Subtle Running Programs of Self-Imprisonment - Part 1

Government, Religion & Education: The Keepers of The Matrix

Reality – a result of the vibration of collective and individual consciousness

It is evident that there is a collective concept or interpretation of reality that is shared by many. (To even use the word many is speculative because it is not understood quantitatively who is experiencing what. It is simply a general assumption that the world and reality can even be quantitatively verified.) Reality loosely defined; is taking place in a field of frequencies supporting particular optical, audio and textural patterns. These are patterns that everyone around us appears to respond to. These patterns are specific to our five base senses. The system also supports a network of human emotions according to the protocols of this reality. Although our sensory capability exceeds five senses these five senses establish a centralized point of connection for interplay. So in essence there is a general operating program in place for the manner in which we function as human beings (reference to humans based on the current perception of reality) and how we will evolve collectively within this hologram. The system is structured to support collective evolution. Individualized progression is more of an override to the system.

Within the hologram are programs supporting order and control. Such programs are run through familiar systems of government, religion and education. Despite the seeming uniqueness in our lives unless one is removed from the general dependency encouraged by these systems then one is subject to the protocols in place for the collective experience. Reality is such a cleverly functioning experience that one can spend much time chasing after self-awareness yet remain caught in just another one of the many system designed awareness matrix. In examining the governmental system in the region one may reside the dependency of people on government as their protector is a familiar tale worldwide. Conditions are created in order to ensure the need of government. Self-examination might also bring to the surface subtle degrees of that program. Where did much of this kind of belief system emerge from? This is not to say that we should disband the idea of government but we should examine the manner in which we have surrendered personal charge over our own lives. An observation of the immediate reality around us would confirm that most people are not ready to be responsible for themselves; therefore government is essential.

When people have been programmed to be compliant the decision making process in their lives are easily transferred to the overseers. Humanity has been trained to take orders this includes even those that lead. This is the purpose of modern day education. It is indeed true that education was not always this way but even then the programming existed side by side in subtle ways. A trail of the execution of such programs can be seen in the stories of space visitors and in mythical stories of gods and supernatural forces impressing humanity with belief systems of inferiority and fear. In essence the human race (as currently experienced) has been disconnected from the truth of its potentials for such a long time that even those who write and speak about the atrocities of government, education and religion are unable to see their own imprisonment in an even greater deception.

One may acknowledge that we have been deceived and in the same breath defend limiting religious and spiritual beliefs. Such beings remain oblivious to their own programs. Should their beliefs be examined perhaps the holes in these beliefs would be made evident yet they may continue to remain committed to such concepts. Belief systems are powerfully strong as it is the method by which the technology of the body operates. The human experience is based on automatic programs which in translation are programmed beliefs. This has been a programmed experience engineered in a way that has provided an assortment of concepts from which we extract our choices. This act of choosing personalizes our decision and further authorizes a sense of freedom which ultimately is a deceptive picture of freedom. This becomes our reference point of being free while all along there is very little authentic choice. This same game is played by government, religion and education.

The concept of going within has been infiltrated in so many ways that the simplicity of engaging in such a natural experience now requires third parties to create this connection for us. This is much like the days of dialing the long distance operator to establish connection. It is interesting to note that zero (0) is the number of choice in dialing the operator! How interesting is that! Connecting with the operator links us with a voice somewhere out there. Zero point (0.) that’s the space we aim for in meditation. 0. is the no spin zone or immeasurable spin where time is seemingly nonexistent. The fluctuation between a wave and a particle is then evident. This is a powerful space of creating. Such an occurrence expresses the lowest energy state of a particle field also known as its ground field state. In referencing the electromagnetic spectrum we can view zero point (0.) as the apex. All fields descend from this space and each frequency progressively enfolds one in the other on the way up; Radio wave, infrared, invisible light, ultraviolet light, x-ray, Gamma Ray and so on as the acceleration of the spin (the frequency) increases.

Within us is the fabric of creation. When we close our eyes a magnificent moment occurs, there is nothing and we are then free to imagine a different version of reality be it qualified as real or unreal. Each time that we close our eyes we experience the canvas upon which our imagination paints. Our conditioning for survival is fed by the systems in place diverting us to other structured concepts and belief. Our base survival program is for food, clothes and shelter however this has gradually progressed to a different level of survival. They would become barometers for identity and classification. Our obsession with personal beauty, the kinds of clothes we wear, both the location and kind of dwelling we occupy has now thrown a smokescreen over the core survival program. The game in reference to this core program is so variegated that we find ourselves either running from being part of these social classifications or running towards it. Very seldom do we stand on a middle ground.

Everything is either good or bad for us. We are either committed to being spiritual and financially impoverished as this seems to be a qualifying ideal for spiritual humility; which is yet another program. Alongside such misconceptions are spiritual leaders spreading exaggerated notions about financial abundance while corporatizing spirituality. Spirituality is about the free flow of current in all areas of one’s life as essential to ones journey. Currency aka money should not be associated with guilt or deprivation in attaining enlightenment. This is a program which suppresses our ownership of being creators. Poverty or lack supports a belief system of non-equality to those who seem to possess the skill or the art of creative flow. This is a program rooted in the system’s design allowing the polarized experience of being on either side of the coin. However one may switch sides not simply through attending hundreds of abundance workshops but by understanding that the core belief/program/imprint must be changed followed by actual change.

Although financial success may have already been achieved if one hordes money or has fear of spending it or if one is simply content with seeing the numbers in one’s account or has fear of ever returning to an experience of lack these are all signs that those core program still exists. If your life hinges on the credit bureaus and the life of your 401k then you have placed yourself as creator on hold in the bigger picture. What you have done is commit the flow of your life to the finite conditions of the matrix program. Remember that the system is automated. This does not mean that we should not take care of our credit and 401k but more importantly understand that you are playing a game, that’s what the credit bureau is, that’s what your 401k is just like the stock market. You must play life for the fun of it…this is a shocking thought to some but that is the magic of it all. We must play life for fun because it is not this finite experience that our minds are so locked into believing or as the system would have us believe. We must examine our attitude and thought process in the way in which we experience money. This money program seems to be one of the most challenging experiences for many. Friends and family are torn apart by this psychological experience called money.

This polarized process of being rich or poor, good or bad are cousins to each other. Combinations are mixed and matched like a potion resulting in the manner in which we pursue our survival cures. How we establish food, clothes and shelter then range from simple to complex especially when the emotions of power and control are thrown in the mix. One is then affected by the overseeing forces influencing his or her survival strategies. This involves government, corporations, education and spiritual or religious practices. The life force or blood for such systems is the fuel of power and control. This is not a good or bad thing for without individuals holding such programs there would be no leaders in a reality where one’s journey may be about experiencing submission and in being controlled. What do you choose to experience, what have you been experiencing. Cursing the rich only serves to uphold your own programs. Money has been made the enemy upheld by a very contradictory mindset. We expect to receive yet we curse the energy. The governing forces of the collective currency experience on the planet understand our schizophrenic relationship with money and so we are pupated by pitting the poor against the wealthy and the wealthy against the poor. Two distinct classes divided yet they are both robots and pawns in the game. This creates such distractions that we seem to be permanently cast in the roles of victim and victimizer, rich and poor which most often becomes generational.

We focus on suggested beliefs about the economy; is it a good economy or bad economy. The uncertainty of our jobs are no longer secure…but were they ever. Perhaps this was all in your head. If your name does not appear on your employer’s bank account then security was always an illusion. If you run a business there is always an opportunity to alter it or close it or convert it to something you have always wanted to try your mind at. To buy into the economy is to do just that…buy into you; you purchase the idea with emotional dollars and this begins to confirm the state of the economy in your reality. We further find others to support just how bad it is. The fact is that there are people with an overabundance of money who are ready to secure your services whatever that may be but if the energy you project is of the economy being bad therefore no one is buying then the universe must comply with your wishes. You shall surely receive potential customers who complain that they would love to have your service if only they had the money but that the economy is bad. Instead establish a belief that expects those able to afford your services to show up.

The awareness that we create our reality is replaced by these characters we play and the scripts we read from. In the mean while the wheel of the greater matrix continues to turn and churn out programs for the unsuspecting masses who will live and die according to these programs. We hear of brain plasticity:

  1. "Brain plasticity refers to the capacity of the nervous system to change its structure and, its function over a lifetime, in reaction to environmental diversity. Although this term is now commonly used in psychology and neuroscience, it is not easily defined and is used to refer to changes at many levels in the nervous system ranging from molecular events, such as changes in gene expression, to behavior.”

To take a true examination of one’s life is the key. Moving towards making the desired changes is the next greatest key. There is plasticity in our design therefore change is a plausible action. Change is not about blame, guilt or regret it is about experiencing greater levels of consciousness. Commit to your own evolution it is the gateway beyond an automated life.

(Part 2 to come)

  1. Brain Plasticity and Cognition by Kolb, B., Muhammad, A., & Gibb, R., Searching for factors underlying cerebral plasticity in the normal and injured brain, Journal of Communication Disorders (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jcomdis.2011.04.007


Graham Hornsby 24th January 2012 6:31 am

Great article, thank you.

poetic555 24th January 2012 8:24 am

Sonia you may not believe it but I was thinking about you this morning, the thought, "militant" came into my mind, being honest. I so love this article, I think I'm "getting" you now. Someone has to keep it real it's not all lollipops and fairytales. I'm thinking now Be aware, you bring up issues, thoughts that I may not ever have realized unless I take a real look at life in the matter of dualities and polarities. Thank you for your refreshing insight, I do appreciate it. I have a new motto now.
"DON'T LIVE AN AUTOMATED LIFE." The "Game" sure is interesting. :)

katy 24th January 2012 10:14 am

Wow! I've been working on my transformation for years now.I have come a long way, with a lot of focus and attention to this evolution of consciousness process.Side by side with my spiritual awakening, I went through a couple years of shear poverty to the point where I trained myself to eat a small portion everyday and become accustomed to being hungry due to wondering if I would have enough money 2 or 5 or 8 days from now for food.Miraculously money or resources would drop into my lap providing me with what I needed.I was truly challenged in trusting in the manifestation of my needs being met. Cut to the last 6 months, I have been surprisingly working enough to "hoard" money away. It just keeps coming. I have bought a few things I went without but the rest I'm too frightened to spend.I realize from reading this I am still cooperating with this PROGRAM!Yikes! This is very helpful and Yes, it is THE most difficult aspect for me to overcome in the polarity game. I thank u Sonia for clarifying what I was not seeing and will delve into my core for release of this poison. Yayyyy!Katy Koko

spring 24th January 2012 12:10 pm

But if we create our own reality then who originated these programs if not us?? Confused! Any insight most welcome. Many thanks for this most thought provoking article.

sowhat 24th January 2012 1:42 pm

At the core of it all we are core consciousness, the ultimate dreamer. We are the ultimate creators of the overall cosmic game experience and beyond that. However the game has been created in layers and levels allowing us the illusion of "out there" and "in here", "them" and "us". The illusion of a fractured reality playing out as a game of "us" and "them" provides the experience of someone else pupating us. We exist as engineers of reality on many levels. We are playing a game with our self. Consciousness is like a child playing hide and go seek with itself. We are trying to find ourselves. Having opponents, characters and suppressors allows us the full human experience from which we then aspire to ascend from.

Its a game of cat and mouse. Its the particle wave dance. We are our own enemy and savior all at the same time. The key is to become aware of this dance and to know that there is no "here" nor "there" nor "them" or "us". However we must recognize the illusory "them" in order to return to "us"; to yourself. Tag... you are it!

Hope this helps, Love Sonia

amberhill 24th January 2012 11:49 pm

Thanks, Sonia, resonates with me. I think your articles raise the level of SL as they are actually pointing out those subtle yet potent undercurrents that need rerouting in order for humanity and conscieousness to grow.

Have been a teacher for some good 10 years, and always thought that (mass) education is (mostly) deluding rather than enlightening. They say grass is green, skies are blue? Oh, but are they? That kind of thing.

I didn't make NY resolutions but came Jan I just knew that this year is about getting above the systems. Now, when am validating it, I meet with a lot of internal resistance. Didn't know it was there. It even is reflected in my physical body as tightness (as in brief loss in suppleness).
But determination and patience, and I know that the light(ness) in me will take over.

spring 25th January 2012 8:13 am

hahaha...'tag..I'm it!' Love it! Thank you Sonia for the illumination...and yes do get it. :thumbs: Off to go play now! Lots of sparkly love to you and thank you for being such a great playmate :)) x

sowhat 25th January 2012 10:39 am

:) Yeah! There is nothing like playing! Enjoy!

Starfast 25th January 2012 7:05 pm

Hey, Sonia, brilliant article, thanks. Can I extrapolate from what you are saying about the abundance thing to include the spritual quest thing? It seems that if we are so easily "designed" by the thinking of others when it comes to religion, education, financial status, et cetera, might not that be the same for the idea of spiritual questing? In other words, of what I now believe to be true about our Earth/3D "reality" and its cosmic connections, how much of that is my thinking and how much is that of others? When do we get to KNOW? Would love it if you would answer this query. Looking forward to part 2. Starfast.

ChewyBees 25th January 2012 10:53 pm

Extremely high level of thought and writing. This is wisdom.

I don't want to take away from any of it, but I would like to add this. Science. Sonia Barrett puts forth Government, Religion and Education, three very valid areas of separation and encapsulation of the human psyche and spirit. I have always put forth science also. I think about the pharma industry, and the fossil fuels, and nuclear energy, and plastics, artificial and GMO foods, microwaves, electronic gadgets, video games, televisions, genetic manipulations and testing, and so on. It's not that any of these things aren't beneficial, they have made life a great deal easier for a vast majority of men. But easier is not the same as necessary. In fact, the constant interference by discoveries of science can be set forth as a great example of people passing on their liabilities without concern for the consequences, and could be identified as a primary reason for overpopulation, class divisions and suffering on this planet of all life.

ChewyBees 25th January 2012 10:58 pm

Where Sonia Barrett talks about programs that we engage with in an automated cycle of life, I see organizations. Governments, religions, systems of education, & science are all organizations, divided subsets of the whole that invite the uninitiated into the capsule of their existence, & use that life force to maintain their power.If you want to know what programs you're currently looping, just make a list of the organizations you pay tribute to. That can be monetary, physical labor, mental labor, emotional tie, or any other activity where part of I AM is given to the sustenance of an org IT. None of these orgss or programs can function without life energy support. None of these orgs or programs can sustain without continual energy, which is why they all contain looping mechanisms built in to them. For example, religion: sin, guilt, pray, church, (confession) forgiveness, $, repentance, sin, guilt, pray. Govt: problems, taxes, bureaucratic programs, budget shortfalls, more problems, taxes, bureaucratic programs, budget shortfalls, borrowing etc. Science: (health care) ssymptoms, di

spring 26th January 2012 9:17 am

I find his all so thought provoking....Busybees do finish your post it was very interesting! Now here's something I can't equate with all of this - I was always a free thinker from age dot - drove my parents'etc - worked in the arts and generally saw through all the inherent conditioning handed down to me and was even working the whole law of attraction thing long before it became mainstream - but - when I had my three kids and their dad left us when they were very young my whole life, as I had lived it, went into a tailspin- BECAUSE I had three little ones to raise! I found myself trapped into situations with money and living conditions that I would never have tolerated prior. Still in financial difficulties 14 years on- tho do have fabulous kids :) - my questioning is this - how did these subconscious programmes create this situation when I had already seen through them?? Do things sometimes just 'happen'? Is one ever free to pursue ones own dreams when it effects 3 little lives?? My exhusband has gone on to be hugely successful person -unimpeded by kids.

spring 26th January 2012 9:22 am

cont. now did I create all of this?? ...I just can't get my head round my lack of freedom that came with being a single mum...any ideas anyone?? x

spring 26th January 2012 9:24 am

ooops sorry... CHEWYBEES!! :roll:

spring 26th January 2012 10:14 am

me..AGAIN!! bin thinkin'....ancestral patterns?? ie inherited memory? and how does spiritual - not religious - development fit into this whole way of thinking - ie programmes etc?? and what about collective thoughtforms? - perhaps awareness brings the responsibility to help clear/shift these - the 2012 paradigm shift so talked about grrrrrr - ain't gotta clue really. Perhaps Sonia's part 2 will elucidate all for my befuddled brain! Best wishes all x

sowhat 26th January 2012 11:16 am

Well having been in the same situation of being a single mother of two I understand the challenges faced. However it was my exit from my abusive marriage that lead me to this moment 2o years ago. I was majorly challenged financially on my own with two children, struggling, it was tough. However I did not come to understand how I integrated this experience in my life until many years later. I eventually started to trace my life up to the point of meeting my husband. I started to recognize how I got involved with my husband, I saw how I attracted the energy of this relationship based on some imprints. Its amazing but these imprints become the foundation upon which we build our lives without realizing it. They become our belief system and from there we create a model of what reality looks like for us. The brain must receive a new model of reality, new neural pathways, otherwise we will continue to live from the same old model. To understand this process is to no longer feel stuck or victimized. I do assist others with seeing those imprints and in creating new beliefs that do stick!

spring 27th January 2012 4:08 am

How lovely of you to take the time to respond so thoughtfully to me Sonia - really touched by that, thank you and I am pondering on all you have said - more excavation work methinks!! :)xxx

ChewyBees 29th January 2012 2:28 pm

I like BusyBees, it made me chuckle. There wasn't a whole lot more, and limited comment lengths make my teeth it is...

For example, religion: sin, guilt, pray, church, (confession) forgiveness, $, repentance, sin, guilt, pray. Government: problems, taxes, bureaucratic programs, budget shortfalls, more problems, taxes, bureaucratic programs, budget shortfalls, borrowing etc. Science: (health care) symptoms, dis-ease, diagnosis, treatment, drugs, side effects, more symptoms, more dis-ease, more drugs etc.

Every time we leave the uncertainty of life for the false assurances of corporate entities we are passing our liabilities to the benefit of organization and detriment of our selves.

I look forward to part 2.


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