Affirm Your Purpose

In this time it seems that our journey is a continually winding path of discovery, transformation and change. It feels like our process of healing is becoming more and more pronounced as we look deeply at the structures of our life, release what is no longer needed and awaken to the truth of what we have lived with. The realisations and revelations are at times quite shocking as what we believe is being weighed against what we know.

Anything that is oppressing or limiting your authenticity is being shattered. Anything that has been hidden, shut away or blocked is being revealed. The intensity of this process is only increasing as the past is being washed away. It is imperative that you focus on transforming and changing those areas within yourself that are keeping you stuck, broken or crippled. Remember that it is only possible to overcome your fear, pain and suffering when you are willing to confront it and illuminate that which is blocking your life. Use the power of your soul to shed your old ways, become more present, affirm your purpose and move forward.

Much love



Meg 27th February 2020 1:51 pm

Thanks Kate :)


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