Collective Conditioning and the Mechanics of Reality

Coming up for air from the challenges of our life’s stories is a pursued reward. This seemingly simple desire can actually be a challenging accomplishment for many. The truth is that our life is built on our story whatever that may be regardless of the conditions that led to that story. We are generally submerged in this experience on a daily basis. We are addicts to our lives although we yearn to be relieved of these experiences. In our heads we chant our likes and dislikes in a very unconscious ritual. We run pictures and images through our minds as a confirmation and validation of these selected stores.

There seems to be no end to this torment. Time is then assigned as the scale of “value” for if we are to live these stories in our heads we must become fully immersed in the “time” construct. Our ability to modify the dimension of time is part of the misunderstood magic for what we are able to do in our minds we can also do in the outward version of reality. In our minds we are able to live two weeks or ten years in but a moment. However we are faced with collective conditioning and our addiction to such beliefs about the mechanics of reality. We ultimately exist in the realm of imagination…who or what is imagining us? Are we the ultimate imaginer? Why are we so afraid to own that position? Perhaps it is because for so long we have been convinced that someone else is at the wheel. This has allowed us the luxury of blaming something outside of our self. What’s outside…we are both outside and inside. If that is the case then where can blame ultimately be placed?

There is no doubt that within the intricate layers of reality are worlds and realms of opposing and allied forces where we are both stalked and assisted. Those ascended and descended, planetary life and alien life, dimensions and planets light years away; all exists under the umbrella of time for it requires the condensing or expanding of time in order to travel within these spaces. Is time then simply an imagined concept; a stage to play out our stories. Many speak of shifts but a shift into what exactly…is it more of the familiar collective dream neatly wrapped in a more expansive version of our limitations and protocols? This may seem like a contradiction but it is very possible to add scope to ones limitations. Noticing these ongoing limitations can be challenging especially when ones environment continues to reaffirm this position.

We should keep in mind that reality and science are only as final as our perception dictates. So in order to come up for air and to deeply breathe in freedom we must be reminded of our stories and of the magic of our imagination; image-in-action or magic in action.  Snap out of the dream (at least for a moment). Time is a marketed concept and the manner in which you choose to interact with it is up to each of us. Oneness is also about uniqueness and our ability as individuals to stretch the envelope. Without minds willing to move forward in this manner one may continue to feel imprisoned in this reality mind trap. The key is to question your life and your stories. You represent the whole and your obligation is to be unlimited in your imagination…your own unique imagination. Oneness and separateness are a paradox so we must live both by being all that we deem possible without the restrictions of conclusive analysis about the nature of reality. Just live!



Debra A 27th February 2013 12:05 pm

Many speak of shifts but a shift into what exactly…is it more of the familiar collective dream neatly wrapped in a more expansive version of our limitations and protocols?"
How can one consciously live one's life questioning everything without going crazy? How does one truly know when one has escaped from the personal or collective reality matrix? Not rhetorical questions! Need pragmatic HELP!

sowhat 27th February 2013 1:50 pm

IN RESPONSE TO DEBRA: When we are no longer restricted by conclusive ideas about the nature of reality, when we are open to stretching our minds and imagination into the limitless realms of possibilities, when reality is no longer restricted to ideas that are comfortable for us..and you can simply live and experience, hungering to see more and more of what is possible; then perhaps we will no longer seek to escape. We will have realized that there is noting to escape, reality is no longer experienced as a threat or a prison for one will no longer be limited by what we are told that reality is or isn't or what we must be or how we should experience reality. To not question is to drive ourselves crazy. Our interaction with reality is a result of the questions that we do ask and the questions that we do not ask. We fight to hold on to beliefs and what we have been taught...that's all.


Debra A 27th February 2013 4:08 pm

Thank you Sonia for responding! Can you give me/us an example from your experience in which you consciously were able to truly transcend limiting thought and create differently? (I need examples to get past my limiting thoughts.) :huh::???

sowhat 27th February 2013 6:23 pm

Its tough to give a specific example because what you are dealing with is a recognition of your limiting beliefs about the mechanics of reality. The best way to understand this is to ask yourself what your beliefs are, more specifically about the nature of reality, what are the restrictions that you place on your views of reality. Examine the feelings that are stirred when confronted with concepts about reality that are outside the scope of what you have routinely believed. In other words is there a sense of freedom to more closely review such concepts or are you shaken by it.

Another example is that science tends to have the last word regarding what is possible, the question is do you limit your views to the confirmation of science or are you open enough to sense in your being that perhaps those scientific conclusions are not final. Do you remain restricted in what you may choose to believe until you receive permission to believe otherwise. While this explanation might appear simple the answers to these questions through self examination can be powerfully freeing.


Debra A 27th February 2013 7:01 pm

Thank you! It's just a matter of using awareness and discernment all the time. Most people live their entire life with unexamined assumptions.

Marvil 28th February 2013 9:07 pm

i always love Sonia's clear and powerful articles. It's really time to talk about pragmatic side of the stuff. Otherwise we keep on spinning over and over in these so called angelic hierarhies. It's simply unbelievable how much "pink manna" is floating around. We truly have need for such clear advice modulated with sharp cosmic intelligence. I myself have stepped maybe too far from human society because i find very hard to believe something at all. I'm like in very powerful space where is peace and nothing really happens... How to start when you just don't have motivation? To join with collective unity again? I don't like the idea to fall asleep again like i used to be. Take any new age (i see connection here:new age=new world order) movement and without going any deeper i almost see who's behind it i.e who gets cream of the crop and raises to the top....Be prepared, because the minute you know something, it's just impossible to unknow. For me it's too late and i'm intending to look "how deep the rabbithole goes". Thank You Debra for asking and Sonia for being here!

sowhat 1st March 2013 1:49 pm

Great comment Marvil.


Otherwise we keep on spinning over and over in these so called angelic hierarhies. It's simply unbelievable how much "pink manna" is floating around

People seem to love staying in that space out of fear. My articles don't seem to get as much attention on Spirit Library as those covering angels/guides/ascended masters or much of the "pink manna" you mentioned. Waking up is not for everyone...that is clear. My articles don't have much cushion or crutch the articles are in your face lol. However the beauty of this experience is that we can believe and experience whatever we choose. We can even choose to remain limited its all allowed. Thanks for being alert and not going back to sleep. Much love


Marvil 1st March 2013 7:12 pm

Dear Sonia! As been said: teacher and student create teaching. So is with You. I love reading and listening Your stuff. I feel that there's no completedness. It's like an open source and we must come together again and again to see where it leads us. It flows, definitions are open, they only point towards something like E.Tolle loves to point. Question is in questioning :) Google has no use if we don't ask the right questions. Sometimes helps ancient zen question:"How can i know that this is so?" Let the mind tries to help, but let's keep importance near zero level. Otherwise we end up with some pink cake made from, "main man" only knows, what. Yes, words are limited but Understanding itself includes all teachings...Seems that in my case i have read myself to the other edge where i occasionally see You and some other like minded. We know that "room" doesn't end but is expanding, so increases number of possibilities contained in it ;) So we can choose absolutely everything we like. There's only truth, there's nothing that is untrue. Untrue has to be inflated...
Many Hugs and Blessings


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