“Time table” of the Robot/Character The Calendar 12/12/12 OR 12/21/12

This 3rd dimensional experience is of a virtual nature exemplifying the life of the character. We have wholly defined and identified ourselves as the character. It is the characters existence that is measurable and finite. The “character” is a mere avatar in this virtual playground.

Definition of Avatar (Webster Dictionary):

  1. A variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity
  1. . An electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game)

To simply assess that we are spiritual beings having a human experience does not adequately summarize what is taking place yet paradoxically it does. The challenge with this concept is that it is trivialized or minimally decoded in our thinking and so we continue to see ourselves as the character. The character is however clever in disguising itself as a spiritual being having a human experience. Confused?  In life there is a role that is being played no differently than the role played in a play or film. That role is defined by the character and is the character. It is the character that is afraid of his/her demise. The thought of not existing or of being able to play on the stage of life is the characters greatest fear. The actor; the character; lives in an awareness of its dispensable fate. However we are fooled into believing that the character’s fear expresses the totality of what we are because in our 3rd dimensional thinking we are vulnerable to annihilation at any moment. The characters power is however limited to the dual nature of the mind. The character splits off into two minds; one focuses on keeping the game of limitation going and the other realizes that ultimately power must be relinquished to the grander essence, its co-partner throughout the journey.

The character will hold out and keep the game going until it is forced to accept new directions. It’s a rather schizophrenic process occurring; a multiple personality dis-order, one that serves the purpose of the journey. From the complex space of the character everything about the characters world is run by programs, a vast storage of data used as reference points for decision making. Choice points of a repetitious nature streaming from the collective history of human programs.  This history is the collective human characters experiences ranging from war to peace.  Planetary annihilation has occurred in numerous versions of earth, all recorded in the memory bank of humans and embedded in the human program. This confusion about the ending of the world based on dates and times relates to the reality of the character. Our attachment to the measurability of the span of life is related to the vulnerability of the character. The characters existence is given value and measured through the survival and animation of the human body. The calendar and all such time defining components are in place to map and to navigate the life of the character. That which we are beyond the body and the character exceeds the measurability of time and space. Therefore decisions regarding the longevity of the character are decided by its copartner, producer and director of the characters script.  On its own the character can only operate from memory and programmed content. The lifespan of the character is measured by the evolution of the characters role. (When the character/robot self has exceeded its programmed and ritualistic responses evolution has begun requiring new concepts and ideas not limited to a conditioned set of beliefs and programs.)

The barometer of time is then an essential element in establishing a platform up on which the temporal nature the character will play. Through the character or robot self the human game can be experienced. For some the world will end on 12/12/12 or 12/21/12 as people seem to die perhaps more excessively of unexpected or unexplainable circumstances. Each human carries a code that plugs into certain time cycles. Some are coded to be here and cross the threshold into 2013 the same as all other times. What we are dealing with are program streams related to the cycles of planet earth and what each specific version of earth is wired for. Although it’s a comforting belief that we are operating in a consistent or static reality its necessary to entertain the thought that from moment to moment reality changes despite its apparent visual familiarity. The version of earth we each experience is not necessarily the only expression of earth. Who’s to say whether you have been planted on the same reality of earth since embodying this human experience? Life is a great paradox nothing is real yet everything is. This understanding makes everything possible. The reality we encounter is contingent on the latitude given. For as we operate from a place of greater latitude our individual conscious, beliefs and possibilities are stretched and the longevity of one’s character or avatar is no longer vulnerable to the whims of the game but can play indefinitely while merging into more evolved modules of the cosmic game. Eventually the character disappears into the expanded self.

The Mayan calendar is a simplified system of the astrological navigation system or map, which supports the journey of the character/robot self through the programs. Consciousness as it relates to the character/automated/robotic self is steered through its evolution via the cyclic systems. 2012 is said to be the end of the world and it is from one perspective. There is an ending to particular components in the operating system as it relates to the needs of humanity for the next level of evolution in this virtual game system; the system we appear to share collectively. This can be considered an upgrade to the system. The impact of the upgrade is contingent on the reality journal of each being.

How we direct our characters through the experience will depend on making a conscious distinction between the writer, producer, director and the character; then time cycles will no longer be the illusionary decider of our fate. When such a realization is born or truly awakened in us and we own it, time, calendars and cycles will no longer be the feared assailant chasing us. You are time chasing yourself in the programmed matrix of the universe, aging and dying according to the rules of the game that we have chosen to play. It’s challenging at times to conceive that one would create such a game. Once the true memory of this illusory process comes alive in us we will no longer despise the game neither will we ask why we would have stepped into these virtual gears.  To become free of these limitations is to learn the art of reading life for every moment presents clues and codes to the programs and agreements to which we continue to hold allegiance.

It is the character that ages and dies. It is the character, the robot self-who’s life hinges on the cyclically run calendar. Simulations after simulation; will the world end or will it continue, which simulation of earth are you coded for. What are your beliefs systems, how much of your focus is invested in fear of planetary annihilation? Go on and plan for tomorrow for life is but a dream. We experience life through a series of smoke and mirrors throughout the course of the game and as we stop to engage they become part of our reality. Examine your hang ups and your spiritual beliefs and if your conclusion is fear and possible annihilation then ask yourself by whose rules are you playing the game of life. Examine the programs of your character, your avatar; perhaps it’s time to reprogram. Remember that you are both the player and the game itself so no matter what happens you will always exist. You are the fabric upon which you create and play!


spring 20th December 2012 3:46 pm

Bang on the money- as always! But, oh Sonia, we are having so much fun!! On Saturday, we'll know the joke is on us - crazy ole thing this 'life' we embody. Love your passion and truth. :smitten:

Debra A 22nd December 2012 8:53 pm

Ilove your posts so much. You are refreshing to say the least and cause me to question my character's role choices. I even question my questioning as part of my role. I want to play by my own rules but I don't want to end up in the role of jailbird. :) What are some of your tricks? debra


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