No One Fails at Life

But rather we live life by unrealized terms and conditions we feel bound by!

The idea that no one fails at life is not a common statement or sentiment. The reason being is that we are conditioned to measure our lives by spoken and unspoken codes of behavior. How do you define failure? Many experience great pressure in attempting "not to fail at life", but by whose rules do you measure your success and failure? All experiences and expressions of life are all part of the fabric from which all is given life! All is allowed to be, however it is you/me who set terms and conditions that are often based on outdated conditioning and beliefs.

Much of our struggles are a byproduct of these unmet protocols hidden deep within. We find that individuals in society then act out in various behaviors in an attempt to feel empowered, fulfilled, accepted, valuable and having purpose.  The human ego is fragile and vulnerable, constantly in survival mode to protect itself from invaders. We are operating at multiple levels of deception which subtly guide the choices we make in our lives. What we don’t realize is the degree to which we are living by terms and conditions that we feel bound by.  Social influence is much greater than often realized and with this in mind governments, corporations, religions and educational institutions more easily intercepts the pliable and vulnerable mind. The mind will find a way to support the survival of the human traveler, which at times results in varying degree of what is termed mental illness.

We are primed for group mind behavior and responses often in disguised ways, particularly for those who have convinced themselves that they are above the effects of social influence. To be singled out is often an uncomfortable feeling, yet this moment in time, presents many an opportunity to experience such discomfort when going against the grain of suggested behavior as broadcast by governing institutions.  An example of this is the mantra of “don’t do it for yourself, do it for others”. Well institutions of government are quite aware of the fragile mind in feeling shame for being thought of as selfish or not being a team player or not being a good human or good citizen or the fear of being ostracized by the social group or their peers. Either way fear rules most especially when an individual realizes that should they separate from the group survival may be more difficult but if they remain with the group they have a better chance of survival. This is engrained in us. The bible reinforces this mindset as found in such texts as:

 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20.  For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Mathew Chap 18

This ongoing reinforcement of group mind without a doubt has served as a way to deter or redirect the individual away from their much feared power, and so we automatically operate at an extremely reduced level of power without being the wiser. (Sure this concept feels great and empowering to focus as a group, but are there disguised limitations being reinforced?) There are automatic perceptions and expectations already there and so when we focus as a group we are already coming to the table with a mindset of not being able to individually garner the same degree of impact as we would as a group. As is said of scientists and their experiments, a scientist automatically affects the outcome of the experiment based on his or her preconceived notion or limitations. Much of the human game exists based on ensuring that the vastness of a human beings inner power never fully emerges (however focusing on a victimizer reinforces the disempowerment). Human power at its core, has been greatly feared and so such rules as the 10 commandments were considered essential insertions along with other social rules imparted by rulers for eons be it from this planet or otherwise and the same occurs today.   This moment in time is a window/ a doorway into the hidden dimensions of power within humans. Few will see it and that’s ok because this narrow design allows this version of our world or reality to continue to be what it is in support of those who are not quite done with these experiences. (We are all free agents fulfilling our personal experiences in this life or this version of life as required by our unique journey)

A great exercise for anyone is to place yourself in some way in a discomfort that singles you out, particularly in this current pandemic paradigm (go against the grain, feel the discomfort) and if you already are in such an experience (perhaps feeling that way for years) then it’s time to examine the feeling more deeply, explore the discomfort. This is not simply about ignoring the discomfort (and praising yourself for ignoring it) but it is an opportunity to truly ask yourself what is the fear or vulnerability behind the discomfort you feel. The discomfort is coming from generations of group mind conditioning in the DNA. Much of this is based on ancient survival programs that were essential in small and large societies since the birth of humans. Societies whose survival relied on the unity of the group as they traveled to new land in support of the survival of their societies or tribes, just as we are now being primed for the possibility of migrating to another planet for survival.

This current upheaval in our world is presenting us as individuals with an opportunity to be increasingly empowered. We are given the momentum and drive needed to push beyond out dated programmed limits. Some will and others will acquiesce. Nature is ultimately detecting the fittest fruits, those who will penetrate the old programs and enter into a consciousness of expansion. In order to do so one must override the streaming fear or one may choose to stay on course with the fear. It’s a time of separating the wheat from the chaff. However this is not based on a polarized mindset of who is good and who is bad but rather it’s about the readiness of people. It’s about the elevation of consciousness as awareness is allowed to soar without the need for limitations and the safety net of the old familiar.

Examine the rules and conditions you’ve laid out for yourself or did you? Who or what were the conditions that influenced who you are or believe yourself to be at this time? For those who have spent time beating themselves up especially if you have spent a lifetime attempting to determine your purpose, or in aiming to be responsible based on these silent but loud rules of what it is to be a responsible person. Responsibility protocols are somewhat pliable and are often measured by the spoken and unspoken rules of family traditions and expectations. What is this constructed character (that is your name) made of, what is the information or data that has shaped who you believe yourself to be? Our identity is a composite of imposed data content, streams of programming from family to society. The sooner we authorize the peeling away of layers at the deepest level, then the sooner we will have greater access to this unlimited portal of power within.

Don't wait for the external to be transformed but rather you transform and release one’s self from your mental prison of self-harassments!



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