Mother Mary and UFOs

The Starseeds Ascension Path of the Ascended Masters and Galactic Heritage 13

Many of you, the Starseeds and the Blue Rays, are connected to the ascended masters, galactic beings, and star systems that are part of your awakening through your evolving ascension journey. Depending upon the rays of Creation, star systems and spirit realms you came through will determine when these way showers and ascended master teachers will arrive in your life. They are destined for you to be reunited in your field of consciousness for the greater expansion of who you are.

Planetary ascension is awakening your DNA for your expanded understanding of the multidimensional and inter-dimensional self and realms and the connection to the planets and the solar system. It is giving you a greater capacity of awareness to tap into an untold history of humanity, the cosmos, the starseeds and ETs, beyond what you have been taught in your systems and constructs on this planet. As you continue on the progression of raising your frequency, so does your galactic and cosmic awareness. These awakenings and intuitive insights are brought to your attention by your soul’s ascension to be Universal Consciousness Creators of Unity. 444

Here are some visual historical marker paintings that may contribute to your growing recognition of your inter-dimensional connections upon the planet. Your ascension through the gateway of the Ascended Masters can show you your galactic heritage of the expanding unity field that has always been a part of humanity and who you are. 11:11

Mother Mary and Light Beams from UFO Disc

Carlo_Crivelli_The_Annunciation.jpgHere you have a painting that hangs in the National Gallery, London: “The Annunciation" by Carlo Crivelli, 1486. A light beam from a UFO shaped disk is streaming into Mary’s head.

Is Mary being awakened in her pineal and crown chakra, receiving downloads from the other side, higher realms and inter-dimensional planes?

During that period of time, paintings of Christ, the angels and saints were depicted with halos around their heads. Are these halos showing a real phenomenon of what is now known as the light body and light quotient God essence and more DNA strands connection? 333

The star beings and lightworkers innately know the importance of raising their vibrational frequency. The soul intuitive knowingly guides you to awaken your body vehicle which is a star gate to the higher and inter-dimensional realms. When the crown chakra is awakened, it can bring this illumination and realignment to the expanded universe. Your ascension journey is an awakening messenger to the universe that opens energetic highways to the higher realms that lifts the veils of illusion.

You will see the angelic being also here in the picture. This angelic realm is part of humanity’s history, being revealed in new ways of who you are, and many of the starseeds are awakening to their angelic human DNA and divine potential—the divine original blueprint.

Mother Mary with a UFO

Here is another picture of Mother Mary and a UFO:"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino," painted in the 15th century, artist unknown. This very famous painting has survived fires and war and the test of time. In the lower section you can see a man and his dog where they seem to be looking up at a UFO. This painting can be found as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence, Italy.

The Virgin Annunciate / Carlo Crivelli: 1430-1495: Italian: Tempra on poplar: Städel Museum: Frankfurt, Germany.

Who is Mother Mary?

This can depend on what religion, where you live in the world and how you were brought up. For many on the planet, Mother Mary, from the Christian perspective, is considered religious and is the Mother of Jesus Christ. Mother Mary is also the wife of Joseph and has been known as many titles, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Angels and Blessed Mother.

Mother Mary has a very beloved place in many hearts regardless of their religion and the way they have been raised, for she has appeared to people of all faiths, all ages and backgrounds, all over the world.

Mother Mary, an Ascended Master of the Higher Heart and Miracles of Love

Many recognize Mother Mary as an ascended master of the sacred heart, the higher heart, and that miracles abound through love, transformation of the star gate portal of the heart. She can be recognized as transcending the test of time, as the re-emergence of the sacred divine feminine—the Universal Mother. 13

Ascension through the Supernatural and Otherworldly Journey of the Ascended Masters.

Your awakening of your ascension would imply ascended as in to be an ascended master of the revelations of ancient wisdom. The ascended masters’ lives could be viewed as supernatural and otherworldly and can also be recognized as multidimensional and inter-dimensional connections to the expanded field of Universal Consciousness.

The Starseeds, Blue Rays and Light Workers, who are highly evolved souls, are reawakening by a powerful spirit encoded force in knowing how to receive spiritual light from the higher planes. This is bringing your higher will, liberation, expanding your consciousness and raising your vibrational frequency, as many of you are doing through the gateway of the heart. 33

Superhuman Abilities are the Dormant DNA

Starseed, New Forerunner and Blue Ray, the ascended masters can show you how to be the emulations of this ancient wisdom, gain mastery over your life’s lessons and divine nature. Knowing these qualities exist within you and for humanity of these seemingly superhuman abilities is the dormant DNA, the divine original blueprint that is the calling of the starborn to rediscover. 13

Your Galactic Heritage Awakening through the Ascended Masters 10:10

Your ancient cellular memories are restoring the grander resonances that you are from the stars, expanding knowledge of your galactic heritage. This is an essential part in getting beyond the limitations that have been taught or known here on the planet. Your higher heart and mind remember an expansion expression that is inclusive and not limiting, that is freeing your spirit in your ascension to wholeness in the unity field which has always been a part of humanity and who you are, to be ascended galactic citizens of the Universe. 11:11

The Blue Ray Beings and the Mother Frequency

The Blue Rays, who are ultra sensitive empath star beings, have a special connection to the sacred divine feminine and the Blue Ray orb beings and Codes of Creation. As this is one of their main connections, through their ascension is the way of the Mother Frequency. The blue rays’ super empathic nature and intuitive body resonance is an aspect of the dormant DNA codes of the Mother’s frequency that is being activated to unify and create access to other intelligent life forces needed to support Earth and humanity.

Shekina Rose, Light Beams of Galactic Inter-dimensional Contact

Shekina Rose was born as a conscious star being, a blue ray angelic, and has had awakenings and higher realm downloads and DNA upgrades throughout her life. One of these awakenings was the arrival of her star family, who guided her to a long period of purification and healing of her body, mind and spirit. Her star family confirmed that she was a star seed and foretold of the future. This inter-dimensional connection occurred when she was young and before she had any information about such things, though she always knew she was from the stars, and longed to go home and find her real family. Another download instantly awakened her DNA resonances to the blue ray information as to how she came through to this planet, and she then became the channel of this stream of information.

shekina%20light%20stream%20hand.JPGThese light stream beams you see in the photos of Shekina are mostly coming from a source of light and are directed to her head. In the other pictures, you see conscious contact from other realms coming down to Shekina’s hand. These seemingly supernatural and otherworldly visual sightings and ET contact are the awakening and truth of light workers’ and starbeings’ heritage. It is your true nature to commune with the other realms, with telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, inter dimensional travel and time travel, having full access to your cellular memory and God DNA abilities.

These awakenings are occurring to thousands upon thousands of light workers, blue rays and starseeds, in different ways, all over the world; it is seeing through the matrix, lifting of the veils, in ways that are visible and recognizable in your physical reality.

These visible and recognizable inter/dimensional and higher plane activities are signals in your world and an enormous blessing and sign of the paradigm shift and your ascension, what you know in your heart as the New Earth. 13

You are seeing the visibility of the grander relationships and bigger picture of you and the interconnections of your ancient galactic history, and that you, Light Bearer, Blue Ray Starseed have made the difference, even if the rest of the world has yet no idea. The universe sees you, Home is calling you to know your place in the cosmos, and that you are the Universal Galactic Community of Light. These sightings and new ways of interaction will become even more apparent and real in your world very soon. 333

Pictures of Shekina Rose from the Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ.


MareGrane 19th August 2015 9:27 am

Dear Shekina,

Thank you for the beautiful message. I am connecting with all you said through the contrasts in my life. Cutting chords and disconnecting to reconnect is what I am doing this year. Wow! I am in awe at the unfolding of love and information bought into my life. I've always felt a connection with Mother Mary and made a personal vow to her 40 years ago that I recently broke knowing she would understand. She has answered my prayers and this message brings it home for me. Thank you.

Forever in the Light, Mary

KiddCampbell 21st August 2015 12:58 pm

The only description i come close to is blue ray. In the past year ive been told by a number of random people (walking down the street, at the grocery store, etc.. had 12 people in one day at a festival once lol) that my aura is completely different, a couple describing it as being vibrant violets, dark blues, and everywhere in between. Idk what a mystic is but they introduced themselfs as such, Most of them told me i was an an "indigo child", so i looked up the term and stumbled upon starseeds. After some studying i realized I dont really match the indigo's. I always feel like most people around me has an immature nature, and not by how they act or talk, but how their consciousness processes things. I never say anything because i thought it was just me. but ive been looking around and ran into your posts, and you seem to have figured out quite a bit. What im wondering is that im only 19 yrs old, is it still possible to be a blue ray so much later than the majority? And is there any way i could contact you for how to find more info? Your help is greatly appreciated :)


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