A Time of Resets and Upgrades in the System

Life happens intentionally despite appearances. There is nothing random about each moment, each experience and each expression; life results from a series of events, a chain reaction of outcomes; a reaction. This chain reaction has its beginnings from a nameless and timeless point where nothing is everything and everything is nothing; that which is the substance of all life. This life substance echoes throughout existence while at the furthest end of the echo we find ourselves distanced from deep levels of self-awareness. The paradox, however, is that we are the echo that is being broadcast and forming the spectrums upon which life is being played out.

We are the fabric of everything, the substance itself. Much like the broadcast of this echo, in our world, the dissemination of power begins at the top or core and decrescendos as it reaches lower levels reducing the momentum of power and force. In our world, this model is upheld through hierarchical systems established as a way to maintain order and control ensuring a common interpretation of reality. Founded on this ideal we are measured and categorized, based on implemented rules, guidelines and protocols designed by those on the upper levels of this system.  Methodologies are then implemented through education, government, religion, etc. These methodologies are designed to support a collective commonality of the manner in which the human experience should be perceived and what the codes of conduct will be and the consequences for stepping outside of those lines.  Much of these rules are applicable to both the individual and categories of people according to the standard tools of measurement which generally include money, education, secret sects, and bloodlines.  One's order of social importance is determined by this established set of rules and conditions. We then evaluate each other based on these rules and protocols devised by the said system of rule-makers.

The systems view of society is made clear when celebrity influences are now portrayed in short video clips warning people about the virus and appealing to them to stay home; practice "social distancing". (a new coded term that will now become a permanent fixture in our minds) This implies that the words of celebrities (known as influencers) will have a much more effective social appeal. This is evidently a tried and proven method. There is no time like the present to become aware of the manner in which life is relentlessly marketed to society by those in positions of power and influence. Are you easily triggered or influenced by news media or by social trends? This is an opportune time to summon and install personal power in your thinking and in your actions. We are all free agents engaged in a collective exchange with each other. This exchange happens based on the terms and conditions of our individual journey. Some are here to be compliant and some are here to be rebels. There are however many different levels of compliance and rebellion. Going beyond the illusion of limitations on this journey will require going against the grain, you are then a rebel with a cause, embarking on a more curious mission of deep self-discovery.

In order to gather ourselves from this social fog and return to our center, it is most helpful to be reminded of the model upon which our lives have been designed. The automatic acceptance of a great many beliefs has been passed down firstly from our parents, not only through words but through a history of information coded in DNA and cell systems (some of which are activated by environment and conditions). We find that the subtlety of such coded beliefs and programs greatly impact our addiction and commitment to lesser versions of reality which slips by as our normal.

This crisis phase is all part of a twofold upgrade which includes the establishment of specific global orders and new categorizations of people. We are part of a paradox in what appears to be a controlled system (it’s controlled but it's not). These central governing systems model the more apparent functions by which the simulation of earth and nature maintains order.  With sharpened clearness, we can more readily notice the implementations being made by the managers and rule-makers of the political and economic systems (in our world). They are implementing upgrades according to their own agendas during this opportune time of disassembly (a disassembly that is establishing a new ordered world). In this simulation (system) of reality, default upgrades are naturally occurring. (Default upgrades are automatic upgrades that occur at certain intervals of planetary and universal cycles, such as the 104,000 year cycle. This is known as a Great cycle or Sun Year which according to Gregorian calendar ended/began on December 21, 2012 (do not become distracted by your skepticism of calendar accuracy, the only fact that matters here is that cycles are occurring as is evident in our 24-hour cycles; day and night, s series of smaller cycles that become bigger cycles as the planet moves through its Precession around the sun. It’s tough to discuss this crisis without incorporating metaphysical influences that direct the cyclic patterns of both universal and planetary systems. While reality is evident from our human perspective the core force behind it all is not measurable or definable. Science proves this every day as they continuously discover new insights and expand away from outdated conclusions about reality.

What we know is that earth rotates on its axis once per day, and revolves around the Sun once per year, and therefore it takes roughly 365.25 rotations on axis (days) for us to glide around the sun. Our fit within the wheel of nature and its automatic cycles are evident. The fact is that scientists are still not quite sure how the brain tracks time. One theory holds that it has a cluster of cells specialized to count off intervals of time; another is that a wide array of neural processes act as an internal clock.  Although human beings are part of this collective network system each being has the right to adjust their level of consciousness by journeying down the rabbit hole of deep curiosity and knowing. In other words as beings, we possess much greater control over this linkage and default upgrade than is realized. It is then clear why it has been of great necessity for the systems of control (the puppeteers) to continuously reinforce distractions and intrusions in the natural process of the body as a chemical factory. Interruption of the body’s optimum frequencies through viruses and other engineered bioweapons becomes clear as these healthy frequencies sustain the brain and body’s balance.  It allows for deeper perspectives outside of the prescribed views. (The current virus COVID-19 will only be mentioned once in this article and only for the purpose of search engines.) The fact is that this virus might be an accidental occurrence or an intentional one.

(Continuing about a Sun Year)

So a Sun Year is made up of four smaller great cycles of 26,000 years. These cycles induce the evolution of human and planetary life. This default upgrade is commonly unrealized for what it is, an automated collective cyclic conversion. Most are then unaware of the naturalness of individual upgrades that supersede these automated default cyclic shifts. We find that it is not commonplace to entertain the notion that individual upgrades of enormous magnitude are possible by any individual unless you are Gautama Buddha or Jesus the Christ. This kind of upgrade or evolution is contingent on one acquiring more expansive levels of awareness. Instead, most will adhere to and will be limited by this default, automated development.  It’s what we have been programmed to do for thousands of years or more. (It is then necessary that nature continues to move things along some sort of standard basic evolution. We can say that a basic operating system is being run which then creates automatic evolutionary shifts). This mindset of impossibility and limitations is supported by religion and most new age ideologies. (See notes below for more details) Life is a science that far exceeds much of the current levels of science in a manner that is understood and interpreted in our world. Much of our current understanding of science and scientific discoveries are filtered through the lens of our narrow perception.  We are only capable of detecting and discovering according to our degree of openness necessary to exceed preset notions of what is possible.

This massively expanding age of technology is evidence of this default upgrade. Although there is a natural upgrade at work this is a twofold change. This natural upgrade is initiated by the simulation /nature’s automation which further creates a domino effect that sets in motion the actions of secret orders, hidden systems, human handlers/ rulers/controllers and corporate systems. (Again another paradox as all is being set in motion according to human consciousness and at the same time humans are reacting to the feedback loop of the system) Actions of deception and extreme global burden are being delivered by those who are serving their purpose in this upgrade. They are playing their role. Despite this blanket of fear, this moment in time delivers an opening for all people to recognize both the trappings of fear and also the opportunities being presented by fear in regaining an awareness of personal and collective power. This field of fear is powered by us humans. The magnitude of human power is so unrealized by us as individuals and yet it is crucial to realize that it is always a matter of where we choose to direct this power.  Currently, much of it seems to be directed at supporting this field of mass fear.

Momentum and stimulation come from the endless media broadcasts reminding people to be afraid while sending the masses even deeper into their survival program. Human beings' greatest fear is to be disconnected from their life-force. Humans naturally go into fear of anyone or any condition that threatens survival. Humans fear expiration and so we are trained to live in a state of caution and avoidance of things that seem to threaten our disconnection from this lifestream. We live in constant reminder of our wellbeing under threat.  This is the button that is unceasingly pushed, particularly through ads warning us about disease, symptoms, vaccines, medication, and insurance. Health is a major deciding factor for human survival and so the loss of it is always dangled before us, be it disease or injury to the body and mind. It is why humans cling to the savor program, while problems are created and savors of all sorts present themselves. Delivering saviors are key particularly in the systems of government and religion, seeking out those needing to be saved (this scenario is seen time and time again playing out in political elections…who will save us, who has our best interest at heart). This is the common sentiment of the masses. We live with a sort of Stockholm syndrome mentality and behavior. This level of fear and survival can wreak havoc on the adrenals and the overall immune system causing many to become even more vulnerable to anything from the common cold to other viruses and other extreme health conditions.  This, of course, is minimally mentioned if not at all in newscasts and neither are nutritional protocols suggested but we are reminded of the vaccine being tested to save us all. A lifestyle of high frequency foods and activities are not included in the solution. Yet the body’s immune system under optimum conditions is designed to eradicate, neutralize and automatically restore the health of the body.

Distancing and Isolation – less physical contact

Distancing and isolation are priority protocols at this time. It is a curious observation that should be pondered in regard to the habitual nature of human beings. We are creatures of habit particularly when we are made to incorporate ideas as our own; we more readily comply with what has been suggested and so we relax into these new habits. Although it is often said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, for some it may require more or less time, either way, this mandatory (or suggested) period of isolation and distancing will exceed 21 days. Although we are naturally social creatures we are also distrustful of others when our survival might be at stake. We should, therefore, be cognoscenti of these new suggested habits and beliefs that are being formed in our minds. Be reminded that the brain looks for patterns and this is the way that we have been experiencing life all along. It is why there is difficulty in changing old habits.  Who were you before this crisis began and who will you be as it wanes. This is an opportunity to stimulate creativity and also to pay attention to your intuition.

This was condensed from a longer article, read the full article here.


Debra A 27th March 2020 9:42 pm

Thank you again and again and again.....
I've read your work for a long time and I always appreciate it so much as you truly make everything "real". You're a favorite thought provoker!


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