Are You Taking on the Energies of the World, Empath?

Cosmic Pulse 2012 Shift Alert!
Are You Taking on the Energies of the World, Empath?
Ascension Symptoms, Tools & Revelations

Blessings of the holiest of light, my brothers and sisters of the stars! We speak to you of your ultra sensitive star being natures that create a change in the DNA back to God, your Divine Original Blueprint. It is important that you know the great honor it is to be this at this time. Only the highest, most powerful light beings would be able to encounter such intensity of density that earth and the DNA are purging and be of such ethereal sensitive natures.

You are glorious beings of infinite light, love and divine power. This is what you are becoming. Many of you may agree and yet wonder why you may still be experiencing intense density; where is the bliss and joy?

We wish you to know what the great shift of your time means, that all beings on the planet and the earth are going through a purification at the depths of their inner core and all at once. A powerful celestial alignment from the central Source has increased the release of dense discordant energies to prepare you for 2012 and beyond.

Are you taking on the energies of the world? Time to stop over empathing

It is time for the ultra sensitive empath light bearer and beloved Blue Ray to stop taking on and into your body unnecessary energies to transmute. Empathing by taking on earth energies and unconsciously taking on other people’s pain is causing you to be overwhelmed and stuck in density. Many of you may not even be aware that you do this as it has been a part of your contract for so long.

This part of your mission is over! This is very important, as it will be difficult to reach the next frequency vibration if you are drained, working on others and the earth all the time. For this in itself can be a diversion of becoming your true holy essence of light, your ascension.

We know of your sacred heart connection with Gaia and how you love her. Know that you will continue to assist her but in a new way that does not take your power. In every way you are being challenged in your belief systems. How you will know what is real and true is through the sacred divine feminine, your inner core – your body and being will tell you. Developing and trusting this most holy relationship with your self is of the utmost importance and your most cherished sacred gift.


The sacred divine feminine is already innately powerful within you, as you came through the ray of creation that would bring her essence and balance to the planet. Trust and be what you already are.

This is what the great shift of 2012 and beyond is calling for – the surrender and release of holding onto the past – thoughts, beliefs, anything discordant in nature will be set free and brought into balance.

We suggest to start using and directing your holy power, meaning wholeness, and the tools of your ancient star essence, for they are being activated. Work with Source, called the unified field and Cosmic Pulse, the ultimate sacred power of oneness; it is time to expand your awareness.

Ascension Symptoms, Tools and Revelations

Wanting to cry for no reason

Feeling extra vulnerable even when you are in familiar settings. Take care and nurture yourself. This is part of your ascension process as you are allowing parts of your true nature to emerge.


Your pineal and pituitary glands are receiving more light frequency which creates more connections in the mind to the divine mind; there is pressure and releasing in the body when this happens. Take both hands, fingertips at the center of your forehead, and with light pressure pull fingers apart to your temples. Repeat. Drinking more water, e.g. spring water, which is of higher life essence, will assist.

Throat issues

Phlegm in your throat, sinus issues and coughing

You, the Blue Ray and many light bearers, are here to express the will of God though the expression of the sacred divine feminine. As your spirit speaks another language of light, unity and nature, communicating on the earth realm has been challenging. Speaking with words may have taken your whole life to do and you may still be working on this. This area of the throat chakra is being rejuvenated and purified to a higher communion with your I Am presence and Creator. Your voice and expression of God is being recalibrated at a frequency that is in divine alignment with your true essence.

The situation may call for you now to speak up, write, channel and express your self through the power of your being and the light of the sacred divine feminine.


Solar plexus anxiety and releasing

The solar plexus is being cleared, aligned and balanced to reestablishing your divine power. We see your solar plexuses are full of energies as is earth and there is a huge release occurring at this time. This release is assisting you to be more in the natural flow with yourself, aligning to Source Creator and in your full divine power.

Deep buried emotions will come up from out of nowhere with great intensity to the point where you may be consumed with this emotion. Do not charge this emotion or keep it held in the energy body – it is only up for a release. It takes only a few moments to transform them forever.

For intense emotional release

We suggest moving your eyes in a zigzag pattern, from upper left to upper right, to middle left to middle right, lower left to lower right, then dart your eyes straight up and then down, making sure you are breathing, saying, “I forgive myself, I love you and release you, thank you for serving me, it is over, I come into the present, releasing you to prime Creator.” Toning or a humming sound will assist greatly.

Use sage at your solar plexus

Use sage, cedar and other clearing and cleansing herbs at your solar plexus. Use the sage starting in the center of your solar plexus in a counterclockwise circle, making larger circles until you reach around your whole body. Do circles again starting at the center of your solar plexus now in a clockwise pattern, making larger circles until you reach around your whole body; then put your left hand on your solar plexus and right hand 4 inches above your head connecting to your soul star, bringing balance and higher divinity to your body and being.

You may feel the need to do this twice or more times a day until you feel cleared.


Digestion and needing more life force

Your body and being are wishing for more life light force to assist your ascension, your embodiment of your true essence, divine original blue print. Much of the foods and liquids have less life light God force in them. This is why you may feel hungry all the time and right after you eat. It was the life light God force that you were craving.

Think and feel in terms you are not eating because you are hungry, you are eating to nourish your essence and being. What you eat and drink has consciousness that can assist your cells to be awakened or deadened to the light life force. Eating is a sacred communion with God to nourish your true essence and body. When eating we suggest the release of all soul fragments to Creator, blessing your food wholeheartedly, restoring your food to a divine state of God/Light and complete nourishment.

When you are shopping for food, use your ethereal vision and feeling to see and feel what foods and liquids have the most life light force coming from them. Once you shift your consciousness in this way, you will be able to discern the highest empowerment in all that you do in your life. This is one of your sacred gifts that you already possess, to assist you in being able to navigate here on earth and especially at this time of the great purification.


You will see hidden truths, revealed secrets and information disclosed in your world and media that may be shocking to many.

The universe and real matter are speaking to you with heightened synchronicity. Life will be validating who you are, showing you the difference your presence has made in the world.

Embrace the beauties that are coming to you. It is the return of your Holy magnificence. Wherever you are, beloved Blue Ray and light Bearer, the tides are changing. Discordant energies are being brought to Prime Creator for good. They have no power over you! These dense discordant vibrations cannot exist any longer in the world for there is not a structure to support them. This is the great purification.

The Light and love of God is the only true power and this is what you came here to be. You, my most sacred beloved, are doing just that. Know that you are on the path, on your mission. For we know the depths of your beauty and spirit and how important it is in your heart of hearts to be on your path of light. You are, you truly are!! We in all the stars and heavens support you, honor you and are with you every step, even when you feel alone - you cannot be.

All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in Light and Love. We are here in great force serving and empowering you. We are One!



Tzaddi 25th February 2010 9:03 am

Thank you for this, especially now when others are saying, more or less, that "we should already be there" kind of thing. I especially appreciated the solar plexus release and zig-zag eye practice.

Any guidance about needed relocation when one has no "drawing" whatsoever to another location-- no new job requires it, no desire to be near family or friends invites it, no nothing?

Alex 25th February 2010 9:07 am

Thank you Shekina :)

I am glad to hear these words "Time to stop over empathing".
For me they are kind and reassuring words for the moment.

Thank you :) Light and Love

earthchild 25th February 2010 9:34 am

Oh, YES, I am doing exactly that taking on the energies of people that don't belong to me.. I can almost feel that the job that had to do with transmuting the darkness I agreed to transmute is over, but I am so used to taking on darkness or density, so it takes real practise not to do it.

Thank you for this message, loved it :smitten:

tasha 25th February 2010 9:50 am

shekina....thank you so much....!!! :angel:

lphoenix 25th February 2010 12:06 pm

I was amazed to see the suggestion for zig-zag eyes -- this idea spontaneously occurred to me at the start of this week and I've been doing it several times a day, as there seems to be really a lot of stuff coming up that needs clearing, and a few things happening now that I want to make sure don't permanently affect me or my "wiring" -- I'd heard about and used this technique years ago and not since, until this week. It really does help to keep things from sticking to you.

Satya 25th February 2010 3:17 pm

Oh thank you, perfect message, perfect time!

susan ireland 7th March 2010 6:10 am

hi - read the article about taking on the energies of the world - which i completely relate to - however i have recently just read your dec 09 article about being in a void and i would like to ask you whether you think being in a void for twelve years is overlong to be what is actually happenning - until then i could channel, see, hear, feel, etc etc and suddenly i lost the ability to channel, lost the desire to do anything creative and stopped crying - i still feel the energies and am still being used to clear stuff - i am going through all the symptoms of the ascension process and am very careful of clearing myself and my house etc etf but i feel something is missing and i do not feel the connection i felt before - the antennae of the right side of my head seems to be fairly inactive - do you have any ideas whether this is just as your article said or
if i'm missing some crucial thing that i should be dealing with/clearing/etc etc
thank you - sula

Noosarobbos 10th April 2010 5:41 pm

It's like you wrote this article for ME! My deep psychic connection through my heart has unwittingly connected me to grief like I've never experienced - and it's thrown me! My empathy for others has overtaken myself and your words have pulled me back...given me permission to protect myself, yet understand that this is a progression into something bigger. Thank you so much. M x P.S The zig zag thing = fantastic. :smitten:


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