No Need To Fear The Changing Times

As we observe the resent catastrophes our hearts go out to those caught in this wave of turmoil. Over the next several months our minds will be bombarded with fear as the media competes for air time. It is important to keep in mind that there are many factors at work on both the spiritual and physical level. Lest we forget we are on a planet that is a multi layered reality impacting on our lives according to the spiritual understanding we hold. Although we are filled with compassion for those experiencing the flame of chaos, we must remain aware of our vulnerability as this is a prime moment of distraction. We are at a point in time where we can be easily influenced by marketing companies, the media, government, and religion; all done through fear.

Many will find themselves fearful of the direction of their own destiny and mortality. How do we bring balance or shake off this blanket of fear? How can we assist humanity through the chaos to come? Is it really about praying for peace? As we become more absorbed in fear we strengthen the existence of the very thing that we fear. Impacting change based solely on physical and emotional reasoning will create temporary changes. We must allow the re-emergence of the template within designed to guide our lives beyond the illusion of limitation and helplessness.

In realigning with this template we will be guided before hand from the disasters and cataclysms unfolding within this reality. The earth has been through several cataclysms however there were entities attuned to the template which form a bridge between this consciousness and the apex of time; and they were guided to secure ground on the planet, inside of the planet and beyond the planet. Many of these entities in certain time periods were technology savvy, but what is technology. What we consider to be technology is but a minimal conceptualization of a much greater concept of energy modification and sculpting. In other words I am referring to those who were less limited in their ability to step outside of the box, operating at a more attuned level of advancement in cosmic science. Such high level of technology involves the very concept by which our bodies, reality and all of physicality have been designed. The word TECH-NOLOGY is derived from; tech comes from the Greek word techne and techne comes from the word art ; art comes from the Latin word ars; According to Brainy Encyclopedia “The word "art" comes from the Latin word ars, which, loosely translated, means "arrangement" or "to arrange", though in many dictionaries you will simply find it tautologically translated as "art".”; and logos- which means “talking” or “communicating”.

So the word TECHNOLOGY represents the arrangement of energy communicated through form as well as colour, light and sound. To take it a step further TECHNOLOGY represents and is the interchangeable language of energy. The ancients understood this as they were more aligned and attuned with nature and the galactic and cosmic models by which our world was designed. They understood that the “mind” through imagination (image-in-action) (image-energy)was the creative force in the backdrop of all that was and would be created. In understanding these principles Quantum Physics could now conclude that “we cannot observe something without changing it”. All that is being observed cannot exist without your acknowledgment of its existence; you breathe life into everything that you observe and accept as a possibility. Therefore we each hold the power to the reality or consciousness which we choose to experience but you cannot remove yourself from an undesirable reality if you are not aware of the principles or the science by which our existence is held.

There will be more turmoil to come but you must choose to awaken for as we each awaken to a greater awareness not only can we neutralize the illusion but we can shift it collectively. Most of all this level of awakening requires that we face our selves, we must let go of our bitterness, resentment and anger towards those that have impacted our lives in a not so favourable manner. It is important to forgive and let it all go for it will only weigh you down. Should we dig deep into those painful experiences perhaps we can extract what we have learned from it or perhaps release the programs that have been formed because of the impact of such experiences. These are disabling energies that restricts the body and the mind from reuniting with your spirit on the deepest level. It creates a stagnant vibration and we cannot move into higher ground without a continuous elevation in vibration. We must become more fluid and less solid.

Fluidity is the non limiting shift that takes place in spirit, mind and body. We can then defy gravity and the illusionary restrictions of this reality. WE ARE COSMIC ASTRONAUTS, explorers of unlimited possibilities within the greater mind.




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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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