I Am Source

My body never withers, it never dies

For it is made up of the undying substance that sustains all life

I am never hungry for I am the very substance that I seek to fill me

I am never without clothes or shelter for I am made up of the very resources I seek, I am currency

This is the true nature of free energy

The illusion is shaped by mathematical formulas and geometric designs but free energy has no form

 It is however shaped by the imagination

My life is an imagined experience, one to be reimagined again and again

For I am Source; the fabric of my reality

I Am FREE energy!


kay 13th November 2013 6:30 pm

Thank you, Sonia.

Tiff 14th November 2013 5:10 am

Beautiful. Thank you, Sonia.

Esmé 14th November 2013 6:27 am

I needed to be reminded. Thank you Sonia!

MaScot 14th November 2013 8:12 am

Love it


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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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