Time portal: Hijacked Consciousness

There is indeed a redirection of human consciousness that occurs at more specific intervals from time to time- a gathering of data or information. There is a consciousness “status” being measured and assessed by outside forces as well as governing forces within our world.

The other day some one hijacked my Internet Explorer and every time that I tried pulling up my website it would redirect me to a search page but would not allow me to open my page. Everyone in all parts of the world was able to connect to my site but I could not. Well the redirection of human consciousness is quite the same process. The interception of human consciousness is done by intercepting human brain wave frequencies initiated by a frequency of 400 MHz to 450MHz.  Brain wave frequencies indicate the kind of activity taking place in the brain. The brain keeps groups or levels at which it functions; Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta and Delta waves. Some will notice the change and some will not. The fact that you are aware of something being different is a powerful sign of being able to disconnect from the projected field. 

We are being studied as we have been for thousands of years. We are studied by those who are unable to participate in the human experience. These are cosmic brothers utilizing high levels of technology. At times we are studied in categories such as those awakening from the dream the illusion. Those of us moving along a path of conscious discovery at times find our minds and our thinking process befuddled. Some times you awaken in the morning, experiencing a lull in your energy and in your mind but not having a clear analysis of the feeling; you aren’t quite sure if you are depressed, there is just a sense of feeling out of sorts.

We are more likely to be caught up in this interception when our minds focus is on personal issues, such as finances, emotional dilemmas; love, family, relationships, careers etc. When this interception of your consciousness occurs the energy of the things in focus become more magnified pulling you further into the essential “field of frequency” necessary for the purpose of controlled study. It is possible for the general operations in each of the four state of brain wave frequency to be overridden by external signals. This would intern affect the normal brain chemistry output causing a shift in a persons thought process, emotion and physical condition, much like the short circuiting or overriding of a computer program and its memory. According to the authors of “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”,  (Jeane Manning and Dr.Nick Begich) “In combination with specific wave forms the various frequencies trigger precise chemical responses in the brain. The release of these neurochemicals cause specific reactions in the brain which result in feelings of fear, lust, depression, love etc. All of these, and the full range of emotional/intellectual responses, are caused by very specific combination of these brain chemicals which are released by frequency-specific electrical impulses.”  ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves can also change RNA and DNA. Remember that we are transmitters and receivers but as we expand in awareness we are able to transcend the potential of un-permitted interception.

This kind of interception most often will put you at a stand still- all your plans for the day, week or year are suddenly quite void, unimportant or doubtful. You must shake it off and regain focus. A very determined response of “NO”, will most often be a huge starting point in disconnecting. These cosmic brothers although technologically more advanced in overall technology and the technology of our bio-ships (our bodies) they are quite a bit like children as well. They will act according to what is allowed. We as humans have explored all levels of time before entering this playing field, although we have forgotten our descent, we are encoded with the knowledge of all levels of time for we are in constant connection with all time lines accessible through proper activation of the brain.



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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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