2013 Ascension Symptoms List and Predictions Year the Cosmic Mother and Rose Ray Return to Earth

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission.

You are reading this; you have made it. Congratulations truly powerful sacred light sensitive bearer. You have been tested and you are deserving of the highest Spiritual Medal of Honor. Many of you went through intense soul imitations. Your rewards are on the way as it will be a smoother path this year. You are the great teachers, the forerunners of the new Earth. You are putting an end to an era of the illusion of separation by transforming past traumas, which in turn heals the soul matrix. 333

As you came closer to the 12 12 12 gateway you had acquired enough light stabilization that you were able to clear the deepest, dark planetary and personal wounds, one being the Crucifixion. By this healing of the soul matrix you will be able to achieve a vibratory frequency that is the invisible shield of the total perfection of God.

The Rose Ray and Mother Goddess Essence Cosmic returning to earth

As you came through different rays of creation, planetary and galactic systems to come to Earth, you were encoded by them as to what would be necessary for the healing and perfection of the Divine Plan. The blue ray and ultra sensitive empath star light being carry DNA healing frequencies of the Divine Mother Goddess. By bringing this within your cellular memory you would assist in the healing of the soul matrix split of the father mother God principle, the divine counterpart to be reunited for the essence to be restored on the planet.333

2013 is the return of the Goddess to her divine counterpart for the new Earth. To bring this forward, the Rose Ray of Creation has recently been anchored back on the planet. The Rose Ray brings a supreme divine love that will enable the essence through the Mother Goddess to bridge a new empathic connection of the DNA and RNA structures with the Earth and all life. 13

Because of your endearing empathic sensitivity, a true gift to humanity, the light and love quotient had raised enough that the Rose Ray of Creation was allowed back on the planet. This is an extremely significant event for the universe where you have set the precedent for the new Earth codes. This will bring the other rays of creation and many higher frequency light beings and children from the crystal ray.

2013 Ascension Symptoms, Predictions and Beyond

You will not feel alone! Beloved blue ray and ultra sensitive light star being, we know you have not felt you had a place here on Earth. You may say, where is the connection? Where are my people? Because of your ultra super sensitivity and awareness you felt energies in people and life to be vibrating at different frequencies than your own. You are innately trying to match frequency with every encounter for that is what you do as a transformer and harmonic balancer of the unity of one.

You will meet your galactic star family; the essence and the Goddess return will reunite you!

When you were not feeling that vibrational match you continued to go back into yourself. Your energetic being and spirit were searching for the essence and many times you did not feel that. You will begin to feel the essence more throughout life for you are aligned to the Divine Mother Goddess empathic codes and it will be easier for you to feel at home here on Gaia. Because this connection is stronger on the planet, there will be a greater draw of magnetic energy for you to find and connect with your galactic star family.

New Source Codes of Abundance and Wealth

If you have not been overly successful or abundant to your liking previously, the new source code matrix Goddess of Love will make it easier for you now. The code is love and divine alignment in the name of the Goddess. There were certain gateways that were not opened to you previously as many of the systems of the planet that had been put in place were still overly influenced with the old encoded paradigms of a not balanced essence of father mother God principle. 333

Love = Wealth & Abundance

Divine alignment = Success

Goddess Empathy 13 = Sacred Opportunity heightened synchronicity

In 2013 and beyond, a grander alignment of wealth and abundance for beings of the blue ray and ultra sensitive light bearers, as you have paved the way through the purging process that now aligns you to the new core matrix upgrade of the Goddess. You were always in alignment with the truth, but there needed to be a system matrix for you to flourish, and now it has been put in place. Now there will be a greater call for you and what you have to offer as there will be a vibrational match in the matrix. You may have been met with opposition for there was still a strong hold on shadow energies not wishing to let go. Many times the shadows wanted to fight against you and actually felt threatened by your light and love.444

2013 Ascension Symptom List & Predictions

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

  • *Physical heart surging energies and higher heart expansion; take note when to rest and be mindful of your caffeine intake*Changing sleep patterns: needing less sleep for periods of time with surges of energy where the body’s system will require a reboot and more than normal sleep, naps and going to bed at different times, waking up in the middle of the night, 3am to 5am

    *Greater empathy which is the new angelic human upgrade and anchoring of the Goddess. 22

  • *Mother Mary, Our lady of Fatima, sightings, visitations and interest

  • *Itching 3rd eye pineal activation and expansion into the higher realms

  • *God of Water will make its presence even more known to you

  • *Energetic light body power surges that are realigning you to the new matrix grid that will affect power centers of the world that may be shut down for certain periods. 11:11

  • *Past life multidimensional recall and embodiment. In the new time matrix your past and future lives of your ascended selves will not feel separate from who you are You will synchronize with the Christ codes of wisdom, alchemy and healing when you were the high priestess, god, goddess, and star being of other planetary systems and dimensions.

  • *Multidimensional sight and vision: you’ll be able to see and recognize past lives and different time periods on the planet and this will become part of your daily life and feel normal.

  • *New earth technologies and divine healing sound frequencies, tones, vibrations, including the ancient Solfeggio scale that will reflect the new Earth, higher realms and will open doorways to higher dimensions, create cellular rejuvenation and have positive effects on matter, the DNA and reality.

  • *Solar plexus angelic chakra star human upgrade that will be clearing and transmuting deep cellular memory and trauma and may be experienced as acid reflux, stomach issues, greater sensitivity in general to what you eat, feeling weepy and crying easily; this upgrade is aligning you to your solar soul power deity.

  • *New crystal downloads of the crystal devas will be available that activate you to higher light codes to assist in the anchoring of the new Earth. They will emit new qualities that will align you to your soul star and soul matrix and are protecting your energy fields as you become the new angelic human. Some of these crystals are ametrine, selenite and citrine.

  • *Meeting more of your soul star light family that will require you to be activated by them so you can do your projects and work in unison.

  • *Increase in déjà vu, the feeling that you are experiencing a situation that you’ve been through before at other levels of reality. This will occur more regularly as the veils will become thin and are merging. In the moment ask your higher self, why is this important that a time parallel matrix doorway be opened to me?

  • *New guides

  • *Greater planetary awakening of healing abilities and telepathy

  • *Increase in synchronicity and intuition will become a way of life

  • *Healing activation of the Crucifixion and Vow of secrecy codes of silence of the sacred Divine Feminine and Holy Grail

    *Purging and letting go of your belongings

Many of you may have already experienced this at different levels; you may have felt the need to let go of many of your belongings and/or they were taken from you or you could not take them with you to your new space. 44

All the rules will seem to shift and change as the old paradigm of energies is being transformed, transcended and reconfigured. You are becoming free and aligned to who you truly are, your Divine core essence of being. No one can know or has before experienced this on the planet as the new angelic human, the ascension of the new golden age, is unprecedented. It will be a compilation and configuration of a new Creation of encodements of many galactic, planetary dimensional systems and ancient times of Earth in which you have participated. It will be exhilarating and still at times challenging as you find your new space of being present to the holy divine unification with humanity in the Christ Heart with all life and creation.


starlightseeds 12th March 2013 8:07 am

Thank you, very helpful for deep transformation
Now much and much powerful energy is coming to me directly, more than ever
I can manage such energies more easily than past, though ummmm....they are still strong

Sheena 12th March 2013 4:12 pm

Thank you, Shekina Rose. It has taken me decades of this life time to finally truly be here.
The wounds of the crucifixion and the vow of secrecy have been the most difficult.
Reunions are in the air, carried on the wings of light...333

Convalia 13th March 2013 1:58 am

Thank you Shekina :smitten:

I was so happy to find your message here today... I was told in my sleep last night that it's there :)

Divine Blessings

Deeni 13th March 2013 11:27 am

Bless You Shekina Rose.

Thank You for this message, it explains a lot.

Thank You.

Love and Light to All
Nadine : ))

zorro 13th March 2013 6:43 pm

Shekina Rose,

Thank you for the good news!

geauxali 17th March 2013 9:52 am

wonderful, exciting thanks a bunch for the uplifting message

kay 17th March 2013 10:53 am

" . . . there needed to be a system matrix for you to flourish, and now it has been put in place."

So now it's just a matter of staying attentive and focusing moment by moment on who we know ourselves to be. Tricky, that, but we can do it. Thank you, Shekinah Rose.

RossVan 18th March 2013 7:06 am

True inspiration with the understanding of our live soul purpose... Assist the creator to enhence the vibration level of this world..

Thank you for the divine message


Eric Carrizales 12th April 2013 8:54 pm

How about spelling? This has been happening recently that im forgetting how to spell or remember which words that make sense in grammar. I havent hit my head or anything so I am getting frustrated at that fact haha. Any suggestions?

Pándinus 1st May 2013 12:08 am

AGHH!!! ITS SO DIFFICULT RIGHT NOW!!!! jajaja,,, sooo intense,,, I've been having a lot of trouble concentrating, i too forget how to spell words or some words that "exist" don't really sound like words to me,,,since 2012 its been just tremendous the work I've done mentally and spiritually wise,,, I've gotten to know more about me but at an accelerated speed,,, , I'm still working on some traumas, right now I'm mainly facing ego and fear,,, but not the emotions that come from fear that I've understood, just fear and its concept,, LOTS OF UPS AND DOWNS!! dealing with the fact that 90% of the people i meet,, ARE JUST FILLED WITH BUUULSH... aghhh, its like no one understands me!! everyone has this morality like if they were living in the dark ages,,, soo frustrating!! I've met this meditation group, thats a plus!!!, my cousin who i never spoke to is into this, who would have known! so sensitive, i grab my cellphone and i feel like if it was poking me, i see the light, and turn around and i still see it, i wake up to the rays of the sun and close my eyes and see simple geometric shapes

Pándinus 1st May 2013 12:18 am

AND WHAT IS UP WIth the numbers at the end of your paragraphs!!! i have a strong connection with multiples of 3 and just found out that my lucky number is 4!,

Bug 15th June 2013 1:50 am

Oh my God! I just learned about blue rays two days ago and i'm one! the very day this message was posted i completed a merkaba activation workshop which i had never heard of before either and it blew me away! what an experience! all i knew was my life was not right and i needed to fix it. i was desperate. in one day i feel i went from being a nobody to being a somebody. this information explains my life and all the experiences i've had! the clouds are clearing and i know my life purpose!!

Lyrical1971 18th July 2013 4:46 am

I don't even know what to say right now. Oh, my.

tiffyd 6th November 2013 9:52 pm

Thank you for this <3 The symptoms lined up so synchronistically it's almost ridiculous :) I spent the end of 2012 purging my whole life's worth of possessions because I had an intense urge to minimize, then unexpectedly had to move to a new home which happened to be more isolated and quiet. Perfect for my spiritual work that I've done all year. I've also had many weeks and months in 2012 and this year where my body would not hold down solid foods, I innately knew I was going through a detox but it's nice to put a name to it thanks to this article!

Will_I_AM_starseed 9th November 2013 5:35 pm

Much Gratitude. Peace Profound. LLL; W


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