2012 Ascension Acceleration Signs of the New Earth & Angelic Human

You are leaving 3rd dimensional reality and existence which limited your divine expression and holy sovereignty, to be in complete sacred union with the Universe. Master Light Bearers of Creation, Blue Rays, you are in the process of bringing into complete alignment all your ascended selves from the many places of enlightened dimensions, realms and planetary systems to create wholeness and divine power in your life and world. The time of miracles is upon you!

The codes of light within you are being accelerated by a cosmic alignment activating the ancient sacred technologies, placing you in an energetic space for your evolutionary spiritual Initiation of 2012 and 2013. You are being supported by a profound Universal planetary alignment that no one currently alive on earth has ever experienced before.13

The pathway is through the Sacred Heart and Shekinah frequency of the Divine Mother, resonating through the Crystalline Earth Christ Grid. You, in Cosmic unison of the Light of Creation, have already created this Christ Heart Gird with Gaia for the new earth and Angelic Human. 11:11 12:12 = 13- 33 333

Leaving the Old World ~ the End of 3D

Not all beings will be choosing to be in the higher frequency dimension bringing forth the new earth. What is important to know is that each being has a right and will be honored for what they choose. Your ascension process of purging and clearing the energetic bodies has activated a higher embodiment of your core essence of your Divine Original Blue Print God DNA. You are now resonating at a higher vibrational frequency that may not be compatible with your current occupation, partners, family, friends, groups, location and institutions. 444

You will be leaving the old world, and sometimes it will not always be subtle as you may be instantly cut off from circumstances you once were a part of. Family and friends can become angry and, mostly, it is that they feel threatened by the higher energy that they cannot articulate. A surge of divinity coming from your sovereign self will emerge that will support you, where your body and being will not be able to tolerate lower energies and negative behavior or treatment.

Your Body Cannot Tolerate Lower Energies and Negative Behavior 55

Your body may protest, where before you were able to act like everything was okay, now it will be screaming “no more” and you will speak and react from a higher truth and not be part of situations that take away your power. You are seeing this occurring more in your world and in your close relationships.

A special note for The Blue Ray and ultra sensitive empathic Light Bearers:  your tendency had been to shut down energetically when you felt threatened or overwhelmed by energy. This can have a direct effect on your immune system and may appear as a drop in your energy, fatigue, anxiety or brain fog. This tendency is changing, as you are now experiencing the realignment to the cosmos and your sacred lineage and higher immunity. Where you were once without a voice quietly in your inner worlds doing the holy work of creation, you are now stepping into a sacred sovereign power. Your light is becoming brighter, stronger and more noticeable, your God alignment frequency resonance more in tune with the cosmic support of Creation.

Misconceptions of Ascension and 2012 ~ “Did I Make a Wrong Turn?”

On your ascension path there may be times that you wonder if you did something wrong, and how you arrived at certain places of your journey. You may have had perceptions and thoughts that your life would look physically perfect. From the white picket fence of your home and your completely stable and secure life, you would look out from your curtains as all the upheaval settled and never touched you as you only had felt love and light.

If you have dedicated your life to the light, are a Blue Ray, a transformer through the Goddess Gaia, most likely ascension will bring you to the depths of the dark night of your soul. This may also occur a couple of times, as you reach a deep soul core purging that touches most all aspects of your being. From the true essence of your soul, a profound transformation of your reality brings an awakening of holiness and compassion for all life, and clarity like never before.  You are on a path of divine love and light that transforms negativity from the cells of your body. This innate mission of purpose within you has been guiding your emergence as an angelic human for the unveiling of the new earth. 333.

The old world perceptions of staying in one place and accumulating material possession were thought to be the ultimate wealth and stability. As you may have material possessions and comforts on your path of ascension, this will not be wealth or stability, as you are seeing this occur in your world. In the new earth, you will anchor your sovereign self, a sacred communion with creation of divine love, light, power and glory. This will surpass any perceptions you have had, where you can rise above and see beyond any chaos or confusion; the Universe will be at your command.

2012 Ascension Acceleration Signs of the New Humanity

Life Review in the Living

Life review in the living comes when you have reached a significant level of consciousness to experience a higher infusion of your core soul essence. This is the activation of your star essence, your ascended selves, God DNA in human form. It’s as if you are living many lives in the current one you now reside and do not need to die and be reborn, as you are doing it continuously and at accelerated speeds that are beyond time and space.

Your life review comes to show you that perhaps you have been accelerating at such great speeds that you may not have noticed your grand progress and who you are now. Past events and memories are brought to you but no longer trigger you – the trauma fields have been healed. It is to show you are ascending and evolving to a higher divine state of being.

Walk-ins and Re-Star Born

On your ascension you can experience such immense downloads of your higher dimensional fields from your soul matrix that you feel like a new being or walk-in. A soul braiding of your ascended selves is now able to merge with you, forming an expanded consciousness and higher embodied frequency to maintain a divine expression of your God Self.

Your expanded ascended selves bring higher knowledge, wisdom, soul and spiritual gifts, an enhanced expansion of your already healing and psychic abilities, and activate energy centers in your body and energy fields giving you support.

Planetary Alignments and Living in a Dream State

At times of planetary alignments, new and full moons, the Solstices and Equinoxes, you may feel you are in a dream state for a day or two. You may also feel sluggish, have difficulty in moving, as if through density, and you can’t wake up. These are transitional periods of being put in sort of a void dimensional time-space, still living your life and very much having a powerful connection with Source. Go with the energetic flow and rhythms the best you can, slow down and enjoy being in an awakened dream.

The Ascended Life of Divine Love

You will come to know that what you wish for more than anything is the clarity of your soul, your true full expression that is Divine Love, and all has been a ploy from your higher heart to get you there, to the ultimate divine power and glory of the Universe. All of God and life have been serving you to bring what you truly wished for. From this place that many are already experiencing, you will enjoy a higher experience of life and spirit. Wherever you go and wherever you are, a divine harmony of Peace will meet and greet you and say this is who you are. This peace we speak of is the truth of your soul and spirit; it is beyond peace; it is the Divine love of joy that holds all of life, the Universe and Cosmos together and this is who you are! 333


LauriLumby 30th May 2011 6:13 am

Shekinah, these words hit me right between the eyes: "Family and friends can become angry and, mostly, it is that they feel threatened by the higher energy that they cannot articulate. A surge of divinity coming from your sovereign self will emerge that will support you, where your body and being will not be able to tolerate lower energies and negative behavior or treatment."

Holy cow!!!! Your words shed light on a pattern that has been unfolding and over which I have been carrying much guilt and angst. I often wondered if I were crazy or just plain intolerant. At my deepest core, I have known it was more about their inability to understand my choice to live in the new world and their discomfort with what that might mean - mostly because of their own fear of letting go of the old to step into the new.

So thank you for your words which now give me comfort and the courage to continue on.

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

maniktwin 30th May 2011 9:01 pm

Shekhina, this is Rachel, from Sonoma, CA. I relate and find myself within your posts. I don't think I am atall special, I wonder if I may be a Blue Ray. I am very excited whenever you update.

I can tell you that your updates inspire me, and my husband, who can be a crab, tho he's a Ram.

Please check out "Hearts of Space." it makes me think of you. As you are a Space Beauty.

Rachel, CA

LordJesusChrist 31st May 2011 3:23 am

Welcome to our New Heavens and New Earth, Shekina Rose/Blue Ray!
We are on the right path towards 2012 and Beyond. Yes, we must stay focus in our mission to build The New Jerusalem.
This is a worthwhile endeavour for us to give peace, happiness and prosperity to all believers.
The Good Force be with you!
Live forever and prosper! :thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

eaprin 20th June 2011 6:51 pm

Thank you Shekina Rose for the reminder of why I AM here.

I have felt the sluggishness and difficulty in moving and not being able to wake up but these feelings were while I was actually asleep. I have had this difficulty more than once. There are people in my room and I am trying to ask them what are they doing here in my private space. I feel so helpless.

I now know that these are times of transition.

Thank you soooo very much again for being here.

Elaine :smitten:

SunflowerHeart 10th November 2011 7:33 am

Many thanks Shekina Rose... :coolsmiley

My heart is filled with amazing gratitude and also a profound feeling of humbleness to have awakened to that which I have always known deep within my soul from the time I arrived here fifty years ago. Through several "dark nights of the soul", through a very painful childhood, through several near death experiences that filled me the awe of knowing that I am here for a purpose that is more than myself. I have found my voice and place here among the stars with you and the other awakened star beings.

What a journey! For me, and I'm sure many others, a very challenging and difficult one.Is this why so many times I have felt as if I were crazy?? So much pain many of us have to heal, to heal others. Thank you for being here this day where I know I am not alone and never was. That was my dream that seemed a nightmare. My slumber is over and the real work now begins.May we all realize our wings :angel:

"I am he/s as you are he/s as we are we and we are all together". (Quoted from John Lennon's "I am the Walrus.) I love John Lennon

debegar 11th November 2011 4:47 pm

What are all the red, white and blue flashing starlike vehicles dancing in the sky at night in november 2011? Many people all over the world have seen them recently and are amazed and asking questions as am I. It seems as thoygh the longer I look at them the more they move around. Whats Up?


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