Energy is Free...Are You?

Welcome to Reality the Great Illusion, I am Sonia and thank you for your interest in the information that I am about to share with you. I believe we can all agree that our common goal is freedom. Freedom is multifaceted and can be a very deceptive game, so we must first dig deep within ourselves to discover the true extent of our freedom. This journey is mapped in stages both on an individual level and collectively. Each stage requires a new level of self empowerment. Both self empowerment and freedom coexist, so I pose the following to you…

Energy Is Free But Are You?

What is free energy? Free Energy is any form of energy provided by the natural world to generate power or essential momentum for the production of many forms of energy efficient fuel.  As clear Tech Inc states:

“The best free energy systems deliver energy at no on-going cost to the user, without detrimental effects to the environment, and at extremely low costs for the maintenance of the equipment. Free energy technology is here, now. It offers the world pollution-free, energy abundance for everyone, everywhere. It is now possible to stop the production of "greenhouse gases" and shut down all of the nuclear power plants. We can now desalinate unlimited amounts of seawater at an affordable price, and bring adequate fresh water to even the most remote habitats. Transportation costs and the production costs for just about everything can drop dramatically.

For many years the exploration and potential use of free energy has been heavily guarded and controlled.  The mechanism of “goods and services” is the underlying currency/power generator being cradled and protected by the governing forces that wheel global power. Privatization has also become a common term of late. What is privatization? We must first understand that the operation of goods and services functions in either a “public or private” capacity. In a public capacity all things are “open to all and open to common use” according to Blacks law dictionary. The public/communal group is generally represented by government.  In the hands of governmental control competition is most often nonexistent minimizing our options. Privatization is generally upheld by corporations/big business. Wikipedia Encyclopedia’s added definition states that “The term is also sometimes used to refer to government subcontracting a service or function to a private firm”. 

By understanding the foundation on which much of our life force is spent we can better view the levels at which this formula is repeated in controlling much of human life. The most prominent and obvious benefit derived by those in power is monetary gain.   With money comes enforced power and greed. There is a science to the function of all things. Currency in the form of numerous instruments all throughout the history of civilization have been a primary catalyst for chaos. Chaos is the cosmic formula for the reformation of order. Although the appearance of complete disorder is the natural conclusion there is indeed a level of unseen order. Chaos is the apparent scattering or discombobulating effect of energy. The human experience is currently undergoing a progressive state of chaos. During this cycle of chaos a vast degree of collective consciousness remains arrested beneath undetectable hypnotic control.

Although many will attest to being awake there are deep levels of control that pervades the subconscious. Not only is the subconscious being invaded but it has been owned by a select group similarly to the privatization of natural resources.  It sounds crazy I know but once we understand the study and research that has gone into programming the human mind to operate within boundaries of commonality the control in effect becomes clear. Commonality is disguised within categories appearing dissimilar yet disseminating a common underlying idea or concept.

There are preset programs for morality, etiquettes, social acceptability and expectancy. From these implanted programs marketing companies are able formulate codes in advertising to interlink with the already existing programs. Quite honestly most of us are unaware that we may not know what we really like or want based on our own wishes arising from pure, organic desire uninfluenced by root codes and programs. We are bombarded by names on labels of any and all things on the market. Each name holds specific layered codes of energy (energy is the electromagnetic source from which all is derived. Its manifestation as animate and inanimate forms holds specific frequencies) which is then transmitted to you the consumer by appealing to aspects of your personality which falls within one of a number of categories measured by economic, social, race, ethnicity and educational status. (This concept expands to gurus and influential personalities in all aspects of life). 

These categories are constructed based on the influence derived from our environment. Choices are influenced by all of these defining points. All items hold the energy of its creator and all other signature energy encoded. The ability to integrate our energies with so termed “high end” products, “elite” educational institutions, upper level corporate positions and material accumulation, will increase, validate and qualify our value standing under the social programs of status or class. We are most likely to deny the loss of control to such influences within our own makeup. We must be honest in examining the prestige felt in owning a Mercedes Benz, BMW or designer name clothing or other qualifying items of value etc. The trick will be to differentiate between whether your fondness for the vehicle/item is based on the material program of success and approval or your own true resonance with the vehicle unassociated with the programs.

Let’s take a deeper look at the effects of the suppression of free energy on the global slant of currency to a select few. We are aware that money is also referred to as currency. Currency/current is energy/electromagnetic force directed and transmitted through various mediums based on a specific value or measurement of output. It’s no different than measuring the voltage output in the use of electricity. So money is simply the transmission of energy for the purpose of compensatory exchange for the mental and or physical energy supplied my ones labor in manifesting goods and services to meet another’s needs or desires. Who determines the root value of this mode of exchange, who determines the base value of this currency and why? Have we been programmed to accept the value determined by controlling forces? Absolutely! Forget about the instrument of transmission in use such as gold or paper or rice or any other physical representation of exchange for there will always be a limiting value imposed and everyone will succumb to the illusion of finality of any set value.

Those who determine the currency value are recognized as the ‘power elites’. The word ‘power’ expresses the ability of such forces to literally ‘power up’ the value of money at what ever level of ‘charge’ determined to be self benefiting. In referring to the word charge in this context Wikipedia encyclopedia defines it as follows; electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields. The interaction between a moving charge and an electromagnetic field is the source of the electromagnetic force, which is one of the four fundamental forces. In other words money becomes the electrically charged matter. Because of this lopsided flow the majority on the planet are operating at a capacity based on the latitude of the charge or level at which the currency is set.

Due to the already existing programs imposed on the subconscious this controlled process imposes the ‘survival’ codes. Options then appear limited and the only way out is then committed to the need to strive for more money! The system contrived by such rulers becomes the source…the one and only way out that can be seen as a viable option. We no longer draw from zero point energy which is ‘free energy’ an unlimited, un-privatized supply! We have been living in a privatized concept of reality (much of which cannot not be discussed in this brief summary). The release of free energy has everything to do with the financial deficiency on the planet. It would affect the monitoring of currency. To agree to the freeing of natural energy sources would vibrationally shift the illusion of limitation which has been imposed through the assignment of quantitative values in meeting global needs. Such technologies and resources have been suppressed in order to continue the enslavement of the masses to a consciousness of neediness and survival. The concept of free energy beyond the notion of technology represents unlimited abundance accessible from Point zero the endless river of the Void.

A vast majority of the planet is under the thumb of this subconscious oppression and hypnosis. Although we enter this life with specific experiences to be had there are those who will and must understand the freedom of energy and embark on our natural instincts to move in alignment with it. For those who have figured it out we will be required to transcend the programmed acceptance of the quantitative energy value of "a lot or a little" by collapsing currency/money to its true form of being both waves of energy and particle form. Energy as we know is both wave (free flowing wave form) and particle (physical form). Energy particularizes into matter through our own expectancy and observation of the physical world. For example in regards to money when cost or price is mentioned we react to the programmed frequency/vibration of the value it represents. Its value is still in wave form and becomes apart of the particle world once there is an instrument of transmission generally the accepted form of monetary exchange.  We must remove the value limitation once cost or price comes into the picture. Case and point, how many times have we encountered emergency situations and without question the money manifests to take care of the matter. The problem is that just as soon as we create the desire we immediately suffocate it with doubt. Doubt becomes the first action after the desire is created. How crazy is that program!

The entire "currency” system only takes "form" or manifests according to the programmed quantitative value by which we all collectively agree. We all agree that $10 is limited to an understood $10 value but what if we could bypass the value program and shift the energy of the $10 in our wallets to $100 or whatever the moment requires.  You can literally turn $10 in your wallet into what ever value needed. I have seen it happen, but the desire must be strong enough to literally shift the energy, after all when your wallet is closed do we have knowledge of what happens in our wallet after its closed? When we close our eyes at night everything reverts to wave form until we awaken and expect it to all be there, the entire physical world. Everything appears out of expectancy based on the familiar. Unfortunately the brain is locked into this quantitative agreement. In removing this block the manipulation of money will have little effect and control will be drastically altered on all levels! It would emit a ripple through the morphogenic field awakening others to the formula. 

This quantitative formula is only a third dimensional tool anyway and part of the mastership program on earth. We live in the world of duality where "a little or a lot" is our first evaluation based on the programs of this matrix/system in order for this reality to function as it does…limiting. This is not about materialism but of a much greater process. We must also remove the programs of impending spiritual doom should we allow our selves to desire money. We have empowered money with our lives. We have become the slaves of humankind and money. Money has been placed in the position of master or overseer. It is used to keep most of us in line in some form or another.  

Everything in our world has a finite value that's the first observation to be made; everything in this reality is measured! First and foremost our lives! There is a time frame and value placed on everything. Is it because everything has to die? No, it is because all things were intended to fluidly move from one experience to another, sort of shape shifting, but we have forgotten how to do that therefore we get very nervous about things ending or running out because we are uncertain of what our next move will be or what effect it will have on our lives.   We have forgotten how to operate within the flow allowing the transitioning of energy into the next form of expression and experience.  The word ‘time’ clearly defines the formula yet most of us have never recognized this formula. Time; ti-me (it says tie me, in other words it is a request for restriction) When it’s spelled backwards the word time becomes the word emit; (emit means to release, to flow or to circulate) so there we can see the formula of restriction and release. Here we can clearly see the cycle of energy which operates as both wave and particle. This particle wave dance is recognized by scientists as the manner in which physicality is supported at the subatomic level. Time as we have been living it has indeed been an illusion!

Like the money system our life span has a charge that is generally confined to less than a 100 years life span. This 100 year span is a programming creating a pre charged energy value of ones physical body much the same as a fully charged battery designed to hold a specified life span. This is based on a measured output of energy. The body has been genetically programmed to accept the illusion of this finite value. Our acceptance is validated by our familiarity with human history of the birth and death cycle. We operate as a compilation of programs and codes all reinforced by the familiar. This pre encoded charge over shadows the memory of our natural alignment with zero point or the infinite space of the void from which all life springs forth. We currently experience life within a measurable field of energy similar to living within a bubble of oxygen with a pre determined supply.  This program is a collective glitch in humanity’s life flow and supports further levels of conditioning around the science of the movement of energy. The flow of energy in and around our lives as individuals should be of our own conscious choosing. On a greater level we made these choices however perhaps the time has come for some to cancel those old agreements and take back the ownership and regulation of our subconscious minds and our lives. Humanity has been programmed to depend on this system of illusion, a finite source, powered and defined by those who rule.   

We have done such a fine job of creating physicality that we have completely and solely become our creation and unable to see the illusion of what we have created. We have forgotten that it is a game! None of it is real yet it is...but in order to simplify our live we must return to seeing it as unreal. Money has to be viewed from the perspective of the reshaping of energy in order to remove the power that it has been given. I realize that in theory it all sounds quite simple yet it can be the most difficult feat you will have encountered. We are shifting the programming in the brain to see beyond the illusion of the eyes but it can be done and it must be done as this formula applies to our entire expansion and growth from the old paradigm into a more fluid and expanded life. Let us remember that experiences are experiments which forge a path to a more expanded consciousness or awareness.

How is the illusion held in place? It’s held in place based on our reaction to the environment. We are trained to react to the environment in a manner which allows the outside world to trigger fear and confirm the necessity for security. Security is the shield of illusion offered by government, religion and corporate masters; job security, life insurance, health benefits, retirement plan etc. This becomes a set up as we must now create opportunities and situations to utilize the use of these benefits. We create our own doom! Quantum physics states that we are observers in an ocean of potentials. We cannot observe something without changing it. It is a common action for us to have pre invested in a response based on a culmination of old experiences and programs and those things which are collectively familiar to the human family.

Perhaps we can now peer a bit deeper into the levels of deception surrounding the concept of free energy. As creators we must begin to consciously restrict and release our creations to fluidly reform. We must begin to understand the non limiting capabilities offered to us through the concept of time. Time allows the manifestation of the dream. It allows the physical world to be experienced in segments that are simply moments.  It is now clear that we must learn to detach ourselves from the old creations in order to continue the journey in a more profound and none limiting perception. May the SOURCE be with you!



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