Its All About Your Private Reality/Universe

When we speak of reality as I have mentioned many times previously, we must place great focus on our individual reality. Yes it’s clear that we are one but as individuals we are fulfilling the collective agenda of experiencing reality from an angle of separateness.  Our private reality is our own universe from which we experience the collective. This is important to recognize. Why is it of such significance? Because you are determining the manner in which you will experience what we view as “out there”; the collective. 

In my book The Holographic Canvas there is a chapter titled Characters in the Game, this is also of great significance in understanding the model of reality you have created and continue to recreate. Every aspect of your life is significant, such as the following constructs:

  • The town/city you live in
  • The state you live in
  • The neighborhood you live in
  • The school you attend
  • The people in your class
  • The teacher in your classroom
  • The company you work for
  • The office you are in
  • The people you work with
  • The church you attend,
  • The club you belong to
  • Your driving route
  • The person you bump into on the street,
  • The car you drive,
  • The color you choose
  • Are you vegan?
  • Are you vegetarian?
  • Are you a meat eater?
  • Are you a fruitarian?
  • Are you a breatherian?   
  • The name brand you like
  • The husband/wife you have
  • The lover/girl/boyfriend you have
  • Who your parents are
  • The friends you have
  • You children/ family members
  • Your parents

The above list is just a minuscule aspect of those things which form your reality. With that said just how many of us are aware of the level of “energy” output required to hold our individual construct of reality in place. This is not something that we think about as our thought process is focused on generating additional fuel/power to sustain our private reality. The process by which we fuel our reality is comparative to the numerous power plants which are positioned in many places to provide power to specific areas and facilities. You are the power plant which runs your private reality. As you have read in my other articles and my book The Holographic Canvas, your consciousness is interwoven into all people, places, things, attitudes and beliefs. The characters in your life each require different degrees of fuel to keep them in your reality; some may require more of your life force than others according to your interaction with the character. If there is continuous contention, despise, drama, aggravation, frustration, heartache, etc then these characters are an energy drain as they must continue to be there until you are satisfied with getting the fullest degree of experience that can be extracted. Each explosive interaction requires more fuel from you and so you are slowly being drained. These experiences can result in emotional conditioning, a programming of low self esteem, low self worth, distrust etc. Although these characters may disappear from your life if their purpose for having been in your reality have not been fulfilled then chances are that they will return again and again although the faces and the process of the experience may change.  The question should then be asked, what is it that you needed to understand in your game, your reality.

To understand the degree of power output required to sustain your reality is perhaps the most significant realization that you can embrace as each moment is literally spent keeping the power going in your reality. The external world is only a result of the inner world being sustained by every individual who makes up the collective. With the current economic theme being played out there is a tremendous amount of power/fuel (human energy as fuel) being emitted from so many individual losing homes, property, jobs, relationships etc.,. Again I am speaking of the energy/the life force from each individual used to hold on to what he or she owns. When we say that we have put our blood, sweat and tears into those things we hold precious this is absolutely true. Every fiber of your being is involved in the process of building and sustaining ones reality. We are emotionally interwoven into the core structure of our reality. Our emotional output is the fabric which holds the structure of our reality which then forms our identity. It is for this reason that when any portion of our reality is shaken by change it becomes a jarring experience to the very core of our being. We are somewhat shaken when the neighbor moves or there is a new cashier at the grocery store we have been going to for years. We struggle for readjustment when we make simple changes such as taking a different driving route than habitually done each day. For some being without an insurance plan or 401k is shattering especially if they have had it for years, some short circuit if they are unable to plan ahead for the most minute things.

Then there are those who will read this and say that they don’t do any of those things but I can guarantee that should you decide to take an honest look at yourself you will realize all of the beliefs and conditioning that you are wired into. There is no way of holding those same old beliefs and conditioning in place without being hardwired into them and again remember that hardwiring requires a large “power output”. It is your creation, it is your reality, your universe, your game and so it must be supported by the energy plant from which it was originally generated; YOU!. You have written one base script from which you have written all other scripts throughout the course of your private reality. These base scripts are generally based on imprints, deeply rooted programs, ancestral/bloodline baggage etc., and as we go along we incorporate social, cultural and environmental programming (Read Ancestral imprints).

Your base script sets the stage for your acceptance of certain beliefs and experiences. Characters are then written into various scripts according to all of the above. We invite characters who will validate what we believe as well as those who will challenge those beliefs. We invite warring characters, controlling characters; we invite characters who will help us to test our boundaries. We invite characters who we can blame for everything in our lives just so we do not have to take responsibility, we invite characters who will treat us like door mats or those that we can treat like door mats in order to feel powerful, we invite characters who are easily manipulated, we invite characters who will keep us confused, we invite characters who will make us look like model citizens or spiritually powerful etc. The point is that we invite everyone into our world; no one enters without an invitation. It is the energy sent out through the field of consciousness that is read and picked up as a signal by the appropriate characters. You don’t have to say a word…it’s all about the energy field. Nothing is undercover as the frequency reading is available to all, especially those attuned to the bandwidth circulating.

If we do not begin to become aware of the manner in which we hold our creations in place you will not be able to understand why you are having certain kinds of experiences that you as an individual may be questioning. The manner in which you interact with collective reality or are impacted by collective reality will depend on what is needed in your private reality to complete whatever your script may call for.  What is it that you still need to experience around certain emotions? What is your relationship history, romantic or otherwise, what have you been trying so desperately to achieve and at what cost, what is the foundation for your desire in wanting to achieve, are you still seeking security and what does security mean to you and by whose terms, is there any such thing as security, what are you afraid of,  is money the root of all your struggles, is money what you strive for, are you striving to  be rich, just how much stock do you place on money, in your mind is money a defining point, are you still looking for love, do you feel that love will bring you security, do you feel incomplete without a mate, are you defined by your material positions; characters will enter your life based on many of these reasons.

These are reasoning’s that take you outside of yourself, causing you to spend much time in your head…you run around in our head. Much of your life is played out in your head as you conjure up things about the past and the future, endless speculations about people and circumstances that only perpetuate more of the same old script. This simply brings in characters to play out your speculations and fears, which sets your mind at ease because you can now say that you were right all along when characters enter and wreak havoc in your reality or play out your speculation. This allows you to say things like “People always take advantage of me”, “I try to help but I always get burned” “I am always unlucky in love” “I don’t trust anybody” “that’s why I always lock my doors” “it’s a good thing I had insurance” “people are losing their jobs right now, you better do everything to hold on to yours” and on and on. Again ideas, concepts right down to the material world is held together by the power which surges from you. Remember that I am using the concept of “power” from the perspective of the juice/energy/fuel derived from you as a “power plant” to hold the very things in place which have become the illusion of your imprisonment to them. As always be reminded that it has all been a necessary process, you have been fulfilling all potentials in the human experience. No regrets on any of it! Just own it as the illusion that it is…it’s a game.

The power being expelled by you as you hold your constructed reality in your consciousness has diverse extremes of where much of your power, your focus goes to…remember that those things that are the strongest part of your focus will require more of your energy, more power, more “charge” to hold it in place. So let’s examine a few more “power drains” sucking power from most of our private realities and how we have bought into them:

The Credit Bureau

Many people are imprisoned to the credit bureau and the credit rating system. You buy into not being able to do a great many things unless your credit score is at a level defined by the rules of the game.



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