4:4:4 New Moon Earth Day

In our modern world, it has become easy to forget our connection to and dependence on nature. With this disconnection we have drifted away from the sacred essence of nature and forgotten that the Earth is a living, sacred being. We have lost track of who we truly are and why we are here. As a result, we have become fractured, fragmented and out of balance causing tremendous damage to the Earth.

The great harm that has been done to nature needs to be corrected and humanity needs to awaken, heal and evolve to ensure it's continued existence upon the planet. It is there imperative that we reconnect with and develop a deeper, more conscious connection with nature and the Earth. Today is a powerful juncture with it being Earth Day, the New Moon and Sun in Taurus and the closing of the 4:4:4 cosmic portal. It is a day where the Earth is opening her kingdom and offering us the freedom to become fully awake so that we may experience the planet as a sacred sanctuary of love, healing and balance.

Now is the time to intentionally adjust your footprint and to learn how to walk lightly upon the Earth. Remember that as an incarnation of divinity you hold the power to create and you have the power to bring change and transformation. Focus your energy now and become the living link that is needed between Heaven and Earth.

Much love




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