12:12:12 Activation of Intense Karmic Relationships & Clearing Soul Contracts 333

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission"

Many of you ultra sensitive blue rays, angelicas and star beings may now encounter relationships that you were not able to before. These are karmic relationships, bonds and soul contracts bringing you deep core DNA cellular healing and higher cosmic activation templates for your ascension path of divine alignment. 13

You are now able to transcend and transform these karmic contracts and fulfill a higher divine soul path, as your human body has increased in its resonance field of light and spirit embodiment. The relationship can be romantic, friendship, business and connected to a specific location or a soul oath or vow. You may also experience an increase in family relationships that seem to suddenly shift into karmic healing overdrive. 33

Lightning speed planetary transformation of the 12:12:12 has accelerated these soul karmic contracts and bonds for you and the other person’s release and ascension. This is for both of you so you can be set free and be activated in choosing what dimension and consciousness you are ready for at a soul level. 12:12

These newer karmic relationships are not your usual pattern or what you are normally accustomed to and have chosen in the past. They can be a sudden whirlwind relationship that seems to come out of nowhere which your soul and the Cosmos have conspired in perfect design that may appear as chaotic energies that have created a situation to put you together. This can be for a common cause, for many a goal, and can feel like a sense of urgency from which you cannot escape.

Karmic Bonds

Karmic bonds lend themselves to intensity and obligation from a higher calling of healing from your soul and the universe as soul contracts can be beings along your journey that you feel camaraderie with, a mentor and more of a vibrational match. In karmic bonds you have been soul mates and/or divine counterparts to come together when one or both of you are ready to balance misqualified energies and begin to integrate the over soul matrix of the nomad.

In karmic bonds it can be most challenging when both of you are not willing to evolve and heal. Regardless of the situation, in these accelerated times the universe has called your number, you are now on stage, and it is your time to transform and transcend your part to a higher light of love.

Know that both of you or the circumstance did agree upon these soul contracts before your incarnations, and at the very core you are both divine holy beings both playing a part for the light. The spiritual evolution that these karmic relationships can bring to you is rocket soul fuel of transformation raising your frequency, aligning you to your divinity in ways you could not have imagined. The key is to allow it to do so and not to become stuck in past ruts, ego and lower density vibrations. 333

Clearing Emotional Triggers of Soul Contracts and Bonds

When you are being triggered by past fear or when emotional pain arises from these soul contracts, you may then see a deeper connection of healing released in your life that you were not able to before. This may be showing you where you zoned out because you felt the world was too harsh and now is bringing your divine power back.

It is important to not get lost in the pain body as you may be extra sensitive as these gateways are deeply transforming and are awakening the emotional Ka body that is being realigned in a greater harmonic resonance with Gaia’s emotional body. When you are being triggered by past fear, call out to your I Am presence, your sprit guides, Grace Elohim, and the angels to hold all your energy bodies in integrity. Breathe deeply; feel in your body where part of your spirit had left, keep focused on the God Source connection through Nature as you breathe deeply allowing your soul essence and God back into those parts of your life and being through forgiveness. Some of what is being brought to the surface is the trauma of being born, and separation from spirit. 333

Accelerating 12:12:12 Gateway of Your Soul Destiny

The impending 12:12:12 gateway is accelerating an emergence of soul destiny energies of emotional triggers that open a dimensional doorway for you to experience profound miraculous healing of many past lives and the collect group consciousness at once. The Cosmos and your light bodies have conspired together to bring this supreme transcendence of wholeness and oneness back to you. 444

You are Creating the Bridge for the new Earth

You are creating the bridge. Remember, it is not your job to change the other person or situation. You will be able to transcend the energies to a higher vibration by your innate alchemical process of clearing your emotional body through forgivingness back to source creation. This creates a soul repatterning of God essence that is restored within you. By not giving a piece of you away and by being in your essence, you will fulfill the soul contract as this creates an energetic pathway back to God for both of you regardless of the situation.

This is what they need from you, for you to be fully who you are, as this is what they wish at a soul level and have forgotten and you are the bridge. The 12:12:12 gateway is encroaching upon these soul karmic contracts for in some cases the stronghold of darkness is holding on longer than anticipated and you are this divine opportunity doorway for the new earth.

What the universe is wishing is for you to be fully alive in your circuitry of the divine so God may enter back into your being which connects all life to source creation thus ascension for all. 333

Important to Remember You Being the Peacemaker

What’s important to remember: For some, the job of these karmic relationships and bonds is not to have a long term, caring, equal balance union. You being the peacemaker wish to naturally raise their frequency to take them to the next level. As you are a master at creating harmonic balance in life, it is so easy for you to see the potential in this being as that is who you are. You are fulfilling your karmic ties by working in the ethereal realms and other dimensions in healing. This time is about not losing your power, not giving it away and not leaving your body.

You will know if your action is to walk away as this time you will be wholly releasing each other from your contracts as you will both decide if you wish to create something new and the next level together.

By letting go, forgiveness, acknowledging that soul spirit separation and reunion, staying in your power and not getting into an entanglement, you will gain a heightened beauty and joy that you have never before experienced. This is your gift to celebrate you, this supreme divine power that comes from a greater embodiment of Source. These are times of the great purification that brings divine cellular healing at a newer and deeper level to shift you into a higher being of light, your divine original blueprint. 13


Curtis 20th September 2012 10:52 pm

Today I released almost all of my karma. I felt so much rage and so much raw emotions I couldn't speak. Now, I don't know. So much pain came from expectations of people and things. So much pain from nothing, but expectations or beliefs of it. I feel as though I understand the meaning of 'emotional death'. The slate has been wiped clean. I feel as though I understand the concept of surrender much better. If somebody reads this know that so much pain comes from the dissatisfaction of expectations. I sincerely wish that everybody experiences no more pain then they must. I cry for those who cannot. May all be well

earthchild 22nd September 2012 11:42 pm

I read this, but don't usually read too much anymore of these things. I have to question if we really do get into karmic relationships now??? What I mean is that there are those of us who have actually worked through our personal karma (reflected through karmic relationships)and have been working on healing our emotional self, and there is less reason to enter a karmic relationship now. I do feel as Shekina says that people who are in karmic situations/relationships and seem to choose not to face and heal themselves are into a VERY hard time as things are now on Earth because people are invited to heal themselves NOW.

To the person who wrote the first comment, sorry as I write this, I didn't get your name. I have certainly been where you are. I have faced and felt every possible feeling in this ascension journey, from rage, to anger, to fear... All feelings that are considered "negative", and I learned that I simply had to feel them to become whole and not try to avoid them. I sure know about expectations too, from other people and from myself. Not easy to deal with.

earthchild 23rd September 2012 3:52 am

I like to comment on "not giving a piece away of oneself"
that Shekina talks about here has been exactly the case for me, and in that process I have had to let many peoples' expectations down and what they expected of me.. BUT of course people have to find WHOLENESS on their own, and when you have been a part or member of a certain "Earth game" for a long time and then find yourself in these accelerated ascension times, it is unavoidable that you get to "let other people and their expectations down". The thing is you are not doing this to hurt them, but you are doing this because this is what you have to do for you that feels exactly right.

Margaret-Satori 13th October 2012 10:07 pm

This is all so very exciting to me. Also, I do not think it is a coincidence that my birthday is 12-12! I'm so thankful to my friend that sent me to Shekina Rose. Thank you for sharing...

nanhilly 23rd October 2012 4:03 am

Hello~ Yes, the words just leapt off the page at me...no coincidence my wedding anniversary is 12-22!
Bless you!

nanhilly 23rd October 2012 4:23 am

I relate to your pain...for me also, it was nothing like I've ever experienced...the above message did say, "healings are now occuring from all past lives & the collective consciousness"... No wonder! However, I did ask that it be at a bit more manageable level! Also, I was instructed NOT to ground into Mother Earth right now as She is in such turbulance. That helped enormously...so if the releases are still going on for you & you are grounding in that manner, you may want to try it. It made all the difference in the world. Bless You~

Little Diamond 23rd October 2012 7:52 am

I have been considering leaving a 14 yr relationship but not able to at this time. We do love eachother deeply and do get along just fine but i feel something lacking in my life and there is a feeling of being stuck and not living anymore. I feel like we just exist and survive and no real joy. I feel as if it is something i need for my personal growth but dont want to hurt him by changing what he though,we thought, was gonna be the rest of our lives together. I feel by not doing anything about this relationship and stuck feeling, we wont evolv how we're meant to.

Helen Schweizer 10th December 2012 2:33 pm

Hi,reading your article on the 11/12/12 is so timely for me. It explains alot of what has been happening to me in terms of relationships. I was widowed suddenly 3 years ago after 20 years of a very happy marriage. I find that many of my connections are karmic...the rate of learning is very fast.I am learning to hold fast to my boundries and ask the question upon meeting someone new.'what is the purpose of this meeting?' It is always for my growth or theirs and it can be very fast.I am a spiritual healer but find it is my daily walk in life and contact with people that often brings the most healing to those around me.Thankyou Shekina.I will continue to walk into the greater light that is being offered with the goal of 'being joy.'

Helen Schweizer 10th December 2012 2:37 pm

Note...the second part of my comment is an error...it is a comment made to another article and posted incorrectly on this page.

seuer 11th December 2012 9:00 pm

Earlier in the year I got involved with someone. Looking back I see that it was by far a karmic relationship. Now so many months have gone by since we split up, after many months of the hoping and wishing for her to come back, I finally am seeing it is my time to just walk away from everything. I tried this once (or twice) since may. But even being broken up i still felt an immense bond with her. Two days ago I felt so much come free from deep inside of me as I never felt myself yell from my gut before. Or cried so hard that my whole body was tired afterwards.
I finally decided that I have to walk away from her so that I can walk the life I am meant to. I am releasing her from my life along with my past. Reading this helped me see what has been going on inside me. It all makes sense now.

k 12th December 2012 8:07 pm

I look back over the years and realize how vulnerable I was in my ignorance and nievity, but an experience a few months ago make me understand that I, in all my mistakes was being protected. I was not aware of that protection until one event when an angel came to protect me and my dog, my watcher, recognized him. My dog when to the back of a crowd, behind where we were sitting and stood before this angel. If we chose the Light, the Light will never fail us even when we walk blind to what is around us, when we are unaware of the forces of Light and dark, we are protected from the darkness. I can see now, why things have happened to me, I understand and I have to thank God that I remember my Light....all the battles with darkness, where I had to hit bottom and give up so much and it was the fury of my anger that brought me back to life. Thank you Rose, for being a Light and Mighty strong Light.

Argonn 12th December 2012 10:56 pm

To earthchild;

The karmic relationships we experience, comes after we have worked through our karmic imbalances. Then we meet our karmic soulmates (read kindred spirits), those we have balance with. This is all part of the joy of the New Earth.

earthchild 13th December 2012 4:55 am

To Argonn

Yes, I agree with what you say that we meet our kindred spirits after we have worked through our own karmic imbalances. To me the word "karma or karmic" has to do with imbalances that we have in ourselves that we heal. SO basically what I questioned in the first place was calling the new relationships that enter our lives 'karmic relationships' because unless a person has an inner imbalance to heal and has agreed on a soul level to enter an actual karmic relationship, I can't see that it is karmic relationships we enter. I would more call them karma free relationships. It is no longer about struggles, but experiencing joy on our New Earth.


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