amazingly beautiful ways I can live instead of what has been my past experience. Help me to open the doorways for a life that is filled with harmonious and supportive relationships. Show me that my work can fulfill my needs and allow me to use my God-given talents and skills in a new way. Inspire me to use this high-frequency energy to create a life that helps me to thrive and flow in the new energies available now. Teach me to bring more Happiness, Joy and Beauty into my being so that it reflects into my outer world. 

Help me to know that all I can perceive is possible for me to achieve. Give me the Strength, Wisdom and Courage to step into the unknown field of potential and use the new energy frequencies to uplift my life. Reveal to me the avenues for greater Health, Abundance and Inspired Activities which are in alignment with my Soul Purpose. Infuse my heart and mind with your Guidance and teach me to walk these new pathways with more Balance and an awakened perspective. Help me to remember that I can open wisely to the flow of God’s Grace so that all my needs can be met. Allow me to know that I am always receiving God’s Love, and there is never a time when I am not wrapped in Wings of Pure Light. 

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel


Debra A 13th February 2013 11:03 am

Holy Moly! This fear is what has been trying to fill up my void. I couldn't make sense of it or the invisible wall (in the form of apathy, overwhelm, procrastination)which was preventing me from actively pursuing my dreams. Thank you, Shanta. Your words always come at the right time and in the right way.

Ladybugs_leaf 13th February 2013 12:39 pm

I am so grateful for this prayer ~ it is EXACTLY what I needed!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)

kay 13th February 2013 4:45 pm

After reading Debra's comment, it hit me that that's what I've been doing, too, allowing a sort of low-level fear to try to fill up the void. Thank you for this article.

k 13th February 2013 4:52 pm

Carl Jung wrote, what is in the mind of man is imagination, what is in the mind of God is Reality. The union of the subconscious and the super consciousness of the Divine Spirit in the great work of alchemy we are able to know what God has created, we do not need to use our imagination of our conscious mind anymore. We surrender our conscious mind to the will of God and then the Delusions are no more. How can a conscious mind that is so limited, come close to knowing the great wonders of God? Our conscious mind does not have the capacity to imagine anything close to what God has created because it it limited to the experiences that have been created by the illusions of the astral plane. What God has created is far more wonderous.

k 13th February 2013 5:06 pm

Indeed we can continue to create dream after dream using our imagination to create what we think will give us happiness in the material world. But, at a point the soul realizes that the love they so much need is not in these creations that serve our ego and fears. The big house, millions of dollars, all the glory of this material world is void of the great love that is from the Source. So, people who have all the things we think will give happiness, like movie and rock stars turn to drugs, because even by having all those things, they have not been able to find happiness or the love they crave. What we all crave is the union with the Divine. There is a spark that is inside of us that connects us to the Source that is the Philosopher's Stone, the product of the Great Work that is finally found under all the debris of the ego. When we search for this Light, we are after the pain and struggle given what we really desire. Union with the Divine.

k 13th February 2013 5:23 pm

So, we turn our eyes away from the flaming spectacle of Abraxas, the illsions of the astral plane that are reflected in this physical world and go inside to find the Divine Spark. The treasure of the Great Work. As long as we focus on the material world as the source of our happiness, we will remain in bondage to the night. We have to turn our eyes to the Light and we eventually learn to know God our Father not as some being distant from us, but he is an actual being, that has given us messages of wisdom to lead us through the darkness. We know we can call on him when we fall into despair and He will send us His love and His Light to fill us with Peace. But, we have to let go of this world and be lead through the darkness with all the pain and fear. We understand the messages of Jesus and Thoth in the Emerald Tablet. When we crave the love that is not in this world, we do not have a choice but to follow that invisible being through the darkness having faith that His is always beside us.

cyndy 13th February 2013 7:13 pm

I don't know who to credit this to but was greatly reminded of it by your channel. In the Journey of the soul, the emptiness, the nothingness that we meet isn't really nothingness. It's just the absence of the old intensity and your soul doesn't yet trust that you're going to plant seeds there. But when it trusts that you'll plant seeds there, things will grow in that soil that you call nothingness. Things will grow there that can grow nowhere else. You see, in that nothingness relationship begins to take place in the domain of faith and faith is an extremely subtle thing. Real faith is something hard won by setting aside the defensive contraction and the addiction to intensity and waiting nakedly. When you dissolve that contraction, the basis for a destructive relationship to life just disappears.

zorro 13th February 2013 7:41 pm


Beautifully put, and Cyndy I loved what you added to that about the "seeming" emptiness and releasing the contraction. How do we release our hold on that, by focusing on what's just over the horizon and already coming into view and in our heart. That part of us is ready to join us and "cometh leaping upon the mountains, and skipping upon the hills". Set the table and get ready for equinox manifestations!

betsy. 27th May 2013 6:43 pm

"When you can trust yourself, and truly know in the present moment that you are safe and protected, you are able to be in connection with your Higher Self. This connection to the greater truth within your being guides your actions in pathways that are harmonious with your soul. From this place you will be able to make conscious choices for the life you want to experience. Your deepest beliefs color your ability to create new life." Thank you so much for this message, Shanta. I find this to be so very true about myself. Until I truly loved myself, I wasn't able to trust myself, which kept me from living the life I dreamed of because I didn't feel safe. As I worked on this & stopped pushing myself & spoke w/my inner child & allowed her to feel confident knowing we were safe & I wouldn't push her, she began to trust this & then the doors opened. :) All a beautiful process. Wasn't fun at the time, LOL, but when you learn the only person you need to make happy is yourself & by doing this, you help others & becomes easy & flows. Thank you, Shanta! Much love to you!!!


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