What it means to Live in a reality of necessary distractions

We each live a life of immense distractions. This is, however, an incredibly necessary component in the human game. Distractions create somewhat of an amusement park funhouse effect much like the house of mirrors. Distractions seem to set us on a course away from the target point of entering the deepest inward journey.

Excuses and validations are the ingredients of distractions. All of our "cant's" "shoulds" and "because" form the reasons we construct to validate our actions. The word "Because" is a bridge to the next excuse. But how necessary is it to add these excuses or reasons? What if you were to simply "stop" at the realization that you changed your mind or simply didn't complete a specifically planned task for today. Eg., "I didn't get around to filing for my business license today" (that's it no need to add the reason why you didn't) "I wasn't able to buy my airline ticket today" (that's it...leave it there...no need to add reasons such as " I didn't have the money or I was so busy etc.)

Reasons become excuses that build into stories that become distractions and patterns. The fact is that neither of the above actions were completed that day and that's the bottom line. Perhaps these planned actions occurred for reasons beyond one's perceptions and beyond the physical laws assigned to this version of reality.

By noticing this compulsion to " explain" to one's self "why" through reasons which present validations and excuses; this kind of awareness can significantly create more rapid shifts resulting in the desired changes in one's life.

We cling to these reasons and excuses because of our need to "ok" our actions. This is also an opportunity to view the patterns of behavior and sabotaging excuses. There is much that can result from this level of observation, changing the manner in which one begins to view his/her actions. Every moment is filled with opportunities.

What are the common reasons and excuses placing you in a continuum of distractions? Take a moment to listen to your thoughts and to explore more deeply the way in which you operate your reality!  Its all in your hands, as we exist in an endless ocean of potentials. This allows us to enter into fields of potentials aligned specifically with a chain of events initiated by each one of us!


Barbs2 9th March 2018 5:34 pm

I am great at explaining my actions presumably so that the other person does not think badly of me. The question is do I, and is that why I feel the need to explain. Ultimately it is what it is...I need to take responsibility for my actions and move on. No need to explain why I did what I did the only person who should question that is me.

Nitebloom 15th March 2018 7:05 am

this--------------------> Reasons become excuses that build into stories that become distractions and patterns!!!


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