Embracing the Days When Nothing Matters

We all have those days where nothing matters and we are just done! Its ok, actually it is necessary to have those days from time to time. Life is not about the sameness of things and our attachment to safe feelings.

Emotional variety provides the opportunity for insight into self. Truths emerge from within. We are unmasked and when this happens, it’s ok to sit with those feelings. Just let the feeling be what they are. These moments are a bridge to something new; a new awareness, new ideas, a new sense of self or of the world around you.

We often struggle to return ourselves to the protocols of qualified feelings, meaning that there are feelings that are considered to be ok and others that are not. When do we take that turn into our own inner freedom of simply being?

We live under the weight of should and shouldn’t. When we allow ourselves to embrace the totality and the wholeness of who we are, our should’s and shouldn’t’s  will change. There are many reactive behaviors that will not be taken because they are not the byproduct of a fear, an inadequacy, self-doubt, unresolved childhood issues or relationship deficiencies. We may very well spare ourselves a journey into depression. 

We no longer have to fear trodding outside of family or social protocols. Life just simply is in the moment because you are so grounded in your acceptance of your position on this journey.

It is amazing how much of our life is lived based on constructs of the external organized dream of others. (you agreed to be part of it none the less) But will you still need to be there when you own yourself? Will you still need to care what others think of you?

The love we so desire will come when we stop trying to be a package of conditions and protocols. When we surrender to unconditionally being and knowing that this moment is ideal and will shift yet to a new moment.

Every new moment is a result of previous moments so what are the core conditions of your streaming moments? Why can’t you allow yourself to be? What’s holding you back?  Face the truth and as you will see…. you will live. Actually you will have strengthened your life force!  





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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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