2020 A Year of Breakdown and Breakthrough

As I reflect on this year and the incredible breakdowns and breakthroughs that have occurred, I am in awe of what we, individually and collectively, have moved through. It is truly remarkable. Every single one of us alive today has been significantly changed by the events of this year and life will never be the same.  

In some way or in some form we have all fundamentally changed. We have all suffered loss. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, the loss of an expectation of life. As a result, we are changed and with that change the idea that we awaken each day to live in the same way is forever gone. In its place we now have an awareness that each day we awaken to the unknown. The only certainty is that the sun will rise, and the sun will set. What happens between those two events is where the unknown, the mystery of life unfolds.  

Now we stand on the threshold of a new year where a new landscape lies before us and a new journey beckons. Before stepping forward take a moment to reflect on the changes that have occurred, the healing you have done and the growth that has transpired.  

A dear friend sent me the following link to Lee Harris’ video which he did on the Solstice. Grab a pen and paper before you start watching!  Its a wonderful overview of the year with some powerful insights into the next few years.

Lee Harris Video

I wish you so much love and many, many blessings for the new!  



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