Removing The Shackles Of The Game

The game of living consists of an assortment of expressions; we exemplify life by expressing and experimenting with ideas through play. We dance upon the stage of life with our scripts and characters. We breathe life into these ideas and soon the creator becomes the created. The character comes to life and takes over. We become prisoners of these characters and soon our game becomes a warzone.  Life is then defined by the interaction between characters.  We watch and observe from behind our eyes as characters battle for survival. The game seems to grow with increasing conflicts. Conflict does not necessarily entail an obvious struggle but can encompass much subtlety as we succumb to the role of the character. It’s all so believable. 

Who or what is the character? Like everything else it is an idea being acted upon, it is an idea being played out. We have defined ourselves by these ideas from which we construct storylines. This all becomes the face of reality for each of us. These bodies are idea streamers. Through them we are able to experience particular concepts of possibilities one of which we refer to as the 3rd dimension. There is no permanency to these idea streams as they are convertible and interchangeable for new idea streams and possibilities. We are however challenged by yet another idea or belief of fixed or irreversible idea patterns. The game is made up of a series of idea patterns also known as frequency patterns; nothing fixed or permanent. It’s a synthesizing experience. 

"The world of matter is a relative world, and an illusory one, illusory not in the sense that it does not exist, but illusory in the sense that we do not see it as it really is. The way it really is cannot be communicated verbally, but in the attempt to talk around it, eastern literature speaks repeatedly of dancing energy and transient impermanent forms. This is strikingly similar to the picture of physical reality emerging from high-energy particle physics. Buddhist literature does not speak of learning new things about reality, but about removing veils of ignorance that stand between us and what we already are." Gary Zukav, Dancing Wu Li Masters 

Although we may strongly desire to understand more about this life as experienced in these bodies and even beyond the body; we are continuously being rerouted and redirected into deeper pockets of the game. The depths of distractions through which we are routed create extensive distance between the limited and the unlimited. Much of these limitations are delivered to us via the spiritual journey. To become lost in the idea of spirituality as a mystical experience attainable only by the select is yet another mind trap. Spirituality is about an endless remembering and of a reintegration of these memories as they unfold. We are all spiritual beings living life through these characters we have created. Despite being lost in these characters we must realize that the stories through which these characters operate are fully encoded with clues and codes guiding us to our own extraction or emergence from the game. We are generally immersed in the featured story in our life at this very moment and once we are immersed we become the story which seems to grow tentacles pulling us in even deeper. 

Spirituality is not just about becoming a socially or spiritually defined “good person”. It is about being what you need to be as you explore your way to authenticity. Since the clues to unlocking yourself lies in your own stories it is then necessary to follow your own trail. This is not to say that we can’t be assisted and guided by others. It is about feeling what feels right for you in that moment. It is about feeling what resonates. What are your fears? Some cling to spiritual ideas coddling feel good tales of saviors and of an escape to other realms supporting peace. We are driven to be on the run. This isn’t about running but rather about discovering that there is nothing to run from.  We are being chased by experiences built into our version of reality. How we view those experiences greatly determine how or if we shift beyond them.

In much of these spiritual movements there are limitations…boundaries set for us. We are given only so much latitude in opening our minds to what is possible. And although we are told that anything is possible we are fed the opposite. This includes our scientists as well. Boundaries are set in our minds about the manner in which reality functions as well as limitations about our individual abilities, our function and our impact on the process of EXPERIENCING! 

Quantum physics and science in general presents us with small insights into the mechanics of cosmic technology. But our tendency is to limit this technology to scientific findings. The technology of energy is much too vast and it responds according to the intelligence rubbing the genies lamp. It is responding according to the magnitude of the consciousness or the creative force behind the action or thought. 

What is it that we fear in being exposed to the unlimited or to the unknown? Are we challenged in stretching our minds beyond current perceptions and conclusions fed to us about the nature of reality? It is necessary to ask these questions…it allows us to determine if our objections are supported by anything worth holding on to. 

To recognize that the universe as understood is simply a system within which a particular kind of experience or reality construct is taking place is freeing. It is not a conclusive space but rather an echo descending from an endless space. The human experience which we are engaged in is a component of this universe’s system design. All planets exist in response to the protocols of this particular universal system. It is why the element of time is so significant to us. “ Quote taken from my (Sonia lecture in 2011- Decoding the Matrix of Time, Reality and Cycles. 

These characters are significant in the universal design. They are attached to the holographic recorder keeper called the soul. It is how characters live on through karmic debts. Characters are more of a strawman or robot. These idea patterns are continuously morphing as new ideas are formed. Although the life of the character is embedded in the story we must seek to evolve the roles being played and reintegrate them in the more profound version of who we truly are. These idea patterns ultimately emerge from us. Through these characters and these bodies we become the imagined. We become the dream. 

Viewing the raw constructs of the human experience is necessary for those who are ready to peer more deeply behind the curtain of paradox. This kind of readiness emerges when we are free to be unlimited. Although many express the idea of being unlimited this is most often pursued with restrictive views on reality. The idea of being unlimited by personal definition would mean that there is a desire to explore potentials beyond the illusionary restrictions of physical reality. It is a realization that the very laws of physics are a construct or boundaries set within our own minds. The stuff of life by which your construct of reality is formed then responds to those boundaries and limitations that your mind is plugged into. Many of our limitations and preconceived notions about the nature of existence go back to our parents and the external managing systems we encounter as we embark on this life’s journey. When we enter this life most of us bring with us old concepts and old beliefs, old limitations, old bloodline beliefs, old ancestral boundaries, old fear and so on. It is clear that we do arrive with a set of baggage  and the conditions we choose in embarking on this life supports those roles and the direction that one will shift into or maintain throughout the journey.  However it is within our power to create new holograms.” “ Quote taken from (Sonia lecture in 2011- Decoding the Matrix of Time, Reality and Cycles. 

In removing the shackles of the game we must recognize the limitations that we continue to defend. What confirmations do we have that life must be lived under the protocols that we have been exposed to perhaps all our lives. We often speak of God but it is necessary to reevaluate your reference. Who or what are you speaking of? The game is devised of endless layers of mind mazes. By whose rules are we playing? Are there any absolutes in deciphering reality? Absolutes are comfort zones. It provides us with a sense of control, who is it that needs to feel in control …the character/robot perhaps. Losing control is a gift. This kind of control is artificial and serves to secure our illusions. The shackles have become a security blanket for it shields us from letting go of old concepts and beliefs. It assures a life of continued limiting idea patterns. We are shackled by the fear of discovering that we are not what we thought we were. Somehow we fear a decrease in our value individually and collectively. This is a slave mentality.

We worry about borders and immigration issues and health care issues and political candidates and spiritual concepts that promise the ideal afterlife.  Give us anything but freedom! This is indeed the nature of the game; no right or wrong however. There is a high price for freedom. Freedom means self-reliance, freedom is about mastering the game; freedom is about letting go of comfort zones and not “going gently into that good night without a fight” poet Dylan Thomas. The game is about the beginning and the ending of cycles and themes. What we truly are supersedes these cycles and themes. Cycles and themes are protocols for the regulation of collective consciousness. They establish boundaries and guidelines in the human game. They determine the concept of time!

Whatever your story entails at this moment; stop and decode it for there lies the answer to the changes you seek to make in your life. You are not bound by the apparent protocols of reality but you are rather a free agent (we each know if this is true for us). One may choose to release or to remain committed to these boundaries. No one loses for we are always where we choose to be.  So where do you choose to be?   There lies the treasure in your response. The answers are always there.


spring 21st June 2012 3:07 am

Fabulous article as always :smitten:

Naybird 21st June 2012 7:48 am

This is an awesome and timely article. Thank you for sharing.


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