Life Beyond The Programs of 2012

Based on our methods of mapping time, every twelve months we enter a new phase on the cyclic wheel. Our consciousness then shifts and occupies this new time cycle. It is viewed as an opportunity to recycle ourselves or a starting over point with new resolutions. However this is met with great contradictions as we interact with these cycles like a game of Russian roulette; no one knows when their number will be up.  Concepts and ideas about each new cycle are established for us by others such as religion, government, education channeled through various mediums. We solidify and seal these conclusions by historical data presented to us by trusted sources. Whether these sources are trusted or not does not necessarily establish what we will accept as a belief for we are influenced by the greater social network which forms the overall collective experience.

There are a few base beliefs and agreements in regards to the mechanics of the general cosmic cycles. We then establish a footing on those general beliefs and proceed with constructing our individual models of reality. The cycle of 2012 has a great many interpretations associated with it. There is however a collective acceptance that it is the ending of a cycle and for some it means the end of the world and for others it means an ending and a beginning. The fact is that for some the world will end as they have been experiencing it in a body, these are people who have expired before entering the new cycle of 2012. What we believe and what we desire at the core of our subconscious shapes the journey and the outcome. Whether we assume an atheistic approach or one of a Supreme Being guiding humanity through these changes still does not break the vulnerability felt towards this automated cycling through of life. We debate over whether our lives are random or driven by choice. Much of the evidence of the mechanics of this moving carnival can be seen throughout the voyage of our journey. We can clearly see the rippling effect of the choices we have made.

In order to move beyond this sense of vulnerability one must question the possibility that life as viewed and experienced is limited to a one dimensional view of human life on earth. If indeed we are prepped with ideas and concepts about each new cycle to follow then is it possible that such projections have overshadowed other less limiting concepts of reality? However we hold firmly to reaffirming the collective limitations. Many find it comforting to know that others support the same base model of reality. We are challenged when our beliefs about the nature of reality stands alone. Many are overwhelmed with the notion of ascension and concerned with who makes it and who doesn’t. Many are still unclear about what this shift is supposed to mean. They speak of making the shift but making it to where? There is this sense that suddenly the wars will stop, everyone will be in love with each other and we will emerge as our magical self and that could very well be the case for some.

The fact is that the individual has always had the opportunity to experience such things. However this head in the sand concept of ascension creates this free ride scenario as we are whisked off to this magical place. For many this is more about escaping the chaos of the world. Our relationship with the world around us is dependent on our beliefs, needs and ultimately our story. So escaping our perception of the world is very different that changing our perception of the world. Such changes can only occur when we acknowledge the limitations of our beliefs and recognize that our desire to escape rests on a foundation of fear.

The ultimate concept of Ascension is about ascending into a more expansive expression of ourselves as creators. It is about falling in love with the magic of reality just as it is. Why is that? Because when we are in this space of understanding life is no longer viewed as good or bad, right or wrong but more from an understanding that each being is playing and experiencing reality according to his or her own perception of reality.

“Since everything is but an apparition
Perfect in being what it is
Having nothing to do with good or bad
Acceptance or rejection
One may well burst out in laughter”

Tibetan Buddhist, Longehenpa

Babies preselect the ideal environment for their experience on this journey. Although it is a rather challenging thought it makes little sense to place the responsibility of having made that choice on the adult version of the child. It would stand to reason when examining the course of our journey from conception onward we will recognize that the dots connect in bringing us to this very moment in time. We can clearly see the chain of events that have interlinked in leading us through the journey of our lives. We are ultimately ascending into a more expansive playing field vibrationally but this is an individual process. To align with such an understanding does not mean that our emotional expressions become limited to a masked display of joy but rather we allow all emotions to move through without judgment. We embrace it all as love is not a conditional experience or force but instead it encompasses all potentials and possibilities. Love is an expression of “allowing”.

Adverse experiences are perhaps more the result of imposed limitations based on belief systems and programs. This makes us ripe for any concept that promises to deliver us from the tape playing in our own heads. In an attempt to purge those programs and beliefs which have been directing our lives every action, thought, choice and experience shows us the running programs. Most often we do not recognize it as such and instead we form conclusions that keep us enslaved and victims of our lives. Yet all along that which holds us hostage is also showing us the way. The magnificence and intelligence of the spirit is made invisible in order to validate our victimization and helplessness. In such a process we will either seek to save the world and punish our victimizers or we can gift the world by seeing through the fog of our own blockages.

“Though one should conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, he who conquers his own self, is the greatest of all conquerors. Self-conquest is, indeed, far greater than the conquest of all other folks.” Dhammapada v. 103, 104  

It is very clear that we cannot save the world for the world does not need saving, it is the individual who holds a responsibility to his or herself in recoding their life. Setting out to save the world has adverse effects yet a necessary one for both parties; the one who is being saved and the one doing the saving. The feeling of saving others fills us with purpose and serves as a distraction from our own hidden beliefs that lead us to the idea of saving the world in the first place. Our actions are not random, neither are our thoughts. How we see the world only serves to create more of the same thing. We can certainly choose to experience the world differently but our assessment of the world and our reasons for wishing for this change makes a difference in how it all unfolds. To understand reality as a game becomes a major tool in transforming our model of reality. When we view the players and the game of reality as an enemy we continue to be its energy source. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold all of our dislikes in place. It requires focus and diligence which we do with ease as this is a familiar mode of operation.

Collectively we continue to hold the same old model in place and when we attempt to replace it with something else we do so from the perspective of good or bad. The good and bad concept is a conflict code. Aiming to operate from a perspective of resonance directs the energy to the creation of a new game or playing field. Energy is then not being drained in support of our dislike for the old model.

Every moment is a grand opportunity to awaken to our necessary personal changes. We are always in the midst of opportunities for personal evolution. While feeling challenged by adversities we can examine each circumstance and perhaps trace the events and the thought process that has led to this moment. What exactly do you want, what did you ask for; what did you wish for time and time again. Perhaps this is the route that it will take to get you there.

Nothing is as it seems however the longer we sit lamenting and feeling sorry for ourselves the longer it will take for us to move into that new solution. The landlord, the bank, the utility company, the finance company, the friend, the enemy, the spouse, the mate, the child, the relative, the employer, the health crisis…what are they all gifting you with. Seeing the gift is the challenge because there is pain and aloneness, confusion and uncertainties. Reading the Data Stream of Reality (Sonia’s workshop) speaks about reading the data in everything. This is about reading life like a computer printout. It is all showing you something but in order to read the data one must step away from our emotions of judgment and simply observe. Transcending the process of blaming others will speed up the process of reading or seeing the gift. Seeing the potential gift grants permission for the conditions to shift. The conditions shift much slower when we are stabilizing these particles in support of our emotions.  

Since we create our own reality then frequency patterns and particles stabilize to form our reality according to our beliefs and perceptions about our lives. This is a science which we embrace selectively according to less complicated moments in our lives. The fact is that every moment of our life is constructed in this manner. Again positive thinking and mantras don’t work when our core belief programs do not support such thinking. So we keep repeating the same cycles. 2012 like all preceding cycles comes with its own codes and programs for the unfolding of human life in this new cycle.

Remember that many are coded to participate in this 2012 cyclic program and will be here through the full cycle. We have been primed for the energies of 2012 which will implement or trigger new levels of coding within humans preparing them for the next step in both cosmic and earthly technology integration. This should not be seen as the unleashing of victimization but from a perspective of an awakened being that is now aware of the systems protocols. Here such awakened beings have an opportunity to ride those same frequencies in establishing one’s own inner activation beyond the limitations of the 2012 program.

Those who are in that space of thought will see through what is being said here and step beyond the fantastic tales that have been told to humanity for eons. If this is indeed understood then one will not spend focus waiting for 12/12/12 or 11/11 of any format these are codes and triggers. Reality is all about numbers; this is a math game; quantum packets of energy shaping reality.

All things possess a numerical value; it’s all energy. We respond to numbers because of the numeric structure of our world from the sky to the earth and everything in between. This is like a coloring book with numbers directing you to the color to be used. We operate in a specific set of numerical coding which our brain is well aware of and so it would not be difficult to use numbers as triggers for certain kinds of activation and brain wave repatterning. According to the special theory of relativity reality is four-dimensional, time being the fourth dimension. This is a four-dimensional space-time continuum where past, present and future ultimately exists all at the same time. Reality as experienced is happening in a mathematically formulated space which specifically supports the kind of experience that we as humans are wired for. This formula is further supported or held together by these cycles. It is possible for us to move outside of that space.

2012 is yet another component in this cosmic wheel here to guide us through until we awaken to greater truths about who we are and the extent of our capabilities. There are those whose entire reality is dependent on the predictions of 2012.   How we perceive these new cycles for ourselves as individuals will determine exactly how we will experience this new phase. Embrace life and play it like a game.

Energy spent focusing on what we believe was done to us can be converted into fuel to propel us to greater levels of understanding. Such levels propel us into more expansive stages of consciousness which ultimately begins to override realities supported by a less expansive consciousness. We can then tap into the magic of creating new holograms. Some might say that this is easier said than done but to spend time hiding behind the fear of reaching for that possibility will only position us back in the same space on January 1, 2013.

"If I am right in saying that thought is the ultimate origin or source, it follows that if we don't do anything about thought, we won't get anywhere. We may momentarily relieve the population problem, the ecological problem, and so on, but they will come back in another way." D. Bohm & Mark Edwards, Changing Consciousness

It is vital to remember that one’s life as experienced in this very moment is only as real as we allow it to be. Remember that real is realm of focus. How we interpret this moments experience determines the shape, color and texture of our personal reality. What we focus on establishes the playing field and the ground rules for the manner in which we choose to play. It further determines the characters and the events that will appear to support the conclusions established in our minds about the nature of our life and the immediate world around us.

According to Quantum mechanics particles can also behave as waves fluctuating and moving into a direction or form based on the observer; this is a reminder that observation takes place through the perception filter of the observer.  If there are beliefs, concepts and people that you need to release then let them go so that your story may be different. These conditions and people are there as a result of our model of reality. Although 2012 is yet another cycle of programs view it as an opportunity to become more than the predictions. You are the reason for every star that hangs in the sky. You are the field on which you play!



zorro 4th January 2012 12:23 pm

Ah, has been said anciently of these days we are in:

"Many are coded, but few have chosen"

Consciously chosen how they will ride the waves and quantum packets of energy, or to consciously create their "model of reality" in the holographic "quantum field".

LordJesusChrist 4th January 2012 3:23 pm

The Good Force be with you!
Very nice message, Sonia! Many thanks for our life beyond the programs of 2012! Our positive attitude gives us a positive result. So, we must make 2012 and beyond a good one or the best one for the sake of the elect.
Live forever and prosper to infinity and beyond...!!!
Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom :)
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:

zorro 4th January 2012 6:27 pm

Amen, brother. Live Forever and Prosper, indeed!

As Sonia says, "It is very clear that we cannot save the world for the world does not need saving, it is the individual who holds a responsibility to his or herself in recoding their life". Choose now to choose to be in it. Recode! Don't wait to be chosen. That wasn't the message was it, brother? A mis-translation of Aramaic? Not few are chosen, but few will actually consciously choose. Just say, "yes" to your pre-coded birthright, now, in real-time. A leap in cosmic consciousness is needed, then all heavenly angels and miracles are glad to participate in your behalf, now, "for the elect's sake". Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom


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