Who’s In Charge Of The Humans?

This is a question that is well worth examining from many different angles. Who is in charge of the humans, do humans need handlers/controllers? Humans are hard wired to be controlled; hard wired for slavery. Because of this the vast majority readily accept the need for control by government, corporations, religion/spiritual constructs and education. These systems are presented to us from birth as separate forces through which our lives are subtly restricted and controlled. 

It is clear that this kind of hard wiring convinces us to relinquish our power to those who have hypnotized us into believing that they know what is best for us. Guidance from our parents is certainly essential upon entering this realm of forgetfulness. However the above systems of control have acted as an extension of the guidance of our parents. Reality as experienced from its more basic and common levels is a unique cult experience (yes I said cult experience) as we sway to subtle tones of conformity. We cling dearly to common actions, common possibilities and common results. Even our scientists struggle with pushing the envelope and there are those who have suffered great ridicule or worse for birthing new possibilities although not yet proven. (Unless of course such discoveries can be used to more easily enslave). “Cultures” are models of a much vaster cult experience. Within any culture there are prototypes or standards by which this “cultural system” will operate.  It therefore challenges a mind born, raised and shaped completely by one culture or ideal in functioning in newly introduced cultures. Our brains are wired to the hologram of cultural norms and acceptability’s. It is for this reason that we are wired to fight and to defend the nerve center of our hologram which for many is the culture associated with their land or community. Humans are all about timing as we appear to be on cyclic timers determining the surge of new concepts and ideas which will emerge with gradual acceptance at first by a few and eventually by all. We are on the brink of a massive technological upsurge. This coincides with the much emphasized Mayan prophecies centered on the year 2012 and that which comes afterward.

We have been taught to honor the cycles as our ancestors have but it’s evident that unless we can connect with planetary history some million years ago we will continue to run into dead ends leading us back to a reconfigured concept of earth. I am speaking of frequencies which create a distinct field of limited experiences for a human being. We are operating in a field of tones which assist in rendering levels of the brain inaccessible. Just as we can only see colors within the scope of the field created for us to operate within, when we listen to certain kinds of music which is elevating to the spirit and to the brain we are only hearing and experiencing a limited scope of the dimensions of those tones; the frequencies of those tones.  Keep in mind that this is all within the expression of the game. The purpose of such observation is to stimulate the mind beyond this isolated and captivating playing field held together by our own minds. The cycles determine a potential collective shift in humans becoming increasingly self-aware or as we say an evolution in consciousness. This acceptance is widespread as much is heard about the shift in consciousness for the planet. So should one honestly examine these observations you will realize precisely what I have expressed.  We are excited about the possibility of experiencing something new other than the feeling of spiritual and physical helplessness so we delight in the possibility of the ending and beginning of a new cycle. But can we stop for a moment to examine the nature of the wheel that we have rendered ourselves powerless to? It’s as if humanity is caught on a hamster wheel.  Most of our observation is centered on the general movement of the cosmic system. Yes examine that word carefully, “system”. Our consciousness is wired to a timed cosmic system. Wikipedia: “The term system may also refer to a set of rules that governs behavior or structure”.

Atlantis is a system program a code strongly responsible for the energy field of intercepting tones which ensure the imprisonment of the mind in this field of limitation. Is this farfetched? No because those kinds of experiments are being carried out by humans on the planet at this time. This is the age of technological advancements. The question is were these cycles orchestrated and preset to impact the human wiring, the human programming, the brain, the mind based on a specific time; of course “time” as determined by the number of cycles in rotation. A specific response is triggered by the ending and beginning of each period; simply another experiment within the human game.  The entire cosmic system within which we are confined appears to be intricately designed and upon contact with the harmonics (hormones/chemicals) of the human vehicle a psychedelic experience is triggered presenting us with a pre recorded construct of the reality we are now addicted to. However due to unique chemical signatures each being is able to construct his/her own version of reality who’s core foundation will always be rooted in the general cosmic system coding. To better understand the movement of  the cyclic process and its impact on our lives here is a quote from a three part workshop I did in February 2010 titled Hacking the Mind & Breaking Reality Code (the full 7 hours is available for download or CD & DVD);

“The concept of a Human being is a program setup to allow the existence of the life of human beings to run/live for a predestined number of cycles, regulated by the moon.

Although most people are aware of the passing of cycles and their general effect on human life they are not aware of the true nature of the boundaries set by these cycles. We are not aware of a programmed confinement to the general blueprint or program. The most obvious cyclic regulators from our limited vision are the sun and the moon. These cycle regulators are streaming the programs based on the blueprint or program. Our bodies are dependent on the sun and the moon. They completely regulate our sleeping and waking cycles. They regulate chemical transitions such as the synthesizing of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. The daylight brings us Serotonin and the night time brings us melatonin. The brain responds to the light change. These cycles put us to bed and they wake us up. They also keep track of our life cycle more specifically the moon. You may wander as I did how it is that the body knows to start puberty after so many cycles or birthdays, how does the body know to start shutting you down. The individual cycles are determined by the planetary alignment at the time of the birth of each program/human, each program is generated intentionally based on a particular zodiacal cycle according to the history of the program stream associated with the genetic lineage through which the individual (program) will emerge along the history stored in the holographic record keeper called the soul.

Our bodies are tied into the calendar cycles based on the movement of the planet based on the moon cycle and the impact of all other planets in our orbit, solar system, the entire scape/landscape backdrop seen and unseen it’s all a programmed reality relating to our experience as a human being. The universe as we know it is a holographic system within which all of its components are then holographic. The hologram is a program. Everything is moving and tied into the cycles of this holographic machine. It’s a dreamscape. To participate in the experience of this holographic dream world without losing sight of one’s memory one must become a conscious animator of one’s vehicle/body and dream experience. What I have come to realize even more profoundly is the manner in which our entire physical experience is programmed into to this holographic experience, as I indicated before we are a program a running program in the program of the hologram, we are running programs”

So let’s take it a step further. Let’s examine this vast playground of beings centered around the game of earth. Is it possible that this shift is really about the dying away of gurus, guides, savors and our old concepts of ascended masters. Is it possible that there is a struggle to keep the general populous from awakening to the fact they are no longer needed. What if this is a window of opportunity that will remove the veil for a brief moment for those who are open to seeing the illusion of the game and the hypnotizers of humanity; those who wired humans with the savor program and the external god program. When you examine the Lord Maitreya movement, they have constructed an entire school based on the opportunity for students to step up and assume various cosmic offices not unlike the office of the Christ held by Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara or as overseers of the planet. There is also the office of the “god” of the planet. Everyone wants to be in charge of earth. Now all of these beings report back to a “god” so the question is, who is it that they report to. There is an actual distinctly advanced force to which they report and it is their job to bring everyone else, such as us, into the fold of this specific force. Here we have the lightworkers. They have been brought into the light as defined by the masters who rule, what level/aspect of light are they dealing with. One may say that this is utter nonsense and another may be quite on board for this. Now I heard such comments as “this is just ridiculous as Jesus is the true light of the world and he is coming back”, I have also heard this is correct because St Germain said so or Archangel Michael said so. Well what do you say? You are equally as great as all these forces presented to you. The psychology of this kind of brain washing is staggering yet it can be seen in all of our daily lives.

There has been quite a number done on the human mind in programming an acceptance of feebleness and an inaccessibility to the sovereign power source which is you! I am sure that there will be comments which state that “since they are still us what does it matter” well you are correct it does not matter at least not to you but for those of you like myself who would prefer to peel away the costumes and throw away the crutch behind which your worthiness is hidden as we limp along in the game then it matters. IT IS A GAME! Games are to be played and figured out! In this level of the game we have the opportunity to go beyond this limited aspect of the game but one cannot do so unless we allow ourselves to see the humor of the game and the amazing master players who continue to assist us to hold on to the deception.   You begin to ask questions like why are we so minimally encouraged to tap into ourselves without these third parties who continue to refer to us as “Dear Ones” or “little ones” basically?  The majority of these handlers are males! How lopsided is this! There is no balance in gender frequency/vibration. This is a giant male frequency dominated game through and through!  The focus here is from an energy perspective so please set aside anatomy or anatomic value. The male and female genders are like everything else all vibration based; it is about the charge that each holds or represents; a positive and a negative charge. Although we each hold both frequencies in these bodies one frequency becomes the primary frequency which the individual will re-present in the game; a male or female charge. This entire process should indeed raise a red flag but due to our programming of acceptability there is minimal questioning or such concerns are subtly validated. Most of the vessels for such communication are women however which lends a certain level of camouflage or distraction away from the obvious. On a deeper note this is the design/construct of the game experience so again I am only pointing out these trappings of the game only if one is open to viewing further down the rabbit hole and if you are not great! This is without a doubt a fascinating game. To delve more deeply into much of this information you may view my other article titled Government of the Matrix .

To continue an examination into the self appointed offices and officers of the planet below is a quote from Dr Joseph David Stone a supporter and student of Lord Maitreya:

“To begin with, the “Office of the Christ” on a planetary level is an inner plane Spiritual governmental position that Lord Maitreya has held for over 2000 years! He took over this position even prior to the Master Jesus’ sojourn on Earth! It was Lord Maitreya, the Planetary Christ, who overlighted Jesus, along with the Christ, the second aspect of the Trinity. A great many of the famous quotes of Jesus were actually channelings Jesus was doing of Lord Maitreya and the Christ which is why they are so profound! Lord Maitreya, as the current Planetary Christ, is the President of the Planet and is the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. On the planetary level he also holds an overlighting synthesis Spiritual leadership of the Seven Chohans and the Seven Ray departments. He and the Manu Allah Gobi, and the Mahachohan/Saint Germain along with Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos are given a certain structure or grid of the Divine Plan from Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos, and it is their job to fill in their squares so to speak with all their Spiritual battleplans along with the Seven Chohans and the leader of the inner plane Synthesis Ashram.

The Spiritual leadership of the inner plane Synthesis Ashram was passed on to me by the inner plane Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, who has left for his next cosmic position at the Great White Lodge on Sirius but still works with the Earth as well! The inner plane Synthesis Ashram is a miniaturized Office of the Christ which is part of my attunement to Lord Maitreya and the Office of the Christ!

It is the purpose of the Office of the Christ to create integrated Planetary Christs and/or 12th to 22nd degree initiates and Masters. This is done through Spiritual education through a Seven Ray synthesis approach!  Lord Maitreya, Allah Gobi the Manu, and Saint Germain the Mahachohan form a Trinity, just as God, Christ and the Holy Spirit is a Trinity!”

Again you may call this entire thing crazy but if it’s so crazy then why is the United Nation so involved in supporting the Lord Maitreya’s movement. I will not cover it in the scope of this article as it would be a very lengthy article but I will say this there is a great fear of humanity discovering that we have been operating under this deceptive spiritual umbrella. This is the tie in with pretty much all spiritual organizations. They all have an individual force to which they hold allegiance. For humans to discover the freedom to be a sovereign force that recognizes that he/she is creation in a profound way without the need for the crutch of worshipping outside of him/herself, this would affect the current construct of the game. I believe that it is clear that very few will shift beyond that leg of reasoning in the game at least in this moment of time as we are experiencing it. I also do not believe that everyone is to awaken to that realization. We are all walking into the experiences needed along the way and some humans require this kind of illusory leadership in fulfilling the outline of their game experience in this realm. After all we are all in this cosmic game system for the sheer joy of the experience, from planetary god to Ascended Master to limited human. We are engaged in the game of ruler and subject. Those things that are shared here in this article or in any of my other writings are for those who find a resonance with it. For some there is a tugging and a deep yearning to pierce the bubble which one may feel confined to.  Sometimes you get glimpses beyond the bubble, a quick image that shows you that there are options of a more vast life not beholden to the rulers of the planet. Although reality exists in a paradox of real and unreal within those moments of interaction and feedback we are involved in process of the game in whatever way that may be.  Now lest I be chastised I am not saying that all communicative beings are out to get us. There are many who wish us well and do hope that we are able to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of a cosmic game and game players who have been at it for quite some time.

Do I feel as if I need to fix anything? No! Do I feel as if the world needs to be saved? No! Do I need to shout about the Sacred Feminine? No! The only thing that I need to do is to simply be and to embrace the knowingness that I am that which I seek. Where ever you are in your role playing at this time is an experience to be acknowledged and appreciated for in any given moment that experience may cease to be and new possibilities will perhaps be embraced. We are profound beings in an a-maze-ing adventure of self discovery! Go beyond the light where there is no light only nothingness and from there we create just as we have this mind boggling experience we call life!  


bluestflame 18th June 2010 8:00 am

thanks Sonia ~?~

Tzaddi 18th June 2010 9:33 am

This exact article appeared on rumormill.com first.
Are you suggesting that you are, in fact, the author?

sowhat 18th June 2010 9:53 am

This is Sonia and yes this is my article. My articles are posted all over. The article was taking from my website www.spiritinform.com All articles on my website are written by me unless they indicate otherwise!

tdeibel@ontera.net 18th June 2010 10:23 am

Wow Sonia once again you have initiated a dialog that must be had for us to play the game and have fun. Identifying the game players is so essential to the game. I love the controversy that your sovereign thinking produces within my mind. Stimulating and freeing(smile)

"For humans to discover the freedom to be a sovereign force that recognizes that he/she is creation in a profound way without the need for the crutch of worshipping outside of him/herself, this would affect the current construct of the game.I believe that it is clear that very few will shift beyond that leg of reasoning in the game at least in this moment of time as we are experiencing it. I also do not believe that everyone is to awaken to that realization."

With more open discussions like this I believe that it is possible to lift the veils of illusion to allow more space for humanity to shift in perspective. Thanks once again for the reminder of our inner power!

Claire 18th June 2010 10:27 am

Hello Sonia! I love your messages; they always make me see things from another perspective, or point out something I hadn't thought of previously. But I have to ask....is there a reason you never/seldom use comma's unless you are listing things? It is very difficult to read your posts without them, and can change the meaning of the sentences.

joykirsch@hotmail.com 18th June 2010 11:20 am

Great post. I particularly liked the last paragraph.

lrm 18th June 2010 2:16 pm

If you look at the bottom of the rumor mill page, for this article, you will see links for spirit in form website...it's weird that rumor mill doesn't list the author at the top-So, the question is: Is Rumor Mill suggesting that he/she/it is the author of it's articles, then? (:

marymettin@yahoo.com 18th June 2010 3:41 pm

Amen. It's a rich man's world.Am a gardener taking a tiny seed and having it beCome a Plant, because I gave it that helping hand. If nothing else beComes of my existance here on The Source's Heart ( earth )I will go back to my Maker a contented Soul. Now I think there are alot more tasks to be done here before time is reversed. One will be,to watch male gender is wisked out of this place. And then and only then will we of the female gender be able to clean up after them. Sorry I tried to edit this here comment but something is eating my words . We all know the walls have ears.

CRlS 18th June 2010 6:41 pm

Thanks Sonia. My mind goes into this 'surreal' options too as I cannot see well my confinement into existence.
I was wandering, how do you feel when you know all what you know and you are HERE?! Wherever you go always will have a certain system - even if there is no 'system'- that is the 'system'. Life can't be pointless. I think on the turtle's lives... 150 years average... walking slowly on their short legs and carring their heavy shelves... they seem that they never complain about a thing!

sowhat 18th June 2010 7:15 pm

My objective is to enjoy the game and that is what I do. I live & I enjoy the idea of living. For me the more I see of the paradox of real and unreal is the more easily I can enjoy the fact that it is a game. I am not angry at it and I do not dislike it, I do not try to escape it instead I love it! This is an understanding that I have come to, I realized that I must love the concept of the experience for only then can I see more of the game however to despise the game experience is to go to war with it. This drags us further into the game although this is the very thing that we are running away from. I am fascinated by the experience and write about from the stand point of observation. I realize however the programming and control and all such matters are the things that make the wheel go round in providing the human experience on all level. So I am moving about in the mix of the chaos but I don't have to engage. However I do observe/ at times experience it as it all contributes to my evolution. This is the reason why I end all articles with reminders of our power within. Sonia

intuit 18th June 2010 7:26 pm

I could barely follow the spiritual hierarchy of Lord Maitreya as you were describing it; but then, I'm sure that's the point.
There is one - we are one. Although we're multifaceted, we are source. To me, anything more complicated smacks of a hierarchical, patriarchal system. The last time I looked, that wasn't working very well.
Own your power, friends. Thanks, Sonia

johneblums 19th June 2010 1:55 am

Re part of Sonia's last Paragraph "Do I feel as if I need to fix anything? No! Do I feel as if the world needs to be saved? No! Do I need to shout about the Sacred Feminine? No! The only thing that I need to do is to simply be and to embrace the knowingness that I am that which I seek".....Just like what God told me sometime ago..."Just be yourself" and which the same message is now being channeling by God and God-dess through different sources again.For every aspect of one's own life is a divine experience of our Logoid Spirit.

johneblums 19th June 2010 2:23 am

I would encourage readers to read the channelled message from the spirit called "SARAH LA KALI" through Rachel Goodwin which poignantly refers to issues mentioned in Sonia's article.

SEE the following website:


Robin 19th June 2010 10:48 am

Thank you Sonia. Ever since I read the about Atlantis and the "making of Humans" by these so called highly intelligent "Beings" from around the Galaxies--I've been pissed off...I really don't like being an experiment of genetic cloning..some ones idea/ideology and I particularly do not like the idea that some ones are playing a game with me...Suppose I came here for an Experience? I can assure you I am the type that does not appreciate wasting my time. So, why would I come here? My personal experience all the way back to the begining of this particular incarnation has been brutal--I mean brutal. You may suggest, Karma? I've pondered this...and perhaps? however, I'm thinking based on a deeper hunch, it was more like, Compassion for Humanity, I want to scream "WHO THE ---- DO THESE BEINGS THINK THEY ARE!?!" AND YES, THEY ARE BLOWING SMOKE UP OUR ASS WITH THE "DEAR ONES" "MASTERS" I wish they had throats...I'd like to hold them under water for just a minute...what kind of fun might I ask is CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE? and how about LABRATORY EXPERIMENTAL TESTS ON ANIMALS?orUS? Please...

InjunTrouble 19th June 2010 11:08 am

'Do I feel as if I need to fix anything? No!'
Our financial systems have collapsed, millions have lost jobs in US and Europe, 44 million in the US have no healthcare, Gaza citizens are being squeezed and slowly starved, Haiti children are eating cookies made of mud and nothing needs to be fixed? Which planet are you living on?

'Do I feel as if the world needs to be saved? No!'
Multiple countries are trying to acquire nuclear weapons, Terrorist are blowing up innocent citizens all over the world, natural disasters are occurring everywhere (earthquakes, floods,volcanoes etc etc), people are killing each other in Darfur, Krgyzstan, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Pakistan - you name it. And now we are drowning in oil in the Gulf of Mexico and no one knows how to fix it - again which planet are you living on?

Robin 19th June 2010 11:10 am

I wish everyone would "pop their etheral head out their physical ass for a moment." And consider the implications of "experiment" "game" and "genetic cloning" by Scientist Priests and Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings. The Human body...Avatar...The Sons of Belial, made slaves and wokers by removing their ability to think, feel, and procreate? Sound familiar? They have no conscience, very cruel, hideus people, seemingly soulless. But they make good slaves...So, that's that. But it doesn't explain why these so called compassionate "Ones" aloud it? Why? Conceivably WHO would sign up to suffer unimaginably? Give me a break? Unless of course it was for a noble cause, and then even the stupidest person would think twice!!! No, my guess is for All their higher and mightier view of themselves (it's easy to feel powerful in the presence small and powerlessness) The facts are the facts. They are still promoting fear by all this talk of not much time left...hurry up and get this figured out--ONLY YOU DON'T HAVE THE CAPACITY AND THEREFORE THE JOKE YET AGAIN IS ON YOU!!! HAHAHAHA! Frankly, I fail..

Robin 19th June 2010 11:41 am

I fail to see the humor. I do agree with you Sonia, I believe that it's meant to go on and on. Some how some came to do the waking, came to the calling, maybe even the prayers and requests of these poor souls who either #1. Didn't really know what they were signing up for and became trapped in this mind controlled hollow-gram. or #2. Knew full well and came to exploit the situation. or #3. Some would come to perpetuate the situation. #4. Some would come in hopes of destroying it. The TRUTH/FACTS from where I'm sitting, is how, why, and what for, this place came to be is irrelevent at this point because WHAT IT IS, is a HELL HOLE! and these "Ones" from who knows where, is shoveling us the same old shit and calling it sugar--yet again!!! Who are these "Ones" anyway? Which Pleidians, Alta-Ra's and who else participated increating Humans? Are these Beings our creators? Why don't they just say so? Name-Names. They are just hiding behind their holier than thou-NARSICISTIC SMOKE SCREEN. What happens when you lose the fear? You get angry. End it? I doubt it too. Expose the truth about it?

Robin 19th June 2010 12:16 pm

Sorry for going on and on. I've been brooding and dwelling for days now. Then I come back and shazam! here's Sonia's article. There is one more thing I feel the need to get off my chest: I really cannot stand to hear anymore about how wonderful life is, mainly because it is only wonderful when your in a black-out or heavily sedated, or on a psycedelic drug. In my opinion of course, however explain to me why 98% of the planet is on anit-depresants, anti-anxiety meds, along with a whole host of others--just to get thru the day?If it's so freakin' wonderful! Why all the stress it's so freakin' wonderful! HELLO OUT THERE! Yeah, I get it, don't leave your little hole in the tree, don't get involved with others, don't love, don't think, don't wake up, don't see the truth, stay in denial, live in a fantasy, don't look deeply into peoples eyes, don't realize the truth, take more drugs,have an extra drink,and avoid, ostrasize, and ridicule those who don't. I'm not saying curl up and..I'm saying, this place/earth is a shit hole, frankly speaking. Why not say it,cause some of "us" can avoid it?

RealityCheck 19th June 2010 9:02 pm


RealityCheck 19th June 2010 9:03 pm


RealityCheck 19th June 2010 9:03 pm


kamilla 20th June 2010 7:19 am

Hi Sonia, thank you for excellent article. You are exceptional Thinker and Old Soul, but you still did not touch THE MOST important question of the greatest manipulators: RELIGIONS: what has been the role of religions - positive or negative? Is it not the time in the XXI century to leave religion to the individual ( believers should trust in God - God knows best...) and replacing lessons in religion by lessons in ethics and Human Relations )?. In short: did religions play more positive or negative role in the history, Humanity, World? (in bringing us to this point?)
once more Many Thanks and Good Luck to you

Mys. Terious 20th June 2010 12:12 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

shauna 21st June 2010 8:07 am

So who's a human? About half of us here aren't , thankfully!

Expansion 21st June 2010 6:35 pm


Your article was thought provoking. I hear the anger and annoyance at being called little people or feeling like there is a higherachy and people above us. However, I expect that they are only of higher vibration rather than from an egoic idea of higher and lower as in better or worse. Don't we all in life seek guidance from someone who has tread a similar path? Do we not use road maps designed by a person who travelled this path before? I get what you are saying about all enlightened beings appearing to be given male genders however I feel they are aspects of the light emancipating from the tree of life/central axis and it is only people who have given them names. I do not think RELIGION has helped and neither has society and going within and looking at our patterns of always going without doesn't seem to work. Anyway thank you for sharing. I read not for your pronouciation but for the contents thank you. Having dyslexia myself means I am more interested in how things reasonate than on whether the grammar and punctuation is perfect. So thank you for sharing.


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